Why Canada Is Helping China to Defeat the United States


As I have alluded to, and this will be a point of which the CSS will devote much time and attention to, the Globalist, as expressed through the World Economic Forum (WEF) are intentionally destroying the middle and upper middle class in, not just the United States, but the entire planet.

The satanic-serving globalists are engaged in a plot that is clearly designed to turn the world away from the vast majority of industrialized business ventures based on Max Weber’s notion of The Protestant Work Ethic which led to the rise of capitalism. In short, the globalist are artificially ushering in the age of The Fourth Industrial Revolution. More on this in a later part of this series.

The Coronavris and the Lockdowns Are Artificially Transforming the Planet

The coronavirus scamdemic ushered in the lockdowns which has destroyed global trade and the world’s industrial output. In the United States, for example, almost 60% of small businesses, once the backbone of a healthy American economy has gone extinct. By year’s end, that number is supposed to reach 80%. In addition, the small mom and pop restaurants are also going the way of the dinosaur as it is projected by early next year that these neighborhood restaurants will be all but extinct.

The stage has been set for the world to be ruled by the elite corporations who were given special treatment in the lockdowns. Walmart, for example, was deemed to be an essential business, as were casinos. However, a competing small business was considered to be nonessential. The box stores, among other “essential” businesses experienced record profits since the Chinese-based introduction of the excuse, COVID-19, to locdownk America as well as the rest of the G-20 capitalist nations. This is setting the stage for the elite corporations, the same ones, that have donated over a billion dollars to Black Lives Matter and Antifa to wreak havoc upon our fundamental institutions in which they hope will eventually collapse the nation. In short, a corporate oligarchy is being created, right before our very eyes and this elitist group of businesses will usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A clear strategy is beginning to emerge in order to force the nations of the earth to comply. Namely, contrived water shortages are in process right now which will fundamentally change the power structure of the planet. Additionally, agriculture, which is based, will be used to control dissident populations. I have been warning about this strategy for quite some time. In order to understand how the geopolitical winds of the world are shifting, one simply needs to look to our northern border and what was, at one time, our best ally.

Canada’s Betrayal

Since the War of 1812, Canada has always been a loyal friend and ally of the United States, at least they were until recently. Canadian Prime Minister, Trudeau, should be placed on the 10 most wanted list because his recent actions constitute a major threat to the national security of the United States.

I have been aware for some time that large numbers of Chinese citizens were being allowed to enter Canada. Chinese economic interests now dominate British Colombia. But never has this domination been more dangerous to the security of the United States as we recently discovered through an interview conducted by Sarah Westall of Peter Annett, in which it was revealed that a Chinese military force was being assembled in Canada. Trudeau, which has  been covered in past CSS articles, has allowed this to happen. Trudeau is at extreme odds with Trump and as a result, is at extreme odds with the average, hard-working American. Trudeau is turning Canada into a very serious national security threat to the United States.

In the short-term, the North American based CHICOMS have been caught 3 times sending weapons and weapons parts to Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Because both groups are involved in insurrection, this is an act of war by China and Trudeau has made Canada complicit in this plot to overthrow the duly-elected government.

If Canada’s involvement with the CHICOM’s act of war by hosting CHICOM troops on their Native lands, we have enough evidence to cut off trade with Canada and close the border until such time as Trudeau is removed from power and new alliances can be negotiated. However, Canada’s alliance with the CHICOMS goes much further and it begins and ends with water. Add in a little military power, Canada has become the business partner and military ally of Communist China’s desires to destroy and occupy America.  

Why Civilizations Rise and Fall

Is one were to ask most people on why civilizations rise and fall, they would say that a stronger military conquered them. Although this is a contributing factor, military power is a outgrowth of economic strength. So, what causes economic strength to fail?

Most cities, nearly 90% exist within 5 miles of a fresh water source. When water supplies, such as rivers shift, cities die. When this happens countries/empires collapse. Starvation due to the failure of water-based agriculture is often cited as the number one reason. Egypt, 15th century Europe and the migration of people from Africa to Europe, 100,000 years ago, are cited as some of the prime examples of this fact.

Historically, the rise and fall of empires is most correlated with the loss of water supplies. At least that was how it used to be. In recent times, nations that are not abundant in water resources learned to use modern technology to supply their dwindling water supplies as they “mined” ground water. Presently, 97% of the world’s water supply is not drinkable. Only 1% of the water on Earth is freshwater. Only 35% of the freshwater is located on the face of the Earth. Therefore, groundwater becomes paramount in importance to the survival of communities/civilizations.

Not only is water necessary for consumption and to grow crops, water is also associated with trade as it supplies the most inexpensive means to transport goods.  

For a century, the Panama Canal enriched the United States and impoverished much of Latin America because the United States got to decide who traded in the region and who did not. Early in this century, the United States handed over the Panama Canal to Panama. However, America still benefits from the canal. However, a new trade route, which is more efficient has appeared in Canada and China has become their partner.


True north is shifting and as such the old icecaps have been melting, since 1800,  as new ice caps are being formed in the emerging true north scenario. This has created massive amounts of water in Canada due to melted ice. Hold on to this thought, we will return to Canada’s new found fortune.

Temperatures have been rising in Northern Canada since 1800 and this has created a true Northwest Passage which is much more convenient to Europe for trading than the Panama Canal. Also, Canada is now the beneficiary of being one of the world’s superpowers when it comes to being a water sufficient nation. Many economists have stated that water will carry the importance in this century as oil did in the last century. Canada is on the verge of being an economic superpower because of the new and emerging trade route and the growing abundance of water.

The previously mentioned trade arrangement is key. However, the main resource that will propel Canada to new heights is its water supply. Nations like Saudi Arabia and the United States have lived off of its ground water for some time. However, these sources are being depleted and ground water has dropped as much as 500 feet in some areas. The America,, Southwest is in big trouble when it comes to its water supplies. Cities like New York, that brings in its water for the Catskills, over 100 miles away, are stressed to the breaking point. China is the nation that is the most threatened and this is why they are in Canada.

Trudeau sees an opportunity to become a world superpower because of water. However, the nation will need military protection and this is why Canada has turned to China. Canada will be the world’s most prominent water exporter and China will provide the military muscle. And what does China want? China wants what I have written about before. The want to occupy the United Nations in order to satisfy its quest for raw materials to fund their economic expansion.

Who is the major obstacle to Canadian dominance and the imperialistic desires of China? It is the United States and if one looks through this frame of reference, it is easy to see why China is supporting the overthrow of the United States government by supplying Antifa and BLM with material support. And Canada is all to happy to provide a base of operations for China’s future militaristic designs on the United States.

In the next part of this series, that the role of the World Economic Forum is playing in the takedown of America will be exposed.