The Coming CHICOM Rape of America


I have been detailing how the CHICOMS are isolating America from her allies. Many sources have identified the CHICOM threat that lies on both our borders and within our country in an embed situation, waiting for the right time to strike. I have detailed how the CHICOMS take over nations, our allies, without firing a shot with the entire purpose of isolating America so that we are more easily conquered. This is not theory, people, this is published CHICOM military strategy that comes from the most subhuman government in the history of the world.


Many have heard that elements of the CHICOM military are amassed of both the Canadian and Mexican border. In fact, in Southern Arizona, there thousands of CHICOM solders being hidden away on Native American reservations, in the same manner that Sarah Westall and Peter Arnett reported about what was reported recently about Canada and their total capitulation to the CHICOMS.

I recently had 2 conversations with my best military/intelligence source. He did not really tell me anything new, however, we tied together a lot of the relevant dots and current information. 

There are some people who are fully aware that CHICOM soldiers are embedded in our country and amassed on both borders. Ho-hum, they could care less. It is as if Americans have been turned into zombified Stepford Wives. And all of this taking place despite the fact that Pelosi, Schiff, Harris, Feinstein, Wheeler and Inslee are complicit in this treason and it is on display for all to see.  

The game plan is simple to understand. Antifa, BLM, et al subversive groups will continue to increase their presence on American soil wreaking an increasing level of violence and assassinations. When America is sufficiently weakened, the Chinese will attack. And what most readers do not know, it is Chinese military policy to exterminate those that they conquer. There will be no Americans, in the aftermath of a battle, standing in their front yard waving the CHICOM flag. There is nothing that you as an American can do, to buy one moment of peace from these invaders.

In case you have not been paying attention, the Democratic Party (aka modern day Bolsheviks) have sold you out. Since they cannot legitimately win an election, they are helping the globalists, the Deep State and the new world policeman, China, take over America.

The globalist plan to take America down has many moving parts. However, we can suffice it to say that, like most globalist plans, it has more than one goal and is mutli-dimensional. The plan consists of three main areas:

1.The treasonous Democrats/Bolsheviks handing off the government to a 3rd party (See HR 1111), the UN and their Chinese minions after impeaching Trump and overthrowing the Constitution of the United States. This is the preferred method. 

2. Plunge America into a Dark Ages of controversy and violence culminating in a combined Russian/Chinese, UN sponsored invasion of the United States. The Rape of Nanking Scenario Is the #1 Option

3. The least desired option is the nuclear option, but they will use tactical nukes. However, it was made clear to me that the United States' survival is not an option for the globalists. 

Vivid details and military strategies are contained in this article. This information is not for the faint of heart. 

America will suffer the Rape of Nanking scenario. The phrase “The Rape of Nanking” has special significance in world history as it relates to the genocidal treatment of a conquering army and the utter devastation that it can bring to a civilian population. If you are unfamiliar with this historical event, you may wish to review these tragic events in order to see why so many are concerned about our immediate future as a nation. After familiarizing oneself with this tragic event, most of us will take an entirely new and sober view of the existence of Russian troops on American soil and the dangers we all face as a result.

America, your executioners lie off of your 2 borders. When they come to your town, they will not just kill you. Those that say that do not understand the CHICOM mentality. LeBron James should move to China because there are a lot of civil rights violations going on that he could address with his crocodile tears. The Chinese government is the most bigoted (ie master race) organization on the face of the earth. They hold every other race in contempt. Human life is cheap and has no meaning to these people. Look at the tens of millions that they have exterminated in their own country!!!

Let me be blunt. This is what is going to happen when the CHICOMS are unleashed upon America.

  1. Beheading contests between Chinese military leaders and American citizens will be the object.
  2. Imprisonment for the purposes of live organ extractions.
  3. Torture technique experimentations on captured populations.
  4. Extreme body counts are as important as territorial acquisition.
  5. Every CHICOM foreign minister, since 2003, have called for the genocide of every American upon the capturing of the country. China is coming to America for one reason and that is to steal our natural resources and they are not interested in co-occupancy. I am talking about the extermination of every man, woman, and child.
  6. The CHICOM leaders may keep a small concubine of beautiful American women, but their usefulness will be short-lived as will their lifespan.
  7. Christians do not have to worry about persecution under CHICOM rule, because every American will be targeted.
  8. The NBA and the NFL will not have to worry about woke justice, because everyone on their prized resources are targeted for elimination.
  9. Our daughters and our wives will be raped in front of their families before they are all killed.
  10. The CHICOM soldiers will make it a sport to run down refugees in hiding and will delight and relish how much pain that they can inflict. Communists serve Satan and this is an historical fact that America has forgotten.


It’s Sunday, enjoy the football game.