Our Trojan Horses! The Forces of Darkness Are Not Coming, They Are Already Here!!!

trojan horse

It is really simple, isn’t it? As Hillary Clinton’s favorite document puts it, overwhelm your adversary with full frontal assaults and eventually they will collapse! This is precisely what America is suffering through. The three-headed dragon of the Deep State, the Democratic Party and the World’s New Policeman, China, is attacking America on all fronts. And its is not just the Democrats, so long as most Republicans get to keep their spoils of public service, they don't care who is in charge.

Since 2015, the forces of darkness have been trying to get Russia and America into a war. Why? Because the goal of the New World Order is to fully install the brutal, Satanic regime of China as the world’s new policeman. Why? Because China will spare no moral transgression to give the benefactors what they want, namely, a population reduction of 90%.

The attacks upon America are happening on a number of fronts including, but are not limited to, (1) Trapping the United States into World War III; (2) Collapsing the economy so that the military weakened and vulnerable to UN and CHICOM invasion of the United States; (3) Seizing guns so the unopposed genocide can begin; and, (4) Murdering as many Americans as possible in the furtherance of the globalists depopulation schemes such as the coming Ebola.

Trapping the United States Into World War III and Biden’s Depletion of the American Economy

For over a decade, I have documented, along with Steve Quayle, the presence of CHICOM troops amassed near our northern and southern border. Further, there is no shortage of 5th column forces (eg ISIS, MS-13, cartels of all types who are controlled by China, China-supported Antifa, etc.).

Since 2015, the globalist minions (eg Obama) have been trying to provoke war between the US and Russia over Syria and they have failed miserably in this endeavor. However, the real powder keg is the South China Sea and of course the main target of Taiwan!

Taiwan represents 6% of America’s total trade. The United States is not simply going to let China roll over Taiwan without a fight.

It is very easy to write the war scenario with China, which also includes Russia.

Let’s start with China. Think boxing, where the jab is used to set up more lethal punches. That is precisely what China has planned for the United States. The Chinese will provoke an incident, an excuse to invade Taiwan. The US will rush massive aid to the defense of China. However, it is predictable that Biden, or Harris, will not issue a series of nuclear strikes upon China’s industrial centers and/or ports. Traitor Joe will only authorize defensive action within Taiwan. If the United States does not win a decisive victory, quickly, Biden’s destruction of the America economy will quickly come into play.

Because of the depleted condition of the American economy due to the deindustrialization of the American economy by Trader Joe and his executive orders, America cannot maintain any kind of sustained war effort. Of course, China knows this and has based their military strategy on this. The Chinese will launch an invasion of Taiwan. One day before, America will experience multiple Pearl Harbor attacks in order to immobilize our ability to respond. Diego Garcia, Guam and our bases in the Philippines will come under direct and devastating attack. Following these actions, Taiwan will be attacked with extreme brutality. As an aside, the United States has the capability to stopping China if we were to nuke China’s six largest ports and the their electrical grid by attacking their dams. Immediately, 500 million Chinese lives would be in jeopardy as this is their Achilles heel, but as I previously indicated Biden/Harris were placed in office to prevent this type of effective retaliation.

One of the strategic military planning weaknesses of the Trump administration is that we did not prepare Taiwan to adequately defend themselves. China’s GDP is 25 times greater that Taiwan, therefore, China will always be able to outproduce Taiwan from a military perspective. Further, Taiwan’s infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber attack from the most sophisticated hackers in the world. In short, Taiwan will put up a brave fight, but they will quickly be overwhelmed. The United States should have been preparing Taiwan to use asymmetrical warfare tactics. For example, Taiwan’s large rice fields could be prepared to be flooded and stop the CHICOM advanced of mechanized equipment (eg tanks). Further, Taiwan should be employing millions of drones, some using stealth technology to wreak havoc on the CHICOM amphibious forces prior to landing. Taiwan would lose a war of manpower and military equipment against China, however, drones would prove to be a different situation. China would be backed into a situation where they would have no choice but to launch a first nuclear strike against Taiwan. The world may not accept this.

Regardless of the course of the coming Chinese invasion of Taiwan, America is going to be drawn into a trap and Trader Joe will play right along. America will not be able to prevent a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, because of distance and lack of immediate response capability, America can only hope to reverse an ongoing Taiwanese invasion. This will require significant allocation of America’s military resources.  When America commits significant resources to help reverse the invasion of Taiwan, China will then make their move upon America. The nearly 500,000 CHICOM troops amassed on both the northern and southern borders, along with help from China’s domestic terrorist allies within the United States, China will strike against both borders of the US and World War III will be on.

In another theater of war that will become WW III, Putin will move on Ukraine and will quickly devastate any NATO response. Germany, fearing the loss of heating oil, from which is draws 40% of its usage from Russia, will sit out the conflict and order the evacuation of American nuclear bases in Germany. NATO will be forced to stand down. Putin will then move on Latvia and Poland as Putin begins to reclaim the nations from od Warsaw Pact nations.

Due to the Chinese invasion of our economy by the China-released covid virus and the subsequent lockdowns, America does not have the capability of fighting a two-front war. America does not have the economic reserves, or the factory capacity to maintain one theater of conflict. America would have to win a war quickly in order to have any chance of success. This means, at least minimally, the use of tactical nuclear weapons against China as well as Russia. Biden/Harris, as stated earlier, will not permit this.

Because Taiwan has not been properly prepared to defend itself, China will win while draining valuable American military resources. Do you see the Chinese tanks coming down your street, if not, you will. America will stand alone as Europe will be neutered.

Other Military Considerations

I have written extensively about the Red Dawn invasion that could use Cuba as a base of operations and invade the Southeast part of the United State. You people in beleaguered New York don’t have to worry, because Biden will surrender the country before these forces ever reach New York.

The next part in this series will continue the coming of World War III and a different kind of war….Ebola.