Peaceful Protestors? LEO Communication From No Carolina Which Reads Like a Battle Report!


Ths was sent to me by Robert Griswold. The content destroys the narrative of peaceful protestors.  We are firmly in a civil war and it is only going to get worse. 

Date: Jul 26, 2020, 10:05
From: xxxxxxxx
Subject: BORIS // 261340ZJUL2020 //
  1. DTG: 261340ZJUL2020
  4. OBSERVED ACTIVITY: Mass protest and observed enemy activity in Roxboro NC. Insurgents engaged in skirmish with local PD and SO personnel after lethal force incident on 24JUL. One officer wounded. Enemy weapons cache captured.
  5. MWE / INCIDENT DESCRIPTION: Multiple armed assailants brought in from out of town, unknown number but more than 50. Explicit statements of violence made. Father of person killed in lethal force incident made statement to ABC11 that he wanted the out of town insurgents to leave. Insurgents stated the name of their organization is NC BORN (Building Our Revolution Now) and initially fled after police made threatening gestures. Local Leader/HVI is Andrew Lee Partridge and is a Corrections Officer in VA. Insurgents returned one hour later dispersed among local businesses dropped off individually. Method of coordination / communications SOI unknown. Insurgents used three observed techniques: park Dodge Chargers with stolen NC plates to confuse LEOs as to the position of units, Swarm different positions in a series to exhaust responding officers, and to attack them with OC spray. One officer was wounded and required EMS transport. Enemy weapons cache was uncovered in a Van with VA plates. Specific number of weapons unknown. Insurgents have a safehouse owned by Marcus Satterfield located in the town square and within view of the county courthouse.
  6. ASSESSMENT: LEOs were overwhelmed and panicked by their monitored radio chatter. They are not prepared for an insurgency and cannot sustain multiple nights of enemy activity. Majority of insurgents are not local and unknown to police. Social media chatter is making explicit threats on police and surrounding business owners. Violence is likely within the next 48 hours as attacks on LEO was coordinated and more bold than previous incidents in larger municipalities.
Robert  E. Griswold