What to Expect When Chinese Invaders Come to Your City

chicom america

As the American Civil War II intensifies, we need to be mindful of what will trigger a CHICOM/UN Red Dawn invasion.

The CHICOMs are patiently waiting for things to unravel in American before making their move.

As Americans seek answers to the present problems, we as a nation need to more mindful of the fate that awaits America when the Chinese come to your neighborhood.

The Chinese Mentality of Prison Camps

Sayragul Sauytbay spoke to Haaretz about her time in the CHICOM concentration camps (ie American equivalent FEMA camp).

Here is a summary of what she experienced as a prisoner in a CHICOM concentration camp:

  1. Food was virtually inedible.
  2. Sleep deprivation was a routine practice.
  3. Deliberate psychological approaches designed to crush the human spirit.
  4. Torture is a daily practice. Prisoners were suspended from a wall and beaten with electrified truncheons. People were forced to sit on nails. Fingernail extractions were common. I wonder if LeBron James and his NBA comrades are aware of this torture being administered by a nation that contributes to the salaries of NBA players, coaches, general managers, owners and league executives. Nonetheless, these heinous practices and extreme violations of human rights, is defended by the elite NBA millionaires.
  5. Health conditions are ignored by concentration camp authorities.
  6. Presumed medical experimentation with surgeries and pharmacologicals are common place.
  7. No religious practices are allowed and any display is severely punished.

The Historic Patterns of CHICOM Occupation

Now, let’s take this mentality and project into the United States. From my sources, the Chinese pattern of military occupation is very consistent and does not vary from leader to leader. Mass murder and migration are centerpieces of Chinese military strategy.


When the CHICOMS were abducting rural villagers to move to the CHICOM ghost cities, the pattern was always the same?

  1. Tanks would surround the perimeter to prevent escape.
  2. Some mechanized vehicles would enter a village and indiscriminately fire upon random residences in order to intimidate the locals into immediate and unquestionable compliance.
  3. The villagers were given 10 minutes to gather what they could carry.
  4. The infirm were separated from the masses and did not board the transports that were transporting the villagers. They were presumably taken to a remote area and executed. This is the ultimate in Fabian Socialism.
  5. The prisoner were transported to their final destination and were assigned living quarters, were supplied with rationed food and water, were also given work uniforms and assigned to their “new” jobs.

Migration Is Not in the Future for Most Americans As Genocide Will Be the Prevailing Strategy

Unfortunately for the citizens of the United States, a CHICOM occupation force will not be interested in accumulating a large labor force. The past documents reflecting the attitudes of the past three defense ministers, indicate that the CHICOMS  are not interested in a co-occupancy model. The CHICOM leadership views American resources as the saving grace for their population. As the CSS has revealed in the past, the CHICOMS will be entering America in a spirit of near total genocide. The exceptions will be citizens who can provide technical expertise that the CHICOMS lack. However, when their duty is done, so is their life expectancy. Some American woman will be kept as concubines that will service 30-50 Chinese military officers per day. It should be noted that the Chinese miltiary enjoys sports. Expect their to be beheading contests as a city is occupied. 

The most accurate way to view our future CHICOMS occupation forces is to look at the practices of Mao when he (1) took over the Chinese government through a successful revolution, and (2) the purge that accompanied the CHICOM cultural revolution similar to the cancel culture mentality present in America today, although the CHICOM model is decidedly genocidal.

Presently, an estimated 1 million CHICOMS military lies off of our northern border between British Colombia and an estimated 2 million in N. Mexico.

Many military experts believe that as America’s coming civil war rages, there will be a moment of maximum confusion and the CHICOMS will make their move on Taiwan. When America moves to militarily respond, the CHICOMS will pour across our border. They will link up with CHICOM special forces already embedded in America.

America can expect to have its grid taken down during the invasion. The CHICOMS were shown by Obama, through multiple GRID EX drills, how to accomplish a grid take down without resorting to the use of EMP weapons. The CHICOMS want to inherit an intact country and a grid take down, accomplished by a cyber attack, is preferable to an emp because restoration is more easily accomplished.

America can expect that when the CHICOMS come across our border in force, that the UN will have significant role in the invasion. America will not need to worry about gun confiscation. The military sources that I consult with tell me that the CHICOM mechanized units will enter the cities, followed by cleanup troops and will exterminate every living thing. However, it is not expected that the CHICOMS are going to burn cities because they will need residences for future colonists.

Rural areas will be dealt with last. It is expected that quick acting and quickly dissipating nerve agents will be used on rural areas and will be dispersed by aerial assets.

The needed labor, in the early days of the invasion will be housed in the already prepared FEMA camps and under the same conditions as described in the beginning of this article.

The CHICOMS Do Not Reward Treason

The Democrats consisting of Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Newsom et al will ultimately not benefit from their treason and alliance with the CHICOMs. They will suffer the fate of all Brown Shirts and will be executed when their useful idiocy is completed.

Surrender Is Not An Option

If and when we get to this point, America, it would be far preferrable to fight to the death because the fate that awaits Americans is less desirable than a quick death.