As Phase One Lockdowns of America Weaken, Here Comes "Phase Two" Designed to Complete the Destruction of the United States


In the words of The Washington Times regarding the threat of the Coronavirus:

The new coronavirus is real.

The response to the coronavirus is hyped. And in time, this hype will be revealed as politically hoaxed.

In fact, COVID-19 will go down as one of the political world’s biggest, most shamefully overblown, overhyped, overly and irrationally inflated and outright deceptively flawed responses to a health matter in American history, one that was carried largely on the lips of medical professionals who have no business has running a national economy or government.

Has America been dumbed down to the point where the majority of the citizens cannot see through the fraud that counts COVID-19 numbers mixed in with people with "flu-like" symptoms and the fraud associated with diagnostic practices labeled by the CDC as "presumptive (assumed) diangosis for COVID-19? Is our nation that stupid? Is our President this misinformed? Or, is this just one more item of proof that a Big Pharma coup has taken over the White House under the guise of a national emergency? 

There is a phase two coming to clean up what is left of America and unfortunately, most of America is too dumbed down to see it coming, at least until it will be too late!!!

Are Most Americans Really This Ignorant?

Thirty years of dumbing down through No Child Left Behind and Common Core has destroyed reading comprehension  scores on the SAT and the classroom practices have removed independent thinking and innovation from many of today's as well as yesterday's students. Millions of Americans should be in the streets protesting and being engaged in civil disovedience, but the majority are not. The real resisters, such as the owners of the 4 Wickenburg, Arizona restaurants that opened in defiance of Gov. Ducey's illegal and unconstitutional orders are all over the age of 60which was significantly before these regressive educational programs came into play. By the way, Bill Gates made hundreds of millions of dollars on the use of his computers in the ill-fated Common Core (ie Communist Core) education program.

As an illustrative anecdote, my academically gifted son, in his third year of college classes, who has not had a B since the 8th grade, is brilliant in math. He was one of two students in his high school that had all A's in his four years in high school. In his elementary school, he was moved ahead two grades in the subject of math. Yet, my son had to deal with a dumbed down math teacher that had zero common sense and who mindlessly played right into the dumbing down of America. Common Core math policies only "ALLOWS" students the ability to solve a math problem in one of three STATE-APPROVED ways. Think back to your days as a math student, thirty years ago. No doubt many of you "oldsters" experienced the creative joy of solving a math problem in your own unique manner and could provide the "proof" for how you did it and it was likely your teacher praised you for your creativity. My son created his fourth way of solving a math problem and was failed on the assignment because his problem-solving strategy was not representative of the collectivist approach of "Communist Core". In other words, his 4th way was not permitted because it did not conform to the Commisars of Education and their desire to control all outcomes. This personal anecdote is highly instructive on what is wrong with so many Americans who cannot engage higher levels of cognition that would allow them to see beyond the veil of psychological control that is being placed upon them in the present so-called crisis. Along these lines, most post-secondary educational institutions today are more concerned with liberalizing and forcing conformity for their subjects (ie students) than they are in engaging in the process of educating and promoting higher levels of creativity as evidenced by the presence of so-called tax-payer Social Justice Warriors who patrol today's college campuses of in search of "illegal" conservative views and actions.  

These reasons accurately depict why so many of our citizens, today, cannot see the unconstitutionality of the lockdown! How many of our citizens can even list the 5 elements of the First Amendment? Is this why we are allowing the government to pick winners and losers as the corporate-serving-governmental-oligarchy destroys small businesses to the benefit of the multi-billion dollar box stores (eg Walmart) that benefit from the destruction of their small business competitors, while millions of cognitively deprived Americans accept their fate of economic failure and being relegated to becoming wards of the state?

Please allow me to remind everyone, that Bill Gates was present at the inception of Common Core and profited from it greatly. His rush-to-market vaccines are the next money making scam emanting from this morally bankrupt individual. 

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge

Hosea 4:6


Here Come the Bill Gates Rush-to-Market Mandatory Vaccines

The President needs to come to realize that anyone who has any experience with research methodology can already see the fraud that has been perpetrated on the American people. The original lockdowns were indeed designed to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. However, there is now a shift in emphasis to locking America down, by any means necessary, until the mandatory Bill Gates and T-Gen related vaccines (hello Gov. Doug Ducey who is on the Board of Directors for T-Gen) is ready. Ducey is a de facto servant of Bill Gates which explains why he is dragging is feet on fully opening his state as he has granted himself unprecedented dictatorial powers as he constantly uses the flawed COVID-19 team statistics which predicted 3 million Americans would die. 

