Are the CHICOMS Preparing to Defend Biden From An Impending Coup?


Theremay ndeed be a coup happening in Washington DC. The takedown of Wall Street with GameStop and Silver squeezing may be part of that coup. However, the CHICOMS are poised to make an entry into the United to protect their friends (Biden and Harris).

The Communist Chinese have made tremendous progress in positioning themselves to not only control much of our shipping lanes, but they have also positioned themselves for invasion in combination with virtually all of Latin America. The Chinese are making tremendous military inroads into Central America in places like Mexico with the construction of warm water ports. However, as the readers will soon see, the Chinese maritime expansion incorporates several key waterways around the world, but the most dangerous expansions serve to threaten the national security interests of the United States. The Chinese are expanding their control over the world's waterways to the point where it constitutes a clear and present danger to the United States. Make no mistake about it, all CHICOM troops in Central and North America are here to ensure that the Biden-Harris coup remains in place so the planned and continuing economic takeover of the US remains in play as well. They are ready. However, there may be a coup going on in DC which may hasten the CHICOM entry on behalf of Biden 

General McInernary

There is indeed something big going in the United States and in particular, Washington DC. Based on a tip I received, General McInerney made a post on Telegram in which he said, while the Global MSM condemns the Myanmar Military (referring to the coup in Burma over election fraud),.... The General went on to demonstrate why the voter fraud took place and why the military overthrew the government. The reasons are exactly what I printed on the CSS last week. 

Coup In DC?

Simultaneous to the post-election coup in Burma, there are major events going on in DC. This is not a QANON psyop. There are provable and tangible events which are extremely out of the ordinary. Please consider the following:

1. The military remains in DC against all odds and reason. 

2. There is a large building constructed in the past 2 weeks in front of the White House, why?

3. Is the building an embassy, or a JAG. If it is an embassy, then the stories about the US being a corporation that has been dissolved may actually be true. In this scenario, Trump could be reinstated as the 19th, not the 45th President. I must fully admit, I still have trouble getting my mind wrapped around this possibility, but I must admit that the dots are connecting. If the building, which the military is trying conceal is a JAG, then trials would be expected. This is another QANON type psyop that I have resisted. However, the circumstantial facts make it necessary to at least consider these possibilities. 

4. What we can say for certain is that there has been 10 days of darkness at the White House. If this development functional or symbolic or did Biden forget to pay the electric bill. And you may notice that Biden's Press Secretary knows nothing about anything. And it may not be an act. It does not appear that Biden forces control DC or even the White House grounds. 

Do these facts add up to another Burma style coup over a stolen election? It is possible. However, who is behind the coup. I have a ARSOF source who is certain that neither Biden or Trump forces are in control of DC. And there is a third party calling the shots, a global third party. However, this would mean that our military is under foreign control. There are more questions than answers. However, there is more to this than meets the eye. For example, why are military guards protecting the White House? This makes no sense in a peaceful transition of power. And speaking of a peaceful transition of power, why hasn't the military completed the the transfer of power to Biden? This is unprecedented at this point. Biden is not in control of the military and that is the on certainty that America can be sure about. There are some observations from Jim Willie that has caught my attention and for very obvious reasons. 


From Jim Willie:
"The INSURRECTION ACT trigger switch was the INAUGURATION on JAN. 20, 2021". 
"ARRESTS are now happening of the CENTRAL BANKERS, POLITICIANS, STATE LEADERS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS etc... and this is the reason for us now seeing them STEPPING DOWN & RESIGNING". 
"MYANMAR was the FIRST of many to follow". 
"This is the reason for a MILITARY HEADQUARTERS BUILT in front of the WHITE HOUSE on a FOREIGN LAND like an EMBASSY in another country. (D.C. CORPORATION of the VATICAN)"
"This is another reason WHY the WHITE HOUSE has been DARK for over 2 weeks now".
"The MILITARY does NOT want anyone to see what is transpiring there".
"MY NATIONAL GUARD contact stated: WE are in D.C. to take back control over an INSURRECTION lead of a COMMUNIST TAKEOVER FRAUDULENT ELECTION". 
Sources for the above statements by Jim Willie:







Before you call home and get excited, please consider this from Western Journal:

TRENDING: Trump Receives Yet Another Nobel Peace Prize Nomination


“The largest threat to U.S. national security are U.S. cops,” Porter wrote in the post, according to the Free Beacon. “Not ISIS, not Russian hackers, not any one or anything else. If y’all don’t wake up and rise up to this truth, the genocide against Blacks in America will continue until we are near extinct. That’s not the world I seek to...

A screen shot of a Facebook post reportedly published in 2016 by Jalina Porter, now a deputy spokeswoman for the United States State Department.


Getting rid of the police is the perfect excuse for John Kerry to call on his friends at the UN and begin to have the CHICOMS patrolling the streets of America. I submit that this is the next logical response of the Biden administration to the events in DC which speak to an eventual coup. Will America become the next Burma? Refer to the 1st paragraph, the Chinese are poised to make an entry into the United States on behalf of Biden