America Is Losing Its Last Line of Defense From Absolute Takeover


I was speaking to a liberal that I have known for years. He’s likeable but believes in everything a Christian cannot believe in. What he told me was stunning when were discussing the lockdown and the devastation of our economy. He said that “the powers that be” that he knows are stunned that America allowed itself to be destroyed without barely a whimper.  

America has lost her way. America has lost its conscience and that is because America lost its spiritual soul when we turned out collective backs on Jesus Christ. When a people lose Christ, they lose courage and must solely rely on their own self-created courage and in America, today, that will not carry our people very far. We are a soft people tied to a lack of resilience in the face of controversy and great challenge. We are also an instant gratification society with extreme hedonistic overtones. Does this define all of us? It does not, but the remnant does not contain the numerical strength to effectively oppose the complete and ongoing destruction of our country.

Our amoral approach to Christ’s teachings made most of our nation oblivious to the complete and total Satanic takeover of our nation. Bob Griswold and myself have always taken the position that any nation that can ignore the holocaust of murdering 70 million babies will tolerate any kind of leadership. Any nation that would allow a baby to be murdered as it is exiting the birth canal to begin its life and then have its body parts sold for profit, will tolerate any kind of leadership. If we don’t like the Schumer’s, the Schiff’s, Pelosi’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Comey’s assuming positions of power over us, we should have all strived to be better people, and not just better people, but better Christians that did not take the 10 Commandments as the 10 suggestions. When we failed to follow God’s laws, we cannot expect the evil entities that rule over us to follow the Constitution. Many of Americans complain that the Democrats don’t follow the rule of law, yet, we do not follow the most high laws of them all.

Is there any way back from the complete devastation that awaits us? Yesterday, with documentation and pictures, I demonstrated how the State of Washington in conjunction with FEMA is constructing, and hiring workers to work in the new concentration camps for COVID-19 infected children. Why the children, because the Satanists want them.

If it were not for the Epstein-loving, Satan-serving fallen angels, we would have never needed milk cartons to put missing children’s faces on. We know where they went (eg Epstein’s Island) and we know who took them (eg the Clinton Foundation) and we know how they traveled (eg the Lolita express) and we know the evil ones favorite food (eg pizza as in pizza-gate). Back to the question posed at the beginning of this paragraph, can these evil forces be defeated and can America be turned back around? First of all, let me say that individual salvation is possible. Collective salvation with a turnaround for our country is not likely. The only way that I see this happening is for an overwhelming majority of this country to fast for three days, remain in prayer while we ask for forgiveness from our Lord for our sinful and idolatrous behaviors, and refuse to serve immorality that has invaded every segment of our society including the pulpit. Can this happen? Yes, it is possible. However, I see nothing in our behavior that suggests that this is the path that our country would ever embrace. But just in case it is, the Demon-serving, Deep-State leadership in this country and abroad are busy seeing to the task that the Christian church is rendered impotent and unable to fully function in both the present and in our dark future. No doubt people will say to me whether or not I am predicting the end of our country will happen. To that I say, the beginning of the end is well underway and the enemy is seeing that we lose the one weapon at our disposal that could turn things around. The next question I get asked is about the end game for the evil ones that are calling the shots (eg Fauci, Gates, Clinton). The end game is to destroy every human being on the planet before the Second Coming so there are no people, no Christians to save. The collective fate of humanity is two fold:

  1. Murder as many human beings as possible in wars and in the camps that are being operationalized such as the ones spoken of in yesterday’s article
  2. Through the Satanic science of transhumanism, the Satanic globalists seek to morph the remaining humans into a grotesque set of creatures that resemble nothing close to its original creation.

To myself, the goal of Satan is clear, there can nothing left for Christ to save in the Second Coming. Satan will ultimately fail, but many of us will have lost their lives and their eternal destiny with God because we collectively failed to stand up to evil in this time. We are cowards and many of us are not much different from the ones who are stealing our future. If one will not oppose George Soros, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Hillary Clinton, then we are not much different from them. Many on the wrong side of history mistakenly believe that if we are just quiet and don’t protest the loss of our economy, our jobs and most of all our Christian right to worship as we trade our Christian heritage in a failed attempt to be just left alone. I learned a long time ago that most people just want to be left alone, however, there are those that will never leave them alone. Following the redemptive power of Christ is our only way out of this and our enslavers recognize this as well. The ones who have taken over our government and have neutralized President Trump are taking away our last line of defense, namely, the worship of the Lord and the carrying out of His will. This is happening in places like New Zealand, but don’t breathe a sigh of relief because that is so far away. The evisceration of Christianity in New Zealand is happening here to day in more communities than it is not.  

In my next article, I will detail that before much more time transpires, the one power, the one force that could save our country, save humanity as a whole, is being destroyed before our very eyes. Those that do not know Christ going into this time, will live to regret the day that they were born. There is hell and in hell time does not move, there is great suffering and great misery and I weep for these people. To those that do know Christ, draw near to the word while you still can. The worst is yet to come and our righteous demand that we be allowed to go back to work will soon seem like a minor problem in the near future. The next article in this series is not for the faint of heart. You will soon see whey the Bible says that men’s hearts will soon fail them and this process is underway right now and I am going to expose so that all unbelievers can be confronted with the consequences of their choices.