Claiming Voter Suppression Over Mail-In Ballots, Kamala Harris Will Lead a Mass Exodus of At Least 19 Democratic Run States From the Union


The country is well aware of the directives given to Joe Biden by Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi in which they both communicated the message that he was not to concede the election under any circumstances. Further, as reported on the CSS, Pelosi also stated, while in an obvious alcoholic stupor that “Donald Trump is leaving the White House the day after the election whether he knows it or not….we must fumigate the White House”.

Simultaneous to the events listed in the abovementioned paragraph, the CALEXIT movement has once again reared its ugly head. A brief review is necessary, however, for the novice who is newly introduced to this struggle, a more detailed analysis can be obtained through a literary search using the search engine of The Common Sense Show.  

CALEXIT the Short Version

For a number of years the George Soros forces have tried to extricate California from the Union and morph the nation’s most populous state into a protectorate of the United Nations. In fact, the CSS has published photos of the embassy that CALEXIT opened up in Moscow ,of all places. Talk about Russian-collusion issues. Effectively, CALEXIT is backed by Soros and his radical leftist organizations, the former Obama administration (Obama, Holder the spokesperson, Lorretta Lynch, Valerie Jarrett, the Bank of China, HSBC, the Chinese military, the Mexican Consulate, Trudeau representatives have also entered the CALEXITpicture as has Portland mayor Ted Wheeler and the governors of Washington and Oregon. Virtually all foreign and domestic gang and cartel groups presently in California are also involved as is the State University system in California. This brings in former Arizona governor and DHS Director, under Obama, Janet Napolitano. Chapman University is at the heart of the post-secondary alliances with CALEXIT as is the extremist group La Raza. In a meeting witnessed by Paul Preston’s (the President of the California 51st movement) confidant who was present at many CALEXIT meetings, these groups promised to enact violent actions against the American public. I would say that the Soros groups of Antifa and BLM are in the midst of fulfilling their assigned mission.

I have predicted for years that these groups would launch a “TET Offensive” style of attack upon the American people on the same day and these events would morph into continual atmosphere of terror and murder similar to 1992 Bosnia as I have written two articles on the latter.

It should be noted that Mexican President AMLO was part of this group, but he has been persuaded by Trump to pivot away from the CHICOM controlled cartels and is forming an alliance with the United States. Prior to the recent alliance-setting meeting with President Trump, AMLO’s most trusted LEO, the Mexico City Police Chief,  was severely wounded and barely escaped assassination. The hit was carried out by cartel interests, however, they were clearly acting on behalf of Communist China. AMLO is surrounded by CHICOM controlled enemies who now seek his life. Mexico is teetering on civil war. The Federales, the Navy and Marines are loyal to AMLO, these rest, including the UN formed Mexican National Guard are loyal to the globalist interest that have controlled Mexico. Gavin Newsom has lent his support to the overthrow of AMLO. Yesterday, the New California 51st State Movement issued a demand that Newsom be arrested for money laundering and insurrection as well as sedition.

California's President Harris

The so-called “slip ups” in which a Harris-Biden ticket will be running America was no Freudian slip. There have been three such “slip ups” which are really no more than a direct signal to all operatives that the withdrawal of California from the Union is a go. This is 1861 and Ft. Sumter is ready to be attacked and Harris is the face of the resistance.

The Voter Integrity Project and the Mass Exodus of Democratic Party Run States

As previously reported, with regard to the New York Times report on the Voter Integrity Project, the Democrats, headed by John Podesta, have been running as many as 80 post-election defeat simulations that the Democrats are considering following if they do not feel that they can win the election. The most popular scenario lies in the fact that they will claim voter suppression, and this clearly has to do with the massive mail-in voting fraud. Two days I ago, I reported that Pelosi called on Trump to stop interfering with the post office’s attempt to deliver and process mail-in votes, action would be taken. Pelosi tipped her hand when she referred to the Post Office as “voting central”.

If Trump is able to successfully halt the majority of the mail-in voting fraud, and the Democrats do not feel that they can win the election, immediate actions will be undertaking beginning with California’s withdrawal from the Union.

What the CSS has learned in the past 24 hours is that when California secedes, Oregon and Washington will follow. Within days it has been reported to the CSS that we can expect to see Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts,  Delaware, Virginia, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Hawaii, Michigan, and possibly Alaska. Kentucky and North Carolina are undecided.

California’s Ability to Resist

In addition to the previously mentioned cartels, one has to remember that by giving away the control of the port of Long Beach, an untold amount of CHICOM troops and equipment are embedded in California. Newsom has his own private army in the California State Military Reserve. Newsom has taken down the state’s repeaters for short wave radio, thus limiting the communications of any resistance force affiliated with law enforcement and citizen militias has been impaired. The fires are taking care of the rest of the communications.

Will big city police departments break with their Democratic mayors? That is still an open question. Isn’t it interesting that in Yuma, AZ, for 4 days in May of 2018, the San Diego Tribune reported that as many as 75 state, local and federal agencies held a four-day drill  on how to receive a massive number of evacuees from populated areas such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties…


The line in the sand has been drawn. The only question remains, will the civil war start before or after the election? And will there even be an election. Expect more as this is an evolving story.