Mounting Reports of a Simultaneous Coming Civil War and World War III Will Be Unleashed With An Unfavorable Election Result for Harris/Biden

chinese soldiers

Nobody wants to believe it, but more and more evidence keeps surfacing that our worst fears are about to be realized.

It is clear that key parts of Western Canada are being handed off to the CHICOMS. I maintain that Trudeau has struck a military deal with the CHICOMS. Why? With true north moving, melting ice caps has made Canada the unquestionable dominant power in freshwater supplies. With water levels in many world metropolitan areas dropping to 500 feet, freshwater will become a valuable commodity. Canada will become the 1980’s version of the Saudi Arabia, only the product will not be oil, it will be water. However, Canada does not have the military reserve to protect it supplies and transport going forward.

Trudeau should have reached out to the United States for this reason. But why didn’t they? Read the Deagel Report which says that 89% of Americans will be dead in just over four years. The Chinese obviously convinced Trudeau that China will be the only country left standing that can protect their water resources. This makes sense because America has enjoyed a tremendous relationship with Canada as the border represents the largest undefended border in the world.

I have also written about how China is initiating their “belt and road” strategy in in CANZUK (ie Australia (gone), New Zealand (going), UK (losing), and Canada (nearly lost).  Lost, losing nearly lost? This is the infrastructure of all 4 countries to the CHICOMS. It is clear that China is separating these four English speaking countries from America as a pre-emptive action to invasion. This is obviously being done to separate America from major trading partners and military allies. This also gives China control over the South Pacific. America is very close to standing alone. 

If California falls after the election and leaves the union as CALEXIT threatens to do, Pearl Harbor would have to be abandoned. The CHICOMS will control Washington, Oregon, and California, all who have pledged to withdraw from America if they do not like the result of the election. This will provide a major beachhead for the CHICOMS. 

One month ago, I showed one of my previous articles on this topic to a former military analyst and he said contingency plans to house West coast military facilities will be transferred to East coast control, are in existence but he did not know if they have been rehearsed. This is merely a status report on the anecdotal accounts of four Canadians acquired over an 8 week period. I believe these accounts to be accurate because there are other accounts similar to these, for example in the broadcasts of Sarah Westall. At that time of my discovery of CHICOM military in Canada, I stated that this story will obviously be continued as more information is acquired. Well, more information has been acquired on the same topic and much of it confirms what is written here. 

Hal Turner wrote and article which encouraged all Americans to arm themselves and individually prepare for war as  China is massing "Tens-of-Thousands" of military troops in Prince Rupert and Vancouver Canada. Quite obviously, the CHICOMs are there for a reason. Further, the United States is responding by sending  moving self-propelled artillery to the border with Quebec, following the reports of uniformed Chinese troops in western half of Canada. At the same time, many Canadian military units have been moved to the Eastern half of the country. 

The CSS has never received so many hateful emails on any one subject as the website is in its 9th year. Here is an example of the violent and profanity laced emails I have received since covering the CHICOM occupation of British Colombia: 

Dear Dave Hodges

You are a lying sack of s____. There are absolutely no Chinese troops in Vancouver. How dare you denigrate Canadian citizens of Chinese extraction as being part of your so called Chinese military force ready to invade the United States. 

You and that lying bitch, Sara Westall are engaging in click bait for ratings. You are both pieces of _____. F___ you! You both and that a___hole Hal Turner are all paranoid and profiteering pieces of s____! I hope that some Chinese would take you all out!!   

We know that the CHICOMS flood our internet with provocative posts designed to influence opinions that are not censored out by Google, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. This is what we are seeing here. 

The CSS has also covered what is going on south of our border as CHICOM controlled forces are in the process of taking over the Northern states in preparation for a military invasion. In the past week, Sarah Westall and myself have added Hal Turner and Sam Honnold as sources that are validating our claims that we are about to be invaded.

Subsequently, to this new information coming to the forefront, I consulted with my two best sources who both have extensive military intelligence experience. With minor exceptions, these two sources agreed on the following:

  • If it appears that the American election is going be won by Trump, this will set into motion an invasion of Taiwan by China, while simultaneously using their terrorist assets inside the United States to attack infrastructure and any targets which would hinder the defense of the lower 48. 
  • As America allocates resources to the defense of Taiwan, India will attack China. China will roll their troops across both the Northern and Southern US borders. World War III will begin in earnest. By the way, China, Pakistan and China will engage in a nuclear exchange. However, America will not be nuked by China because they want to occupy an intact country with full access to existing resources. 
  • The most surprising aspect of this scenario is that both sources believe that the 3 most Western governors (ie Newsom, Brown, Inslee) will provide aid and comfort to our invaders. They both reasoned that all three governors have allowed undue CHICOM and their terrorist allies to flourish within their respective territorial control as evidenced by what has happened at the Long Beach Port, Seattle and Portland. 
  • Both sources agree, that based upon public statements made by senior Chinese officials, the United States can expect a "no quarter", meaning no prisoners policy. Everyone in the West will be a front line participant. The irony, as one source stated, is that BLM and Antifa will be murdered along with the rest of America. 
  • To stop the attack, the US will have to deploy and use tactical nuclear weapons. This will unintentionally kill millions of innocent Americans. I was told by both that whatever measures needed will be used without regard to civilian casualties due to the genocidal nature of the attack. Therefore, it will be better to sacrifice some, rather than all. I was also told that the Chinese will have difficulty deaing with Continuity of Government tunnels in which heavy weapons, including theater nuclear weapons can be rapidly moved and brought into action. 
  • One source mentioned what Paul Preston has told me before: The dams in Southern Oregon and Northern California, all having ADM's, and they will be detonated, by radio frequency, if the Chinese advance is not stopped.  The intent is stop the CHICOM advance out of Canada by the release of road-destroying massive amounts of water. (Editor's Note: If the Oroville Dam were to be sacrificed 2 million people in the Central Valley of California will be in extreme danger). 
  • Nuclear ordinance will be used on our Southern border because the potential numbers of invading troops will be astronomical. The entire border region would likely become a wasteland, on both sides of the border. Northern Mexico might be uninhabitable for a generation.  
  • If Obama appointed command officers participate in the internal plot to overthrow America, America's military response could be limited, thus, aiding in the CHICOMS being able to control both borders as they advance both north and south as they link up and prepare to move east. This is a major wild card. This is also why since, April, both Northcom and Southcom commanders are sequestered in protective custody. Obama's actions to fire approximately 400 senior command military officers during his tenure, implicates him in a treasonous  plot against the United States. 

If the readers are stunned at the expected US military response, so was this author. I will save the best for last. I was told by both, that forces loyal to the United States, will be willing to expend their entire nuclear arsenal on our enemies and this includes our approximate 80 nuclear submarines that Obama loyalists do not control. What is most frightening is that this could happen this week or next year. All moves are in the CHICOM hands. By the way, "Richie From Boston", videotaped massive American military movement throughout Wyoming. Heavily armed military, accompanied by "Federal Police", helicopters and heavily armored vehicles, were transporting something inside of large trucks.I suspect that these massive trucks are theater nuclear weapons mentioned in this report. Everyone is a front line participant. Vote, hunker down and quickly finish your preparations. 

And to think that we did not even discuss the UN factor. They will play a role, but both my sources said that the UN will not be able to participate in the invasion of the United States because of division within its own ranks among member nations.