 Bill Gates controls Big Pharma. It has been well-documented that the two medical officials who have destroyed this country with their unchecked edicts, Fauci and Birx, are and have been on the payroll of Gates. The entire Covid-19 team is compromised and is engaged in fragrant violations of conflicts of interest which is illegal for any federal official. But so much for the rule of law!

Let's not forget Bill Gates track record where his polio vaccine is estimated to have paralyzed 300,000 children in the third world.India is suing Gates for vaccine related damages and has kicked Gates' businesses out of the country. Let's not also forget the sterilizing effects some of his other vaccines have had on fetrility rates in the third world. Bill Gates is a staunch, even fanatical proponent of depopulation in which he advocates for a 90% reduction in the world's population. He defends China and the silly notion that some Chinese food market produced the bioweapon that invaded his own country with absolutely no evidence to validate that claim. 


Bill Gates, Opportunist or Master Manipulator?

If vaccines, such as the coming, too quickly devleoped COVID-19 vaccine to be safe, were so effective and so harmless, then shouldn't globalists like Bill Gates be willing to vaccinate their children with the same chemicals forced upon all Americans?

From EOL:

Bill Gates' three children, Jennifer, Phoebe, and Rory, NEVER got vaccines and are now healthy young adults Born between 1996 and 2002, the Gates children never got mercury and formaldehyde shot into their muscle tissue as a form of "immunity," even though their father is the most dogmatic campaigner and shill for the vaccine industry.

This is a clear case of rules for thee but not for me.

CBS News

In an interview with CBS News, Bill Gates said one particular area of focus should be increasing work on vaccine development. "The idea is to take a new way of building vaccines that could let us develop, in less than a year, a novel vaccine," he said. "It gives us a chance of being able to respond in time when the next epidemic hits." Gates just told the world how long they can be expected to be locked down. And if this current version of the coronavirus doesn't do the job, expect something more dangerous to follow. Oh wait a minute, it is already happening as America is demanding a return to freedom.  Please remember, that CBS News, the same media outlet that faked coronavirus testing and a hospital overrun with fake patients played by staff members, in Michigan, as uncovered by Project Veritas, is busy promoting the Gates fiction. The globalists intent on keeping America locked down is obvious to anyone who has eyes to see. And any politician promoting this "fake view" of the virus and are exaggerating the threat to every American, are guilty of fraud and treason because of the irreversible damage being done to our economy.

Here is a tweet from the greatly compromised CBS News regarding Gates intent with regard to vaccines. 

CBS News@CBSNews

WATCH: In a CBS News interview three years ago, Bill Gates warned us about a "huge" and "fatal" epidemic — and said we wouldn't be prepared to handle it 

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Gates has been working on global health issues for years through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and recently pledged $100 million to help combat coronavirus

Gates' $100 million pledge should not be looked at as a donation, but rather, an investment!

Is Trump Waking Up? Will It Matter?



This is Only the First Phase In the Plot to Destroy America

As this round of locking America down in order to destroy the economy, as well as the country, America is showing some signs of life.  Phase 1 of the lockdowns may go away, but the victory will only be temporary.

America is also being conditioned to accept autocratic rule similar to what happened in Nazi Germany. As the globalists slowly lose their grip over this round of lockdowns, please realize that a second wave is surely designed to come our way and complete the destruction of America. I know this sounds so conspiratorial, but please consider the following from an article on Newstarget:

A new strain of novel coronavirus has been identified that scientists claim may be more contagious than the one that predominantly spread during the early days of the pandemic.

A new study by researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory contends that this new strain of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) first appeared in Europe back in February. Since then, it has reportedly spread to the East Coast of the United States and become the dominant strain throughout most of the world.

This new strain is said to spread faster than the original, and can also make people more vulnerable to developing a second infection. It also has altered “spikes” on its exterior that affect the way it enters human respiratory cells.

And on and on it goes. The globalists (eg Bill Gates) will never stop. Will we? We need millions of Americans in the street, hundreds of class action law suits and the majority of judges and politicians need to be show the exits this November. 


In a future article, I will detail how deadly Gates vaccines are accused of being. In the meantime, regardless of the personal cost to myself, and the fact that I am probably surrounded by many ignorant Americans who will gleefully march to their own destruction, I will take no vaccine manufactured by an entity with ties Bill Gates. As the next part of this series will reveal, Bill Gates is the unquestioned enemy of the common man in each and every nation!