America has just had the biggest fraud perpetrated upon the American people in world history, not American Whether one is validating a treatment efficacy or providing a more "reliable" claim for diagnosis, one needs to establish the false positive rate in order to determine whether or not effective treatment or accurate diagnostics falls within acceptable limits. And of course, consistency is needed in the testing process and that is established through multiple studies in which consistent results are obtained. In health testing, a margin of error of less than 5% is acceptable. Anything greater than this calls into question the validity of the diagnostics. 

On April 18, 2020, the FDA High Commissioner issued the following information:

Fraud #1-The FDA Invalidates the Test Kits

At question in this report is the efficacy of the diagnostic procedures being utlized by federal and state health officials in determining the true infection rate in the United States which can be used as a guide to impose restrictions upon the people of this nation. Sometimes in investigative reporting, we can use the words of the investigated to convict them of wrongdoing. This is certainly the case here. 

From the FDA in an April Statement from the Commissioner of Food and Drugs -Food and Drug Administration Stephen M. Hahn MD., in which the FDA admits that they have no intention of validating the testing numbers for COVID-19. Instead, the FDA admits that they will let the test developers validate their own testing reliability and validity. 

...Recognizing that more flexibility was needed during a pandemic of this scale and speed, and incorporating feedback from the medical community, states and test developers, we have also provided regulatory flexibility for serological tests in an effort to provide laboratories and health care providers with early access to these tests with the understanding that the FDA had not reviewed or authorized (or “approved”) them, at least not initially, and these tests should not be used for diagnosing or excluding active SARS-CoV-2 infection.

What the above paragraph is telling the reader is that the FDA has a history of not fully validating the accuracy of test kits before using them in the field and gathering data from these unvalidated tests in which policy decisions will be based! In laymen's terms, the FDA has been guilty of violating the standard tenets of science when it comes to validating tests for a long time. Practice makes perfect and this is why the FDA and its partner in crime, the CDC are so adept at fooling the public.  

Here is more damning self-statements from the same FDA report on test kits:

Specifically, last month, as part of our broader strategy, the FDA issued a policy explaining that FDA does not intend to object when developers of serological tests market or use their tests without prior FDA review where: 1) the tests are validated by the developer to determine that they are accurate and reliable, 2) notification of the developer’s validation is provided to FDA, and 3) the tests are labeled appropriately, including that they are not to be used as a sole basis for diagnosis. Our policy does not apply to at-home specimen collection or at-home testing because of the added challenges in assuring test accuracy that these pose. The policy does apply to tests that can be performed in patient care settings. Laboratories could validate tests they receive from commercial manufacturers and determine if they should be used in their facilities. Some laboratories have already done so or have developed their own serological tests...

Test results are not going to be determined by the FDA, but instead are going to be validated by the developer of the tests? The open invitation to fraud is obvious to anyone who has eyes to see. Then the FDA tries to beg themselves out of responsibility by saying the Labs can validate the test. Why should labs engage in a validating practice because testing for validation would happen AFTER the purchase of the test kits by the labs? In other words America, there is no oversight on determining whether these tests are measuring what they claim to measuring.  This is like looking under the hood of the car AFTER you purchase it!  And yet, these test numbers are reportedly daily in the mainstream media and provide governors and mayors with the ability to lockdown their jurisdictions  as these despots violate the Constitutional rights of their citizens and the whole process of based on fake numbers!

In the face of this obvious cesspool of fraud, it is easy to conclude the following:

here is financial motive to increase the CV-19 rates as it will lead to the need for more testing and more profits for the manufacturer of the tests. 

  1. Both the FDA and the CDC are well-known as being "never-Trumpers" and commonly operate outside the oversight of the President. These are largely Democratic Party affiliated institutions with major conflicts of interest which has been validated on multiplel sites resulting from multiple documents. 
  2. By allowing a test that could very well be a hotbed for false positives, the fake numbers could be used as a phony excuse to continue to lockdown and ruin the nation's economy, thus weakening the nation for economic collapse and even military invasion since the country's ability to defend itself in the long-term would be greatly impacted.
  3. This policy in which numbers can be exaggerated for political gain is already in evidence in the practice of the CDC. The CDC announced that before a local community could progress to Phase One of the return to normalcy, the flu-like symptoms and the COVID-19 numbers must decrease from the information obtained from testing. The confabulation efforts on the part of the CDC is painfully apparent. The purpose for the fraud and using a testing kit that has not been validated for accuracy is also painfully obvious. California Governor Newsom has said the lockdown will stay in effect until the mandatory vaccines are ready. It is a well-established fact that the COVID-19 team has multiple conflicts of financial interest involving the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with the principal spokespeople for the COVID-19 group (eg Fauci and Birx).
  4. Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey is did everything in his power to prolong his state's unconstitutional lockdown and he kept it up until his own party started to rebel.. Ducey sits on the Board of Directors for T-GEN which is partnering with the Gates people in the development a vaccine. A bad test, with multiple false positive will prove to be the impetus for not letting America out of its Big Pharma prison until the public accepts the mandatory vacccine. Further the testing kit fraud is consistent with CDC guidelines which allows doctors to engage in a totally unprofessional practice known as "presumptive diagnosis" in which the doctor simply presumes that the deceased expired because of  COVID -19. This practice also inflates the numbers and provides local dictators the ability to win an election that they would be able to win without this greatly exaggerated crisis by making the public's lives miserable so they blame the existing President. 


