The Extreme Hypocrisy of the Left Is On Full Display Through the Statements of NBA Star Lebron James

lebron in china

For the record, I have always supported civil rights causes involving virtually every demographic. I have stood up against injustice of all types. I am not a racist and I have gone to the next level and have spoken out against racism. I do not need to defend myself. However, I should not feel compelled to state this fact. Is there racism? Undoubtedly there are still pockets of racism. However, when the left declares chess to be a racist game because the game lets white pieces move first, the position of these radicals is greatly diminished. When African-American businesses are fire-bombed by radical leftist groups in the name preventing racism, their message falls on deaf ears. 

The left is unintelligent. Most every White person I know was shocked, angry and called out for justice when George Floyd was murdered while in police custody. Most people, regardless of race, called for justice. Most reasonable people are willing to dialogue and work on issues related to racism. However, the sane among us, don't see racism in the design of wallpaper. The left is unwilling to talk and dialogue and achieve meaningful reforms. The goal of the Left is not civil rights, it is regime change and the ushering in of a Bolshevik Revolution. These people, paid by George Soros, are being used for a political agenda, not a civil rights agenda. 

I am growing weary of the left using the concept of racism being used to  further a communist takeover of this country. I defended Kapernick when he kneeled. I did not agree with it, but it was his right. Why does the left expect tolerance when they offer no quarter when the situtiona was reversed. Recently, an NBA player who refused to kneel was mocked by an ESPN reporter when he severely injured his knee in a recent game. This is depravity on a scale that I have not seen in the media except for the likes of CNN. 

All of professional sports are suffering through their worst ratings in the modern era. Leading the way in the ratings debacle is the NBA and main figurehead of the NBA is none other than Lebron James. This article will focus on the extreme hypocrisy of the left where civil rights is supposed to be taking center stage, but in reality, a political agenda is being advanced under the cover of civil rights. The NBA and LeBron James should pay attention. America is voting with its feet and they are not buying what you are selling, thinly veiled disguised regime change. 

In the present climate, nobody’s civil rights are being furthered. However, a communist agenda, in which we will witness the largest wealth redistribution plan in the history of world will be carried out at the expense of conservative America. Christians will be persecuted just like Muslims and Christians are in China. In fact, Lebron James purports to represent the downtrodden from a civil rights standpoint, while exploiting human rights abuses which serve his financial NBA bottom line in China.

Conservatives must face the fact that President Trump is now decidedly an underdog in this upcoming Presidential election. For three years, the Democratic operatives (eg BLM, Antifa, Democratic mayors and governors) have been planning subsequently launched a multi-front series of strategies designed to unseat Trump and his populist movement.

In order to accomplish this goal, the Democrats have cleverly managed to throw this country into a state of profound upheaval. The national debt will soon cross the $30 trillion level. Forty percent of America’s renters cannot afford to pay their rent. Education is total disarray and our nation’s youth are floundering. Food inflation and the beginnings of famine are looming. Rioters from BLM and Antifa run freely through the streets, with complete impunity, attacking and maiming law enforcement officers (LEO). Innocent civilians are being attacked in their homes by the riotous thugs. Communities are beginning to consider legislation that pays reparations for slavery, something that ended in the 19th century. With mixed race status for many, how does one even contemplate such a task? What if one’s ancestors did not live in the United States during the slavery years, LeBron, should they have to pay? And what happens with people like LeBron James who has more money than any of us. Should you have to pay reparations? I am baffled about how LeBron can call the present system "racist" when Lebron has so clearly become one our society's wealthiest men.  LeBron has granted himself the permission to be outspoken on the critical issues of the day as he supports Black Lives Matter, while people who have a different opinion than he (eg the General Manager of the Houston Rockets for supporting the Hong Kong freedom fighters) are silenced. LeBron wants the country to kneel for BLM, however, when the Rockets General Manager called for freedom for the people of Hong Kong, he was brutally attacked by LeBron James. Why? Because the Chinese NBA market constitutes the single biggest market share for the NBA with an estimated 80 millions fans. And please consider that James supports the group Black Lives Matter, but Chinese lives don’t matter, expecially the people in Hong Kong. Well, LeBron, the people in Hong Kong are kneeling for their cause, why are you joinging them?  You won't unless they support your NBA bottom line, financially. Here is the story about how LeBron James brutalized an NBA employee for supporting the freedom of the people of Hong Kong. 

The hypocrisy of James is obvious for all to see. What LeBron James does not realize is that his fame is being used to prop up and represent a philosophy that seeks to destroy America. If James wishes to be a spokesperson for a movement that is terrorizing innocent citizens through violent rioting and destroying careers for those that won't kneel, perhaps he should put his money where his mouth is. LeBron, take all of your Communist Chinese derived NBA money and put every nickel of it into causes that benefit the groups you purport to support.  Perhaps James should use his Chinese NBA money, derived from a government that has wrongfully imprisoned over a million Muslims and routinely practices live organ extractions of its political prisoners, executes Christians and uses the Chinese blood money to actually do some good. I support LeBron James desire to improve the lot of Black people. However, I really have to doubt his sincerity when he turns his back on millions of Chinese people. Don't their lives matter, too? What LeBron and so many on the left do not realize is that for any system of government to work, all people must be respected. Where one of us is not safe, none of us are safe. LeBron has failed to learn that lesson of history.

People like LeBron James do not realize the damage that radical leftist groups are doing our country as they support mayhem and violence. Perhaps his goal is turn the American government into a totalitarian regime like what we find in Beijing. There is nothing restorative about rioting, looting, burning and murdering. James, and others who support the overthrow of the United States government are not even considering what is coming should these “revolutionaries” be successful in ushering in a new era of government. Has anyone even considered what will follow the demise of the "racist" Constitution?

Mathew 23:3

So practice and observe whatever they tell you—but not what they do. For they preach, but do not practice.