The Government Has Chosen the Winners and Losers In the New Normal! Which List Are You On?


In the midst of the plandemic, the so-called CV-19 crisis, we have made some amazing discoveries. It is time to take stock of how our world is permanently changing.

Let’s first make an accounting of how the government has picked winners and losers in the reshaping of America.

The Creation of Virus Free Zones

The Deep State controlled politicians have done a type of triage on the United States and they have decided who will live and who will die. In performing this feat, they have created mythical virus free zones where it is safe to go and fully operate. Please allow me to explain. A virus free zone is one in which a person is allowed to conduct business to the fullest extent. These businesses, by default, have been declared to virus free zones and they include the following establishments:

Virus Free Zones

  1. Walmart
  2. Costco
  3. Sam’s Club
  4. Target
  5. Any Box Store
  6. Any large Business
  7. Any religious place of worship except Christian churches
  8. Any place the government does business
  9. Any medical establishment treating “alleged COVID-19 cases”.
  10. Any place a Democrat goes that others are not allowed to go (eg closed bars, family gatherings, mowing the front lawn, etc). And when the Democrat leaves, the COVID-19 virus returns.
  11. Any professional sports practice facilities (eg professional soccer and the NBA training facilities).
  12. Car Dealerships

Please note that I have been in Walmart, Costco and Target since the so-called pandemic broke out. Social distancing was not observed in ANY of these establishments. Multiple touching of the same retail items by multiple customers was observed. It is a good thing that these are virus free zones, otherwise, multiple transmissions of CV-19 would have taken place.

The dozen categories listed above, would be described as the winners in the pandemic and they will survive the retail post-apocalyptic crash after the common people are let out of our self-made jails

Since the so-called pandemic has taken place, the following have been declared by various levels of government to be pandemic zones

The Outlawing of Virus-Infected Pandemic Zones

  1. Virtually, any small business is considered to an infected zone even when the small business is only blocks from a virus-free and open box store and they sell many of the same products. The virus is inside of these small businesses and waiting to pounce on all who enter, just ask Shelley Luther.
  2. The beach is filled COVID-19 infestations waiting to infect swimmers and surfers. In California, the virus is temporarily suspended on some beaches. However, as soon as one sits down, the virus returns to the beach with a vengeance (eg the 93 year old man who dared to sit on the sand because he was tired as he was told by police that he endangered everyone as the confronting officer on horseback, was riding a stallion that was pooping on the beach, but that is not a health hazard.
  3. Any gym is filled with CV-19 virus strains as the virus is conspiring to infect the first people to walk through the door. However, in Arizona, if the establishment has a “SPA” sign over the door, the virus magically disappears[DH1]  as it does with any professional sports training facility!
  4. It might be understandable that assisted care facilities may prevent outsiders from coming in to prevent the spread of the virus. However, why are these people, in many states, locked into these facilities and they are told if they leave to see a family member, the virus will return and they will be kicked out of the assisted care institution? Obviously, this devious virus is just lying wait to attack older people is they leave confinement.
  5. I can buy a car in a crowded dealership, but I cannot get a haircut.
  6. In Arizona and New York, I could attend a religious service at a mosque or a synagogue, but the virus is waiting for me over at the Christian church.
  7. In Michigan, where Governor Whitmer would keep me from mowing my front yard, however, I can go to Walmart and buy a mower.
  8. Our kids can play hide and seek in the crowded, non-mask-wearing, people standing next to each other in the crowded box stores, but these same kids cannot go to church or school and they are often prevented from playing in the park. One father, 2 miles from a Walmart, in Brighton, Colorado, was handcuffed in front of six year old daughter because they were playing  T-ball in the park with nobody else present. This is a tricky virus as it just waits to prey upon fathers and daughters in the park.
  9. A popular talk show host could not attend his mother’s funeral in New York, but various health agencies, both federal and state, are granting themselves to come into your home without a warrant and remove, to an unknown location, suspected COVID-19 infected people.
  10. In many locations in our country, I can play golf and even share a golf cart with a stranger, but I cannot play tennis in a public park. No wonder that this is biggest pandemic in history (forget the Spanish flu, Fauci said this was true), because the virus is so tricky one cannot predict what recreational activity it will attack the participants.
  11. Even our words are attacked by the virus. One can talk about Bruce Lee and Kung-Fu, but don’t you dare use the word “Kung Flu”. The political correct police will show up and censor you.  
  12. Government officials can accuse unhappy citizens of being a dangerous individual and threaten you with jail if dare to exercise your constitutional rights. There is even a case before the Supreme Court that could make it a crime to advocate for civil disobedience. The San Antonio City Council has declared it a hate CRIME to use the terms “Chinese Flu” and Kung-FLU”.
  13. It is estimated that 18,000 cancer patients will die this year due to neglect. TB patients face similar rates. However, it is the desire of the globalists to test and mandatorily vaccinate everyone. Literally, who lives and who dies is totally at the discretion of the Deep State and their political minions.
  14. Gun confiscation is next followed by personal food confiscation. And it will end with people confiscation. 

When citizens allow government to choose winners and losers, communism emerges, and this is only the beginning! Also, when one trades liberty for security, this is the price. Your rights are on the way to becoming extinct.

In a weird way, the virus resembles a strange kind of Passover. If one pleases the Deep State Gods and one is spared from the ravages of COVID-19. If one dares to drift to the light (eg Jesus), or the right, one can expect to become extinct in the new normal. In the new normal, Christians will be marginalized and certainly the majority of sissy pastors will not fight back. Conservatism is on the way to being outlawed. Society is being bifurcated into two camps, the haves and the have nots. There will be no middle class. There will be no freedom of speech.  There will only be rule by communist dictators, who will rule you with edicts issued from the seat of their pants. The rule of law is being replaced by rule by personal whim!

What is the final goal? Just look at the cover photo. 

Is anyone interested in the anti-dote to this tyranny? Stay tuned!