Twenty Ways the Biden Administration Has Declared War On All Americans

america fire

As Mark Twain once said "history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme." When we apply the lens of history to the Obama presidency, it is clear that his mission was to set the table for Hillary Clinton to destroy America and to rid the globalists of pesky resisters to the neo-feudal New World Order. Conversely, and what I perceive to be a modern-day case of divine intervention, Donald J Trump happened and America received a four year reprieve from its final sentence. Unfortunately, America did not take advantage of God’s last chance for national survival as we continued our hedonistic ways, not to mention the continued slaughter of our babies.

With the stolen election in hand and a demented President in place to rubber stamp anything, America is being dismantled piece by piece. Whether the American people know it or not, they are under attack. This is a military operation. Whenever, a country is attacked, critical infrastructure is first taken down. We are presently witnessing such an operation as evidenced by the following:

  • 1. Use of weather modification to diminish the food supply. 
  • 2. The continued closure of meat packing plants designed to fulfill Bill Gates latest proclamation of taking away meat consumption from rich nations like America. 
  • 3. The continued slaughter of millions of cattle designed to destroy the meat industry. Food's use as a weapon is upon us. 
  • 4. Attacks upon the infrastructure of the US, beginning in Texas, designed to reduce America to a helpless population which can be bent to the will of the globalists. 
  • 5. The importation of assassination hit teams into America from Mexico as they race for pre-supplied weapons caches similar to what was identified in Louisville last year. The source of the weapons are Chinese. The red list will soon be acted upon
  • 6. Destruction of America's energy industry. 
  • 7. Wealth redistribution strategies implemented through climate change policies.
  • 8. Gun confiscation bill designed to rob America of the ability to defend themselves from both foreign and domestic genocidal tyranny. 
  • 9. Arming Iran with nuclear weapons. 
  • 10. Causing the fall of Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, India and Vietnam. 
  • 11. The erosion of many of our allies (eg Canada, Australia, France, Germany). 
  • 12. Attacks upon Americans who support the Constitutional rule of law. 
  • 13. Attacks upon Americans who are Christians (ie lockdown policies). 
  • 14. Attacks upon Americans for committing thought crimes against the state.
  • 15. The intended use of debilitating and unproven vaccines to weaken America as a whole.
  • 16.  The propagandizing of our school children to hedonistic lifestyles and the acceptance of Chinese-style authoritarianism. 
  • 17. The complete control of the media by anti-American forces dedicated to its downfall. 
  • 18. The compromising of the nation's pastors by using avarice and greed. The church is not an obstacle to the takeover of the New World Order, despite its Satanic nature. 
  • 19. Undermining the American military with discipline destroying policies masquerading as social justice. 
  • 20. The destruction of any and all Americans who challenge the takeover of this country by satanic globalists. 

The most notable table-setting, nation-destroying elements that Obama left behind for Clinton included the NDAA and Executive Order (EO) 13603. The NDAA could be called the Gestapo Extermination Act for Resisters to the Satanic New World Order, in which anyone, could be declared to be an enemy combatant (ie a domestic terrorist) and be snatched from society, killed, or permanently incarcerated and nobody else would know.

EO 13603 allows the President to declare a national emergency, based upon his say so. As has been emphasized on several occasions, the NDAA allows for the complete control of everything including energy, all property, any semblance of freedom, slave labor conscription, the breaking up of families, etc. There is no stone left unturned in this EO and it awaits a Democrat to enforce the provisions and once and for all destroy that last bastion of freedom on the planet. The Democrat in waiting are the globalist, Deep State forces behind Biden who have employed the despotic Kamala “heels in the air” Harris to manage the day-to-day operations.

Under Biden’s Satanic-globalist puppeteers, the elements of America’s subjugation are expanding exponentially. Biden signed over 10 times more Executive Orders than any other president in history in his first 10 days. Every EO is about stealing freedom and wealth from the American people. Under Biden, populism, which flourished under Trump is now illegal. For example, it is now grounds to be placed on a domestic terrorist watch list if one is a Christian, a Constitutionalist (ie illegal to support the rule of law), a Second Amendment supporter, a purveyor of hate speech (ie disagreeing with the despots in power), a source of disinformation (ie disagreeing with the unscientific policies appointed bureaucrats such as Fauci and Bill Gates and al the mountain of evidence that the 2020 election was stolen by the most massive fraud in US history), as well as a long laundry list of proclaimed undesirables. This is where the NDAA and EO13603 comes in as well as FM 39.4 which is the guiding document for the management of political prisoners inside special camps who are dangerous to the new and selected regime.

The CSS has learned that the White House is leaning on big tech to eliminate anyone who is causing “vaccine hesitancy.” Why? The Epoch Times is reporting that a significant numbers of the military are refusing the CCP virus vaccination. This is dangerous to this new autocratic regime. How can the military be expected to enforce the coming mandatory vaccine requirement if the military is refusing to take the vaccine.  One should take note of the fact that we cannot watch a prime time TV broadcast without being inundated with Big Pharma ads. The most notable element of the Big Pharma ads are the so-called black box warnings which lists the contraindications of the product. The contraindications are often as long as the ad itself. However, there is one place in our medical community where a medical intervention seemingly has no contraindications and that would be the lengthy list of vaccines aimed at the CCP virus. Patients with side-effects, some fatal, are being obscured. There are absolutely no contraindications. Never before in medical history has this taken place. At the risk of engaging in a wild-eyed conspiracy theory, how can society be expected to trust in what is an example of tremendous medical fraud and the hiding of the truth. Please remember that the FDA, in April of 2020 announced that it would not force CCP virus testing kits to subject their accuracy to independent, third-party testing because of the emergency nature of the CCP virus. In other words, I can find no proof that this policy was ever reversed. Subsequently, it is hard to believe that America even has an accurate test. It is easy to believe that the test is designed to produce a high number of false positives. Local health departments around the country are producing statistics which serve to further validate nation-destroying lockdowns. 

The volume and intensity of his attack upon America is mind-numbing. However, over the next several articles, these issues will be further identified so there can be no doubt that America is under attack and we are at war.  Why Biden's puppeteers chose to attack Texas first.