How America Became the Land of the Stepford Wives Unable to Resist The Coming Second Lockdown

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A second and more catastrophic lockdown approaches. The first lockdown has not accomplished its goal of complete destruction of the economy and the citizens civil liberties.

I have accurately maintained that New Zealand and Australia has been the source covid policy beta testing designed to be rolled out in the United States. What lies on the horizon is particularly concerning with regard to the level of police brutality in the arena of facemask and public gathering policies.

If the New Zealand/Australia model holds true to recent history, the next wave of enforcement directed at the public will not be met with merely citations. America is becoming SLIGHTLY more resistant, the enforcement will be extremely brutal. The upcoming flu season will provide the moral high ground for such enforcement.

One might ask why the American people would succumb with such docility? The answer is simple, the American people have been brainwashed, in part by the psychological practice known as “confirmation bias.” And all that has to happen is for the population to watch the media and the citizens will adopt the marshmallow style of willpower of the proverbial Stepford Wives. All that had to happen for this induced passivity to occur was for the majority of the citizens to be exposed to the TV programming, radio programming and print material of the MSM!  

Confirmation bias has turned America into a nation of Stepford Wives. Remember, 98% of the media is owned by 6 corporations. Who are they? And how do they takeover a nation without firing a shot?

The Fake News" Media

In regard to the aforementioned psychological tool of enslavement, there are some very obvious and apparent culprits when it comes to deceiving the public with "fake news" and promoting dependence on a corrupt political system. Here are some of the purveyors of "fake news". Stay tuned because this article will describe how these globalist propaganda machines capture your mind using the psychological phenomena known as “confirmation bias.”







FOX- Controlled Opposition
















All of these aforementioned entities produce the same narratives on the same day on the small but selectively narrow topics. The entire purpose is to blunt free will.

Confirmation Bias

There is a second lockdown coming which will all but eliminate all small businesses and permanently and economically enslave the masses. How will the elite gain such psychological dominance? They will employ the principal of confirmation bias,

This concept is analogous to the old Nazi practice that if a lie is repeated often enough, the lie will come to be accepted as the truth. This is the reason that in a 60 minute television program, you may see the same advertisement six times. This psychological technique was in evidence in the classic Solomon Asch's lines experiment where it was proven that people could be coerced into giving an obviously incorrect answer because of subtle peer pressure. This pressure is effective, according to the social science research, about 60% of the time. Also, the Milgram experiment which followed the Asch experiment, demonstrated that two-thirds of the people would murder a stranger, for no reason based on an authority figure's suggestion while only using minimal social and non-coercive, pressure. This is what we see from the mainstream "fake news" media everyday. We are inundated with the message that Donald Trump is xenophobic, racist, sexist, responsible for covid deaths, etc. The Independent media, and Donald Trump himself, along with some divine intervention, inoculated enough Americans from this effect in order that Trump won the election. Now, these same techniques, are being employed to convince the extreme left to burn down America before Trump can turn America into minority extermination factory reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

The following represents the mantra of confirmation bias which turns independent people into automatons who are brainwashed through the science constant repetition the repetitive phrases of psychological enslavement:

  1. We are in this all together”. The non-brainwashed person would ask, in what? Is this where the mentally unenslaved people say “is this the point in history where it is perfectly permissible to shut down my business, while the “essential” box store (eg Walmart) remains open and it’s all based on unvalidated testing numbers and incentivized fraud where local government is paid for each Covid diagnosis and then for each Covid death? A non-brainwashed public would be repeating this mantra and then standing up to the tyranny. However, the globalists propaganda is working and the majority of the people are standing down.
  2. “Do your part and wear your face (diaper) mask!” The unenslaved mind would be asking if we are all wearing our facemask, then why can’t we reopen EVERY establishment and industry if the masks are so effective? The unenslaved mind would be saying to their local government, “It’s either wear the mask and reopen everything, or the mask obviously doesn’t work and people would refuse to wear the mask until all businesses are reopened without any other restriction. However, one has to realize that the confirmation bias, in the mainstream media (MSM) does not include this higher level reasoning skills.
  3. “Be sure to social distance!” The discerning person would again invoke the facemask question by questioning if the person is safe from virus transmission with a facemask, then why is this an issue. It is obvious to all that have eyes to see that the intention is minimize human to human communication which would limit the organizational aspect of any resistance. Further, there is certainly an anti-dating/courting/mating/child-bearing potential. Remember, the globalists are on record for desiring a 90% population decline among the useless eaters. Further, the discerning and non-brainwashed person would absolutely require research proof that 6 feet of social distance is a proven aspect in peer-reviewed literature. And do to the massive fraud connected to this issue, the demand for the researched efficacy of social distancing should precede the onset of COVID-19 in order to negate the clearly demonstrable fraud example. The pre-covid notion of the efficacy of HCQ as an anti-viral is well established, but because HCQ does not depend on an accompanying vaccine to achieve its proven level of effectiveness, the pro-vaccine crowd (ie the Covid-19 strategy team headed by Fauci and Birx who have provable conflicts of interest favoring the exclusive use of vaccine, have launched massive confirmation bias strategical blitz in the media that the virus can only be effectively dealt with vaccine. The social media has fervently enforced this psyop on their platforms as anyone who promotes vitamin D and C, the use of HCQ, building up one’s immune system in advance of contracting CV-19, is committing medical fraud and their accounts are terminated. Futther, Facebook and Youtube, put “expert opinions” on the posts that in any way address the efficacy of treatment. Many times, the confirmation bias strategy uses thoroughly discredited organizations such as Politifact, or even the less credible Wikipedia. When I was teaching at a university, we instructed all of our undergraduate students that Wikipedia is NEVER an accepted academic source. Yet, social media displays their lack of academic rigor integrity by using the postings of Covid-19 from these non-reliable sources in confirmation bias where the public gets conditioned that their view, the vaccine only view, is the only correct way to look at this issue. Any educated, non-brainwashed person, should be able to challenge this propaganda approach being used in the covid arena. However, “my people perish for a lack of knowledge”.


There are more “catch phrases” however, the pattern and practice is clear. The lone remaining question is: Can anything be done about it? The answer is yes, however, the people would have to be aware of the tactics, namely repetitive non-scientific rambling. Once this awareness is achieved, the strategy becomes largely ineffective. How do we know it is working today? Look at the people that exercise with facemasks on or keep their facemask on while they drive lone of the streets.

If we are going to overcome this strategy in time for the election, it is time to get busy educating those in your circle of influence.