Deep Cover Sources Reveal Intelligence Information That Indicate Four Assassination Teams Have Been Dispatched to Take the Life of the President

trump assassination

Following a discovered plot against JFK, obtained by undercover Miami PD detectives nine days before the assassination, JFK was kept on the move, until the fateful day, 10 days later, in Dallas. President Trump is being kept on the move, do not believe the media reports as to his real location, and this is being done to keep Trump from suffering the same fate as JFK. 

Steve Quayle and myself have information obtained from different sources that four assassination teams have been dispatched to take the life of the President because the Deep State has determined that he will be victorious in the election. Steve Quayle and myself do not have many of the same sources, but our independently obtained information matches perfectly. 

Yesterday on the CSS, the following was published:

Are there recent events which could trigger a COG protocol and require the President to physically participate in such an activity? There are several candidates, all of which could trigger a COG response:

  1. Impending war with China is a distinct possibility. There are many ancillary factors that could serve to support this notion.
  2. The unleashing of what I have previously called the TET Offensive of terrorism.
  3. Impending war with both Russia and China.
  4. Incoming asteroid(s).
  5. A Deep-State initiated coup against the President.
  6. A defined series, not just one, assassination attempts being launched against the President.

This was published before the CSS received multiple accounts of how the positive CV-19 diagnosis of FLOTUS and POTUS was actually a cover story connected to a series of dire  and direct threats upon the President. The CV-19 diagnosis may be real and it may not be. However, this diagnosis, real or not, is the cover story being used to keep the President on the move.Why? Because his life is in extreme jeopardy. 

Of the six possibilities listed above for the COG protocols being activated a month ago, assassination has jumped to the head of the list. 

Yesterday, a former deep cover DEA source surfaced and informed that there are multiple hit teams that have been dispatched to take the life of Donald Trump. Steve Quayle and myself had an interview scheduled at 6pm, Friday, October 2, 2020. Just prior to the interview Steve informed me that he had information of 4 hit teams that were actively pursuing the assassination of Trump. I told Steve that I was told by a reliable, long-term DEA source, that a drug bust involving members of Iranian intelligence produced information that one of the hit teams was Iranian and they have the support of former Obama administration officials. Steve confirmed the account from his sources. Please allow me to remind everyone that the highly respected Jerome Corsi has also published that an active assassination plot,against Trump, has been activated. Also, in a fact that cannot be ignored, the Iranian leader has vowed to take the life of Trump. 

The following interview with Steve Quayle can be accessed by clicking this link

Since the publication of the interview, the CSS has received information that one of the four assassination teams comes out of California and reportedly has indirect ties to some of the largest power brokers in the state. 

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