EX-FBI Counter-Terrorism Agent Declares America to Under Attack from a Conglomeration of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Communist Party

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John Guandolo is the founder of the organization, Understanding the threat which is the only organization in America providing tools to leaders, police and citizens to identify and dismantle jihadi/terrorist networks in their local communities. At the root of the manufactured race war, Guandolo has his finger o the pulse on who are the perpetrators. 

He is also a former FBI Agent assigned to the Counter Terrorism Division, Wash., D.C.

Currently, Mr. Guandolo advises governments - U.S. and others - on matters related to National Security, specifically the threat from the Global Islamic Movement. He actively briefs and teaches members of Congress, senior military officials, police, the intelligence community, key community leaders, and others. Mr. Guandolo served as a guest lecturer at the Joint Forces Staff College and at the U.S. Army War College.  

Mr. Guandolo, maintains that America is under attack by a partnership between the world's largest terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood (in which Obama's half-brother Malik is the head of arms procurement and finance) and the Communist Party. They are in partnership with the Democratic Party which has morphed into the American Communist Party. Antifa is an operational arm of this plot along with other dissident and revolutionary radical groups identified in this interview. The interview not only identifies the key issues but also clearly identifies what lies ahead for America. 

This is one of the most revealing and important interviews in the history of The Common Sense Show

The Interview can be accessed at this link