Some people ask me if I truly believe that the Deep State and their Democratic Party operatives would commit mass murder against conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters. Subsequently, I began to outline my thoughts and I had a distinctive “Aha moment” as I realized that America was going through a cultural revolution, The Cultural Revolution that Mao Zedong, the head of the Communist Party, begain in China in 1966.

Generally, the Revolution lasted about a decade and ended in 1976 with the death of Mao. In those 10 years, China exhibited a complete sociopolitical revolution, the likes that the world had never seen.

When Mao launched the Revolution, he had to objective of obliterating the “Four Olds, old ideas, old customs, old culture and old habits. We will explore the specific elements later in this article, however, it is easy to say that the destruction of the Four Olds, parallels cancel culture. The Little Red Book, as it was called became the Bible of the movement. No tradition, artform, music, political belief, religious practice was out of bounds with regard to persecution and mass execution of any believers or practitioners. In reality, China has never stopped the purge as the Fallon Gong have their practitioners jailed and live organ extractions practiced

During, this time “re-education camps” were established. After the November election was stolen we began to hear pre-genocidal rhetoric coming from Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Omar, Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris in which terms such as saying that Trump supporters “needed re-education and deprogrammed and the rise of populism must never be allowed again.” Pelosi began to refer to enemies as “the enemies within.” Hence, we witnessed the kick-off of America’s Maoist Cultural revolution.  

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, they shut down schools. Is this not what the Democrats did, without scientific reason in the lockdowns this past year? America is attacking its version of the “Four Olds.”  For example, if a parent attempts to stop the transexual change in their underage child, they have been arrested. If we continue to follow this path in history, history teaches that we will be executing people such as this. Further, the traditional institution of the family is under attack. If one deemed to have come from a functional family unit, they are maligned as having “family privilege.”  

China’s Cultural Revolution attacked the arts and literature. Anything that promoted independence and not worshipping the State was banned and its participants punished and eventually executed. Today in America, we have banned Dr. Seuss, various aspects of the Muppets and our the recording of our traditional history (ie the value and virtues of the Founding Fathers). If one celebrates the Constitution and the rule of law, they are racist.  

Today’s American Cultural Revolution, the unnecessary lockdowns have damaged the American economy beyond repair. The Chinese suffered the same fate. Capitalism is being replaced by Universal Basic Income (ie Stimulus payouts) which gives the government complete control over food, water and shelter. The God of Climate Change will soon be attacking America’s ability to travel, as it was in China. We are calling this, the Vaccine Passport.

The Chinese Cultural Revolution was characterized by the phrase that there is no middle way. Woke politics and racial identity politics typifies the American movement in this direction. Cigna Healthcare has banned the term “Brown Bag lunch” and any reference to “Mother, father, husband, wife, son or daughter” while working. The airline industry is also following the same lead. As it was in China, the goal is to destroy the culture (ie political system, religious beliefs, any dissent against the ruling class which we are now witnessing as Pentagon policy for the troops). “There is no middle way" is becoming the operative term of the day in America. Internal Chinese military organizations and paramilitary organizations enforeced the new culture with deadly brutality. Today, we call these shock troops Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Beside the genocide that accompanied the Chinese movement, one might wonder how bad did it get? This will be covered in a future article. However, and as a departing teaser, it should be noted that the teachers were targeted. One favorite activity of the CHICOMS was to force teachers to eat feces, other teacher’s corpses,  snf drink radiator fluid before executing them. Later the practices were replaced with live organ extractions.

When I have said that ultimately, the Democrats want you dead, this was not an exaggeration. More on what we can expect in America as we fall completely as a nation with no hope of ever winning another election. To be continued...