All Hell Is About to Break Loose As Washington DC Is In a State of Absolute Panic


Will President Trump roll over and die? Will Democrats succeed in becoming the next Bolshevik society complete with tyrannical government and ultimately a genocidal purge that typifies such a movement?

The courts are hopelessly corrupt as they will not even hear one of the President's court cases. Not one shred of evidence has been presented. Summary judgment rules the day. The judges are either Obama-appointees, corrupt and being bribed or, are afraid of the violence that will ensue if Trump remains in power and this corrupt Democratic regime takes over. 

Trump refuses to sit on the sidelines. Regardless of the corrupt judiciary, he is pressing forward. The "Kracken" is in play. Trump has unified special forces. He is bringing the troops home. In other words, Trump is preparing for a military confrontation with those that have stolen our country. 

I interviewed Steve Quayle  and he revealed that Washington DC is in a state of panic on both sides of the aisle. If Trump is successful, many in our government are going to jail. The following interview covers how Steve knows that Washington DC politicos are running for cover. 

The interview can accessed by clicking this link