The CCP Is Murdering Witnesses for Exposing CHICOM Bribes to Steal the Presidential Election in Georgia and Arizona


The problem with most Americans is that they don’t know who the difference between friend and foe. America’s best friends, today, are the very people being marginalized by the “woke culture” Left. These people support the rule of law. They want orderly immigration that will not purposely imperil innocent American citizens. They want energy independence so they can drive to work. They want honest elections which is the foundation of our Republic form of government. They want their leaders to put Americans first, not last. These Americans, who are friends of freedom-loving Americans want treasonous leaders, such as the leaders of the Democratic Party, the Georgia and Arizona Governors, and key members of the American establishment and their mouthpieces to be imprisoned for their treason against the Republic. Instead of honoring the Americans who support America’s longevity, they are labeled as domestic terrorists.

Anyone who calls our election fraud is a domestic terrorist. Anyone who opposes the bigoted stimulus bill that only allows non-whites to apply for federal farming loans is a domestic terrorist. Any American who calls out the genocidal characteristics of the Communist Chinese Party is a domestic terrorist. Has anyone stopped to consider the insane practice of deplatforming Americans who identify the CHICOMS who want to commit genocide against Americans and then confiscate their resources? The CSS previously covered this issue and current CCP Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe, called for genocide against America and the seizing of all American assets. Along these lines, please allow me to identify previously established fact printed here on the CSS.

  1. Fauci worked with the Wuhan lab on viruses. What a coincidence.
  2. China’s official policy toward America, spanning the tenure of their last three defense ministers is to commit genocide against all Americans.
  3. Diane Frankenstein Feinstein and her husbands associations with the CCP to the detriment of American citizens. Feinstein enters the Senate as a millionaire and will leave as a billionaire. Don’t forget that Feinstein’s private driver of 20 years was discovered to be a long-term spy for the CCP.
  4. Nancy Pelosi and Beto O’Rourke’s criminal association with ex-Mexican President Nieto, who took a $100 million bribe from convicted drug dealer, Chappo Guzman. O’Rourke favors the complete legalization of drugs. Pelosi refuses to vet illegal aliens for suitability. We can only conclude that the Speaker is a criminal participate with the Cartels.
  5. While serving as Alameda County DA and the State Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris repeatedly blocked prosecution of child-sex traffickers which were closely aligned with the CHCOM-various Mexican cartel associates.
  6. Hunter Biden, in 2015, accompanied Air Force Two to Wuhan. Included on the flight was F-35 technology handed off the CCP and an unidentified virus. Don’t forget about the Fauci connection to Wuhan.
  7. Swalwell’s alleged CHICOM payoffs including the sexual services of a known Chinese spy.
  8. Present Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell’s wife, former Secretary of the Department of Trade, has parents who are the primary trade agents for CHICOM national ports. What could possibly go wrong?
  9. Obama allowed the Chinese and Russians to participate in the Grid Ex Drills from 2013-2015. Our enemies were show how to take a our grid down.
  10. The Obama administration provided weather modification technology to the CHICOMS. Since Texas would have been the frontline of defense against Biden administration tyranny which favors the  Communist China, one has to wonder about the amazingly bizarre weather events such as the recent ice storm.
  11. Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, openly promised the CCP to Arizona’s rare earth minerals that had clear military applications.
  12. Several key officials such as Georgia and Arizona governors whose policies are treasonous because of the deliberate financial entanglements with the CHICOMS.

In the interest of brevity, I am going to not list the other 17 items on my list. However, there is a new development involving the Georgia governor involving his CCP involvement. My sources are saying that what follows is known, established truth and represents the Communist Chinese takeover of our country in which Donald J. Trump had an election stolen from him and the CCP-friendly Joe Biden, compromised by sexcapades and bribes came to power. 

Please consider what we already know and what was previously printed about the Georgia Governor.

Georgia's Republican criminal and treasonous Governor Brian Kemp and the equally compromised, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, both certified a compromised election of which they had an active part in the fraud. Kemp and Raffensperger’s families allegedly took money directly from Communist China, perhaps to intentionally steal the election on behalf of Joe Biden. My sources are saying this and the circumstantial evidence is speaking to these facts as well.

Further my two of my top five sources on this compromised Georgia election are saying that the Deep State/CHICOM forces are paying the intimidating visits to the principals of the fraud and they are saying things like “We know where your children go to school… your wife gets her hair done at this place at this time…”  Threats are even going out to the Georgia Republican Senatorial candidates. And now, the Deep State/CHICOM perpetrators of the fraud have issued “the warning..

Georgia lawmakers are mourning the loss of a 20-year-old Georgia senator's aide who was killed in a fiery car crash on December 6th", this past Friday. Was this the first warning issued by the Deep State. The aide worked for Republican Senatorial candidate, Kelly Loeffler. What a coincidence! 

Kemp’s and Raffensperger’s connections to Dominion are surfacing and of course everyone now knows the CHICOM connection. Further, does anyone else believe that the recent expansion of execution methods by the federal government was not a direct warning?

Hal Turner, known for his sources in the FBI and National Security, saying: “the feds have proof of the payments to both Kemp and Raffensperger.”.

