America Is Quickly Becoming An Occupied Nation


America watched in horror as a Mr. Floyd was murdered by a rogue cop. The cops involved deserve prison. However, this event is the catalyst for the take down of America and its institutions. In the last few months we have allowed our nation to be dismantled with barely a whimper from the people. 

America is in a civil war. Americans who support the Constitution and its civil liberties are losing. America is becoming an occupied nation. And nowhere was this more visible than in Seattle and this is only the beginning. 

Antifa has committed an unmistakable act of war against the United States when its armed members took over 6 square blocks in a major American city. They have asked for certain concessions, with no promise of withdrawing from their aggressive, criminal activities including assault, murder, looting, fire-bombing and targeting police officers across the country. These demands include the forsaking of meat, the release of all inmates (presumably so they can grow their ranks, rent controls and the disbanding of ALL police departments across the country. Antifa is also asking for armed anarchists to join them in defending Seattle. In the process of the takeover, Antifa forced the police to abandon one of their precincts. This is all being performed in the name of saving black people from being murdered from the authorities. Even Captain Obvious could point out that Antifa’s paid anarchists actions has absolutely nothing to do with racial equality. Yet, the media is perpetuating this façade and the estimated ignorant people living in America are buying this false line of reasoning hook, line and sinker!

We are preparing to lockdown our country again as presumptive diagnoses increase and fake claims of a CV-19 spike are in the air. America, get ready to be locked up again. America has not suffered enough, the globalist forces behind this plot have done enough damage. Very soon, for the second time, you will soon be locked in your home while anarchists run wild in the streets destroying everything in their path! Soon, these anarchists will turn their attention away from burning businesses to burning your homes. 

Our main line of defense has been defeated. The police are under physical attack. Their governing bodies are preparing to get rid of the police. In the aftermath we will be ruled by war lords and eventually the blue helmets of the United NAtions

We see public officials literally bow before Antifa and Black Lives Matter. We have even seen footage of white women licking the boots of BLM personnel on command. America is becoming more South African than actual nation of South Africa. South Africa, were racism was at its pinnacle under apartheid. However, the pendulum in South Africa has swung to the point where white South African farmers are being forced to abandon their farms move to places like New Zealand and Australia in order to escape the danger. The murder rate for white South Africans is off the charts and many whites are forced into white compounds, where they hire their own security forces. South Africa is a powder keg and a racial civil war looms in the future. America is walking down that same path. More manufactured racial conflict is coming.

When I interviewed many federal LEO’s they all are saying that mass casualty events, false flags, are next. The UN is preparing to come in as America grows more unstable.

Where’s Trump? Where are you?

On June 14th, Flag Day, we might want to consider raising the white flag of surrender as we hide in our homes, afraid of our own shadows.