Bombshell Report: Obama, Clinton, Soros, Biden, Mattis and Harris Are Covertly Leading the Coup Against Trump and the American People

obama and xi

Since leaving office, Obama has been busy. He plans to return to the White House as a conquerer. Obama is the Benedict Arnold of our generation and unlike Arnold, Obama has been successful in developing a revolutionary force consisting of existing military that is loyal to Obama, paramilitary groups of terrorists and the Communist Chinese and the United Nations that will one day cross American borders and drive a dagger into the heart America. Who is the leader of this Maoist organization that is leading this coup against Trump and the American people? It is former president Obama.

Whenever Americans ask, "How did American protestors spring into action so quickly after a shooting by police?  Since leaving office, Obama has been busy, very busy and he is doing the bidding of George Soros in terms of organizing deadly riots and he is doing it with his own personal army, just like Stalin and just like Mao. Let's start at the beginning: Do you remember this declaration by Obama that is contained in the video listed below? This is the answer to the question as to how the radicals are deployed so quickly after a shooting event by police personnel. Obama's original revolutionary force consists of the group, Organizing for Action (OFA) and they are at the heart of the terrorism in many American cities controlled by Democrats and Obama is directing this group. 

The OFA, "Just As Well-Trained, Just As Well Funded As the Military"

If there is a coup prior to the election, or, if a move is made on Trump during election night, this group will be the one likely to spring into action. And before you dismiss this as an impossibility, please realize this is Obama's private army. Do you remember this campaign promise to build a private Maoist-style Army? Well, it has been fulfilled. This was reported and questioned before, but nobody listened. Perhaps, now, it is time to pay attention. 




The Path to Treason and a Coup Against Trump

In Obama's post-presidency activities, he's been busy. He has his self-described bunker only 2 miles from Trump at the White House, but he also has his new California homes, both in Palm Springs and Northern California where he, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, are directing the ongoing CALEXIT movement to withdraw California from the Union and place it under the control of the United Nations. 

Deep State operative, Obama, wasn’t just staying behind in Washington in 2017, he has been planning a return. He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the Trump administration and its popular “America First” agenda.

The OFA has been readying for civil war, with international funding and an organization with more than 250 offices.

Deep cover insider sources have told the CSS that since 2017, a secretive, but very well funded revolutionary army exists and they are responsible for fueling the violence in Democratic cities. I am told that this the primary organization is the OFA and they are behind Antifa and BLM. This certainly helps to explain why Democratic mayors like Portland's Ted Wheelers, marches arm in arm with the rioters as he and other Democratic operatives have aligned with Obama's OFA. Wheeler, in effect is cavorting with Obama's cultural revolution army, as this extremely well-funded and powerful group of communist agitators have stepped-up the recruitment of young liberal, hard-core and violent activists. Their website mantra, now removed, at one time stated that “We’re not backing down.” Their stated goals were at one-time was listed as follows:

  • 1. Build a revolutionary response to dangerous populism and populists.
  • 2. Establish clear militaristic lines of demarcation from Trump's immigration policies. 
  • 3. Exacerbate and call extreme attention to race relations. In other words, this group is successfully manufacturing a race war inside of the United States. 
  • 4. Support every aspect of climate change. Please note that it was Obama, under the leadership of would-be senior White House advisor, Valerie Jarrett (with her families membership in the Iranian-based Muslim Brotherhood), who set up the world's first climate exhange organization, called the Chicago Climate Exchange, before Obama was elected this nation's president, he was dabbling in carbon credits. Every radical move made by Obama was scripted long before he was elected. 

The OFA, as stated, are the primary organization that is directing the activities of Antifa. They are supplying manpower for rioting in Lousville, Kenosha, Milwauke, Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle.

A federal law enforcement source told me that this group is the link between the CHICOMS who have penetrated this nation's security and the rioters. The CHICOMS, under the auspices of the OFA are actually training the on-the-ground forces in Portland and Lousiville (do you remember the intercept of CHICOM weapons, all 10,000, in Lousiville a few months ago?). 

The CSS has learned that Obama, a former community organizer from Chicago, is doing what he does best. He is leading this revolutionary group, personally. After Trump's defeat of Clinton, he was tweeting directions to the revolutionaries of the OFA.  Obama was intimately involved in OFA operations and even tweets from the group’s account. In fact, he gave marching orders to OFA foot soldiers following Trump’s upset victory in which Obama tweeted, "Now is the time for some organizing, so don't mope." The first action for OFA's activities following Trump's election was to fo to the nation's airports and protest the Wall and claim Trump was a racist for wanting to ban immigration from sevent terrorists Muslim countries. This not a small group, one former FBI agent told the CSS that they have an estimated 50,000 terrorists on call with access to more thanks to the suspected funding of leftists like George Soros. American corporations have donated more than a billion dollars of donations to BLM, who in turn is accused of funding the OFA. This money has been translated into riots in Democratic Party controlled cities.

Do you remember Obama's Acorn thugs that intimidated voters in 2008? The OFA's organization is much bigger and packs a much bigger punch and we can expect widespread violence on November 3rd. Remember, this is an organization with deep ties to Communist China. This is the same network of revolutionaires that is part of the international political mechanism that allowed the Bidens to sell F-35 technology to the CHICOMS in Wuhan, of all places. Don't blink, Clinton and Gore did the same with the CHICOMS in the 90's with Silkworm Missile Technology and the MSM covered this up as well.

The events discussed in this article was something that CSS researcher, Alexandra Daley, and myself exposed over two years ago. We suspect that in that same year, 2015, that Hunter Biden delivered the Wuhan virus to the same location on Air Force One. Federal investigators should take a close look the high suicide rate of Air Force One's personnel who would have transported this material aboard the plane. The rioters, the funding for the rioters, the pre-storing of massive weapons caches, the treason of Bidens with China and Ukraine, the spin-off child-sex trafficking activities of Hunter Biden, under the auspices of his father (ie Air Force Two) who materially supported these activities, are all a part of this operation. The laptop of Hunter Biden is only part of this massive criminal cartel operation.

The Russian Collusion-Delusion Steele Dossier Crew and the Ukranian Traitor Group Are One In the Same

This information that is on the laptop that the social media and mainstream media do not want you, the public, to see is damning and is being directed by both Obama and Clinton. They brought you the Steele Dossier and now they are bringing you Ukranian corrupion involving our enemies in the single greatest treason in the history of the country. And do you want the real bombshell? Part of this operation not only includes Romney, John Kerry's stepson, etc., it also includes General Mattis. This is why Mattis was fired and why he has turned on Trump. Mattis is the most dangerous element in this group of revolutionaries. Mattis has allegedly been busy trying to organize a military coup against Trump, with former Obama apponted officers in his military purge. This has been Mattis' job  since his departure from the Trump administration when he was fired for undermining Trump. 

One action item of OFA was the rapid distribution of rioters following the death of George Floyd. Everyone in the alt media believed it was due to the actions of George Soros, however, that is only partially correct. I have consulted with some federal type sources and some have advised me to not to be the one to release this information. I have had elements of this story for over two years and with the infamous laptop incident, which is 100% true, the worst thing I could do would be to hold onto the information, as did Breitbart.  

Please remember that these events parallel Biden and Harris' collaboration with Middle Eastern terrorists along with their announced plans to reinstitute the Iran nuclear deal which was covered in yesterday's article. There is much more to come in this saga. The American public is only seeing the surface details.