Poland's Pastors Stood Up to the Satanic Globalists While America's Pastors Have Joined the Dark Side of Harris and Biden! Robert Griswold and Dave Hodges


The nation of Poland, has been and is a shining example to the world of what a courageous nation consists of. When the Nazis invaded in World War II, they met the German Panzer tanks on horseback. In the Warsaw Ghetto, the resisted the German occupation force with incredible courage.

After World War II, the Russian thugs came calling and enslaved the nation. However, they never gave in and eventually, they were able to win their final victory, and unlike so many nations after World War II, they maintained their territorial integrity, Christian heritage and national identity. It is safe to say that if the nation of Poland had just experienced an election theft similar to what the United States just experienced, their nation would have been turned upside down and the like of Kamala Harris and the Biden crime family would have been put in jail, if not executed for treason.

Today, Poland is achieving what the United States does not have the resolve to do. They resisted attempted forced immigration with populations that were not compatible to their country. Unlike Europe and most of the world, the family structure is a major priority of the Polish government. And finally, they have just passed a law which will fine big tech for censorship in their version of Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Act.

The integrity of Poland is so appealing that this journalist would consider moving to Poland if I were a younger man. How do they do what the United States cannot? First of all, the Polish people make no secret of the fact that they are a Christian nation and clearly, God has blessed this nation. Secondly, their political leaders are loyal to their people and the criminal interests that permeate our Congress, a literal whorehouse, would never be tolerated in Poland. A belief in Christ and loyalty to the core principles of their nation is how Poland has become a superior nation. I am happy for this nation, but envious because we Americans are stuck with pedophiles, insider traders, traitors to Communist China, beneficiaries of bribery, permeated by those who tolerate and are complicity in child sex trafficking and are mocking Jesus and the teachings of Bible.

Today, in America, the Clergy Response Team has been activated. This is part of the NOVAD plan to send undesirable, dissident Americans to FEMA camps and have the clergy assist the new rogue, Bolshevik government without being permitted to mention God and the Bible in the process. The pastors, the priests and most of Christian leadership have betrayed their core principles and America is soon going to resemble Nazi Germany of the Western Hemisphere and all that this development means.

The former Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell takes donations from Communist-China-related-Dominion voting machine and he has also blocked election integrity bills. His wife, recently resigned Transportation Secretary Chao’s parents are the biggest operators of Communist Chinese ports. In Poland the pastors would pray for his soul right before the government executed him for treason!

Recently, I interviewed Robert Griswold about the betrayal of the government and mostly the church officials of the United States where being a Christian in America means trusting in a televangelist's false promises that God is some great slot machine in the sky who will enrich you if you only give money to the pastor. Could this nation find 100 pastors who would call the coronavirus scamdemic what it truly is, an national/global invasion by the Satanic New World Order? Every Pastor, loyal to the teachings of the Lord, should be lamenting from the pulpit the takeover of our government by Satanic-serving forces. Instead, we are hearing a bastardization of Romans 13 and your Pastor has now earned the right to not pay tax to a criminal, Bolshevik regime!

This interview is not for the faint of heart and it is unlikely, after listening to this interview, that you will ever see your church and likely-complicit-pastor the same way again. By the way America, when was the last time your pastor said "we should protest against the evils of the act of murdering children as they are born?" Is your church a tax-exempt church? I just told you why your pastor does not speak out against abortion. If this were 2000 years ago, Jesus would have chased your pastor along with the bankers out of the Temple. We talk about Biden's treason, but the real treason in this country comes from its nation's pastors and that is why we are today, where we are. 

The interview with Robert Griswold can be accessed by clicking this link.