Who and WHAT Is REALLY Behind the Deadly Second Wave Attack Coming Our Way? Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges


Earlier this week, I interviewed Celeste Solum about what she knows with regard to the so-called second wave pathogen(s) coming our way (in case you missed the interview, please, click here to access the interview. 

In the midst of the interview with Celeste, her description immediately took me to an earlier discussion I had with Steve Quayle as he outlined the nature of fallen angels as well as their past and preent mission on Earth as described in the Bible. 

Steve is busy working on new projects, as he always is, but he found the time to come on the CSS in order to connect the dots between Celeste's discoveries and what Steve has been saying for decades on this topic. In short, there are two different kinds of entities on this planet that are in competition for control of the planet and as a result many of you are being targeted for elimination, both physically and spiritually!

This is an interview that will connect the dots for many Christians and those who are developing Christians will be motivated to deepen their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. This incredible interview with Steve can be accessed at this link: 


Sometimes, people say to me that they are surprised that so many of us in the Independent Media do not compete with each other ratings. That is true! We are not beholding to entities such as Big Pharma. We are free to speak our minds and our collective concern centers around the welfare of those we serve. We work collaboratively, not competittively as is done in the mainstream media. All the people that the readers/listerners follow, from Steve Quayle to Doug Hargamann to Celeste Solum to Paul Martin to Paul Preston to Mide Adams to Ted Broer to Lisa Haven to Robert Griswold and all the rest, we are all friends and colleagues. We share information and sources on a regular basis. We also know that the tribulation will threaten each and everyone of us. Time is short, so please share these works with as many as possible. There are many that do not know the redemptive power of Jesus Christ! This is what sets us apart from the MSM, we actually care about those that we serve. Along these lines, the Gen Six people put together a conference this past May. I would encourage you to purchase the video on demand series by clicking here. This conference, made up of an all-star set of guests contains information that every person should be aware of as we head into very troubled waters.