Further, it is known that…

Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp ordered state agencies to buy from Chinese Lenovo and interlocking vendors on Mar. 28, 2019, undermining U.S. sovereignty, the citizens of Georgia, and the 2020 election

The interlocking vendors include members of Obama’s Technology Council and members of the IBM Eclipse Foundation (incl. Chinese Tsinghua University) that stole the invention of social networking from Columbus-OH-based Leader Technologies, including IBM, Dell, EMC, HP and NetApp.

These are the exact same systems that were employed to steal the 2020 Georgia election. More from Hal Turner:

How did Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger (election chief) not know this since his election machines ran on this infrastructure?

Kemp’s more than 5% shareholding in First Madison Bank & Trust, now United Community Bank, NASDAQ: UCBI), puts him in direct relationship to Lance F. Drummond (TD Canada Trust (Rothschild Inc., Aspen Institute).

The Rothschilds are members of the British Pilgrims Society (MI6), Privy Council with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown—former UN Dep. Sec. Gen, and CEO of Dominion-Smartmatic election rigging computers with George Soros.


Turner claims that the Trump election legal team forced the President to pause before revealing these facts to the public, because they wanted both Kemp and Raffensperger certify the Election results and become a party to fraud and treason. And this is precisely what Paul Preston convinced me was going on with Barr’s comments designed to give false confidence to these traitors that their fraud and treason would go unpunished. But wait, there’s more…

If anyone doubts that Kemp would betray his country on behalf of the CHICOMS, they consider the following account. Kemp’s association with the CHICOMS is well-established. In fact, Kemp is discovering that treason is like the excrement in the toilet that will not flush. Kemp is a moron that was not even smart enough to cover his tracks as evidenced by the following Tweet:

I would suggest that the readers to the twitter site URL

What did you think of this video from theTwitter account @breakingAllDay? This video, in which Kemp promotes the Chinese economic invasion of Georgia shows the Governor pimping for more Chinese investments in Georgia at the obvious expense of American jobs. This Chinese website contains a list of Chinese businesses assisted by Kemp. Has anyone ever heard of the Logan Act? Only the federal government can conduct business with a foreign entity. A whopping total of 23 Chinese companies are listed on this site as having benefited from Kemp’s prostituting his own office for personal gain to the detriment of his state and country. And now, there are serious allegations that the two top government officials in Georgia allegedly conspired with Dominion voting machines and the CHICOMS to commit an election coup against a sitting President and the Constitution of the United States as well as every citizen in this country.  

If I were Kemp and his sidekick, the current Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, I would immediately declare a state of emergency and order an investigation into ballot harvesting which we all know has been caught on tape and exposed to the public. Also, if I were Kemp, I would make an agreement to enter into Federal custody with a plea deal in lieu of continuing the fraud. Further, if the allegations are true regarding the Kemp and Raffensperger families taking CHICOM payments, the two traitors and their families may want to strongly consider entering into witness protection. The Deep State and the CHICOMS are playing for keeps. Perhaps this treasonous and dynamic duo will be lucky if they only get 10 years in Club Fed, while their protected families, who allegedly took CHICOM payments, are working as janitors under assumed names! The fate of Loeffler's aide may be indicative of what was in their future and now, the future has arrived! Another major murder, and as my sources indicate, carried out by CHICOM interests, has surfaced.



Sidney Powell is back in the news as she is alleging that Geoggia Governor Kemp’s daughter’s boyfriend, Harrison Deal has been murdered as he was vaporized by thermite in a car crash. My source tell me that both the daughter and Deal were “loose” with their talk about the wonderful money that came to their family from the CHICOMS in order to rig the Georgia Presidential election as well as the Senate races that gave control of the Senate to the CHICOM-friendly Democrats.


According to Sidney Powell, an attorney and a former prosecutor, the boyfriend of GA Governor Brian Kemp’s daughter is dead, murdered, vaporized by thermite.The officer who investigated the crime scene was later found dead with a bullet in his head! This is resembling the coverup of the JFK assassination. 

On March 11, during an interview with Doug Billings, Powell claimed that Kelly Loeffler’s young staffer was murdered! He stated:

 “I do have knowledge of other people being threatened and horribly intimidated by threats and extortion, and even the murder of Kelly Loeffler’s young staffer in Georgia. That was no car accident. He was vaporized by whatever the explosion was. Some people who know more about it than I do tell me it had to have been thermite to have triggered such a fireball such as happened in that car.”


On March 7, Sidney Powell commented on Telegram:

“Lots of similarities between GA and AZ!! The more fraud is exposed and the closer anyone gets to a real investigation, the more there are strange acts of violence, destruction, and death. GA Senator Kelly Loeffler murdered in fireball car “wreck.” Lead GBI investigator of that killed in “suicide” within a few days. Lots of shredded ballots hauled off by Dominion. Shots fired into investigator’s home.

 Now #AZ just before real ballot audit will uncover hundreds of thousands of bogus ballots, load of shredded ballots found in a dumpster and mysterious fire at am officials farm.”


The CCP has taken over our government, through bribes, intimidation and murder and they are now actively murdering witnesses to coverup their payoffs to Georgia officials who perpetrated election fraud on their behalf.