Massive Amounts of Military Have Been Deployed to Kingman to Guard the Underground Continuity of Government Tunnel System-Has Continuity of Government Been Declared?

army in kingman

The unusual activity south of 1-70 In Utah continues with large amounts of planes entering into small town airports that are on the tunnel system. The impacted area seems to run between Richfield to Camp Williams which is a mirror site for the NSA’s main site in Bluffdale.

There is a clearly a Continuity of Government (COG) exercise underway. The original question centered around the notion that this was only a drill. As this article progresses, it will become apparent that this is a live activity. So, what is the emergency? It boils down to one of two variables: (1) war in the Middle East involving Greece and Turkey and this has real implication in NATO and with Russia so this could turn nuclear very easily; and, (2) An inbound asteroid(s) is coming this way and it is a weaponized attack and a future article will cover this in detail .And yes, the technology exists.  There is the distinct likelihood that both threats are in play.


If there was any doubt as to what was happening in Utah was not related to COG, that myth has been put to death. Approximately a 1,000 troops have visited Kingman over the past 3 days in two different locations including a Walmart parking lot and a McDonalds. Over 20 private busses have been involved. Why private busses, you might ask, are they not much more expensive? The answer is an emphatic yes! However, the use of private busses accomplishes one major objective for the military planners as the use of private vehicles keeps this off the books, or at least provides one more layer of protection from unwanted Freedom of Information Acts.

Through a mutual friend, a Kingman activist, Bridget Langston, contacted me and wanted to discuss her eyewitness accounts of what she saw of the troops in the Walmart parking lot over a 3 day period of time. Eventually, she sent 24 pictures of the military in the Walmart parking lot.

Bridget wrote me the following letter of introduction:

Hi Dave,

I'm Jim's friend in Kingman, I'm sure if you talk to him about me he will vouch for me, I'm a fighter in my area, always looking for and exposing the truth in this matrix that we live in. Jim and I have been FB friend for a good while, I'm a very awake gal, from chemtrails to Agenda 2030, to the this very heightened time now with this hoax pandemic they have seemed to trap us in, corralling us in to mandatory tests that are rigged, and then of course the military dispensing this tracking vaccine very soon. 

I watch your show from time to time, and I really like you.

So these luxury buses full of US Army soldiers have been coming through for THREE days straight. And all at the same time of the day so far. Yesterday there were 20. I counted them.

So here's some photos, I have a video clip I will get to you as well. I am hardly jumping to conclusions on these 'luxury buses full of soldiers' coming through here, but knowing what is going on in this country right now, or better yet not knowing what is going on in this country right now....... it's just a scary time.

OK if you want to contact me please do.

Bridget Langston


The cover photo for the article is from the two dozen pictures that Bridget took of this 3 day event.  


One might wonder why these troops are in Kingman at this time? The answer is simple, the American tunnel system is centered in and around the Kingman/Wikieup area and these troops would be tasked with guarding the disguised entrances. The land is on private land and deals have been made with the owners.

A future article will focus on the details which is prompting this COG.