The Elite Are Relocating to Their Emergency Underground Facilities


There is something clearly inbound toward our country, and very possibly our planet! Whatever is coming has the elite’s attention and they are scrambling for cover. However, it is just not the traditional elite that are impacted, the CSS has learned and has collaborated the reports that key officials from the Continuity of Government have gone underground as well. The heads of Northcom and Southcom are secluded as well.

The 2011 Operation Mountain Guardian Gives Us a Clue As To What Is Transpiring In Utah

In an earlier article, it was revealed that there is highly unusual activity with regard to the landing of several planes in a small community. Some of the locals brought this to my attention. The volume of the activity is totally out of proportion for the size of this very small community. I have also learned that this are in Utah is at the hub of many continuity of government tunnels and underground living quarters.

There is some strong evidence that the present events have been reheased before. In 2011, nobody covered Operation Mountain Guardian with more precision than Aaron Dykes and The Common Sense Show. At the time, I did not have a video platform, but Dykes did. Unfortunately, his coverage of this material was so good that all of his videos on the topic, including a telling interview with a crisis worker, have been scrubbed. Through the CSS, I memorialized the event in writing and I have great detail scattered throughout the annals of my website.

Both Dykes and myself focused on the illegal FEMA/DHS collection of Denver school children and subsequent transport to Sports Authority Field in Denver. The role of the hired crisis actors made it clear that this was an experiment on how to lure parents to a detention camp where their children were illegally being held, in a FEMA camp, if you will. Many of us that looked at the data concluded that this was how some politically undesirables would be removed from society.  Because of the abuse of children and the usurping of parental rights, we focused on this aspect of the drill. The same drill was repeated at the stadium of the NFL’s New York Giants. However, there was an equally heinous aspect of this drill. At the same time the Sports Authority Field, the former home of the NFL’s Denver Broncos, was taking place, Denver International Airport (DIA) was completely shut down except for the following groups:

  1. The President and his administrative staff and security.
  2. CEO’s of “essential” corporations.
  3. Continuity of Government key personnel.

These individuals and groups disappeared beneath DIA for 3 days. What was going on for that time? Information was difficult to come by, however, the CSS learned the following.

  1. DIA a key component of the underground tunnel system and the airport is connected to a multitude of secondary airports, key infrastructure sites and contingency sites for key governmental operations. In the early 1990’s, I had a chance encounter with a backhoe operatierthat was operating equipment much complicated than the average backhoe. This person told me the technology to bore through solid rock was nuclear in nature and the rock was melted, secured and then more tunneling took place. This person worked on tunneling from DIA to NORAD, 85 miles to the south in Colorado Springs.
  2. Deep cover sources have revealed that there is an underground set of extremely high speed bullet trains that can traverse the width of our 3,000 mile nation in a little over 2 hours, some say even faster transportation is possible.
  3. In my rural community’s battle against the forces of John McCain and his bankers, in a fight to preserve the ownership of our land, we learned that there is a parallel underground transportation system that is designed to match the newly constructed Canamex and NAFTA superhighways. One of the members of group’s membership had a brother who was in DHS and he had a very unique position. He was in charge of bringing in subcontractors that would provide a piecemeal approach to sealing up any caves or man-made accesses to this underground system. The world was compartmentalized so no one contractor would be able to ascertain the true nature of the project. This projected started in 2008. This was expressly designed to keep the public out. The same thing is going on today in Kingman, AZ. More on this in part two.   

Back to the sequestering of key personnel for three days in Operation Mountain Guardian. It is possible in hindsight to see what is going on in Utah at Richfield, UT. What is going in in Utah is the implementation of a continuity of government action. What we do not know at this time is whether this is a drill in preparation for what is coming, or, is this the real deal?  I suspect the latter because the CSS has learned that there was a military operation this past weekend in Kingman in which about 200 soldiers secure any possible entrance to this elaborate underground tunnel system and Kingman, AZ. Is at the nexus of this entire system.

The CSS is in the process of acquiring direct evidence and witness statements as I write these words. A more detailed report will be issued when key evidence that is on its way arrives and I have time to decipher it.


I realize that this increases the anxiety of what this is all about. However, I would ask for your indulgence, as we believe that the evidence and/or witness statements that will arrive is significant.  It is my belief that we are looking at the following:

  1. Preparation for the elite to survive a nuclear war.
  2. Preparation for the elite to survive artificially controlled, and inbound asteroids.
  3. A remote possibility has occurred to me in that the second possibility could be combined with point #2 with regard to Project Blue Beam. This is a fake alien invasion of the earth designed to unify government and economic interests in the false interests of planetary survival, such as what we witnessed in the movie, Independence Day.

Further, we must be open to the fact that new possibilities may present themselves based upon the arrival of the anticipated evidence. So, what is the average person to do? The only option at this point to acquire food, water, guns, ammo, gold to solidify wealth after the crisis, natural medicine (prescriptions will not be available), tools, the Bible and alliances.

Nine years after Operation Mountain Guardian, I remain in awe of how far in advance these events are planned. Much more to come in the next part.