Fraud #2 -The CDC Invalidates the COVID-19 Test Kit for the White House

This past Friday, the FDA issued another press release and noted that many of the White House test kits are invalid and the previously reported numbers cannot be taken seriously in a case of the same song, second verse. 

Obviously, nobody knows what the CV-19 infection rate is, but these despots keep America locked down based on this self-admitted fraud and deceipt!


Fauci, the leader of the "conflicts of interest" COVID-19 team, is finding news ways to thwart Trump's efforts to reopen the country. 

As of yesterday, Fauci has created a new illness that he feels should keep the schools closed this next year. He says the illness is an off-shoot of COVID-19, but offers no proof. The CDC admits they do not have diagnostic criteria to define this illness. Nor is the illness listed on ICD which is an international coding system for all illnesses for diagnostic and insurance billing purposes. Yet, according to Fauci, this illness is enough to keep the country locked down and will keep the schools closed next year. 


 Fauci Is Fabricating New Illnesses to Keep Schools Closed Until Bill Gates and Himself Release "the Vaccine"

A smalll number of children have a rare and potentially deadly inflammatory condition that Fauci says is LIKELY linked to COVID-19. I cannot say if this illlness is a condition because as of today, it is not defined. However, one thing can be said with certainty, there is no proof of a link to CV-19

Just last week, this unknown and undefined condition was given a name. pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome, or PMIS,  

Nobody is denying that this is not a rare illness. However, it is not defined and does not meet the scientific conditions, as noted above, to receive any consideration with regard to public policy such as keeping schools closed. Yet, another fraud perpetrated on the American people which is wrecking our economy and will likely deny Trump a second term. 

Below, I comment on this absolute fraud. There is no ICD code for the illness which means it is nonexistent in the eyes of the internation medical community. Also, the CDC admits that they don't even have symptom list available. 



California is the Key to the Resistance

Gavin Newsom has made a powerful enemy in Elon Musk. Musk has enough power and influence to make a difference in compliance rates of the population. I know for a fact that Musk has reached out to New California. He is looking for ways to oppose Newsom's lockdown. If California's lockdown were to end, the Deep State's control over this issue would crumble. Calfiornia is the key.

Musk should travel to the White House and do a photo-op with the President. They should hold a joint news conference and tell the people of California to all go to the beaches on Memorial Day and open all businesses the day after. This overwhelming response would cripple Newsom and his minions ability to respond. Also, on June 1, 2020, Newsom loses the ability to pay the employees of California because he cannot account for hundreds of millions of dollars. Retirement accounts will go broke. There will be chaos in the street. 

Trump needs to order Barr to prosecute every Democratic mayor and Governor, and traitors like AZ Governor, Doug Ducey, under the 14th Amendment equal protection clause. Every blue state has Walmarts that are open and small businesses competitiors that are closed. This is a flagrant constitutional violation. The prosecutions need to be both criminal and civil. 

All Governors and mayors in lockdown states need to have their salaries frozen as well as the police that serve them. The money is sent to small business owners who are not open. 

A warning to Trump and any other entity that thinks that they are going to let loose with mandatory vaccines and create a second holocaust: Any attempt to deprive me of my constitutional rights to property, free travel and equal access to every part of American life because of my refusal to take a hastily  prepared vaccine, from a despot, who paralyzed 300,000 kids in the third world, will be met with extreme prejudice and with maximum resistance on my part. Nobody, will dictate to this author what will be put into my body. I know I speak for tens of millions of Americans who will refuse to comply. I am now of Medicare age and have never been arrested or charged with a crime. I have not had a ticket since my early 20's. However, I will not comply and I will not accept any consequences for my refusal to participate in America's Second Holocaust.