What's In the Second Wave Kill Shot That Is Coming to America in the Late Summer? Celeste Solum and Dave Hodges


Based on critical events, Celeste Solum and myself decided to do an interview. We discussed a number of items in terms of how the masters of the coup against President Trump and the people of the United States are going to dispose of people who oppose the governmental, societal, cultural and religious regime change. You are watching as everything is changing before our eyes. Playing chess is racist, the Bill of Rights is oppressive, church worship is being outlawed against, Walmart is open but you cannot go to the gym, you can to a casino in California but you cannot worship Jesus and "if you ain't woke, you deserve to die. 

Celeste and myself discussed the nature of the deadly pathogen that will comprise the so-called second wave. It is NOT a virus. It is a "smart" weapon that can even be controlled from a remote location by unknown people. This will be one of the killshots that is coming our way. Celeste breaks down the composition of this genocidal weapon and what events will accompany the unleashing of this weapon upon humanity. 

I took a stab in the dark and asked Celeste a question about the fallen angels, the impregnation of earth women and legen of the giants. That questioned opened up Pandora's Box and Celeste's revelations will leave you spellbound and undoubtedly move many of you closer to Jesus. As the aware might expect, the name of Steve Quayle was brought up because of his vast experience related to this sensitive topic. You can bet that the CSS will be pursuing Steve for an interview on Celeste's revelations with regard to Steve's previous work on the subject!

This revealing interview is available by clicking here


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