The Border Is One Deeply Entrenched Organized Crime Cartel Headed by Biden Himself


I was traveling on vacation seven years ago and ran into a Border Patrol Agent in a convenience store. This was at a time when the border patrol were being exposed to vile illnesses from the last significant wave of Central American immigrants. It was so bad that many of these agents were forced to change clothes at work so they did not take the pathogens home to their families.

I expressed my appreciation for his great sacrifice. I told what I did for a living and gave him my number. He called me along with another BP agent, and thus, began a 7 year friendship filled with insider revelations.

One of them called me last night just minutes after my TV interview with a Federal LEO. Both federal employees told me the same story. At these facilities, there are rapes, assaults and child trafficking going on plain view and the federal officials are not allowed to do anything.

I want to emphasize what I just said, there is open and rampant child-sex-trafficking going on in plain view and federal law enforcement are not allowed to do anything. I want to be very clear in what I am saying. The Biden administration is actively encouraging this practice.

Additionally, there is also another factor to be considered. Biden’s border czar abruptly quit. Before I get into what I know about this, I want to emphasize that there are major felonies going on at these immigrant facilities and nobody is doing anything.

Before discussing the Border Czar position that just came open, please consider this fact. Who in their right mind labels a US position as being a Czar. I thought the term czar was reserved for communist regimes. The Democrats have so sold out to the communists, that they are not even trying to hide the communist labels and the illicit border practices. So, what are we hearing about why the Border Czar quit?

Even the mainstream media is having a difficult time covering up the reasons for departure on 30 days after taking the position. Frist the administration is covering their backsides with the former Czar by saying she only was going to serve 100 days. That cover story is a lie, she only lasted 30 days from the time she started


Jacobson’s retirement was announced less than a month after she admitted that the White House was sending “mixed messages” to migrants from Latin America, saying “it is difficult at times to convey both hope in the future and the danger that is now.”

Jacobson departs as the Biden administration reportedly is considering sending cash payments to Central Americans in a bid to prevent them from making the trek north and as Harris, tapped by Biden to to handle the crisis, still has yet to visit either the border or Central America.

Meanwhile, migrant parents already in the United States say they are not being given regular — if any — updates about the location or well-being of their children in federal custody. And it’s reportedly costing US taxpayers more than $60 million a week to care for 16,500 unaccompanied migrant teenagers and children now in federally run shelters.

Please reread the previous reported fact. Jackson is concerned because children are not being accounted for….Of course not, because the border situation is a gigantic organized crime situation. Some of the former Border Czar’s comments became much more person based on what unnamed sources are saying. Allegedly, the former czar is getting out while the getting is good. She supposedly tried to first meet with Biden and then Harris. One would think that one’s appointed czar would be given an audience unless it was known what she was going to say and the administration was having none of it. When she was rebuffed for a private meeting with Harris, along with lawyers, she decided to pull the plug. Reportedly, she told a  colleague that she is not going to be the fall person when they start having Nuremburg hearings and she is listed as a complicit co-conspirator.

As my BP source stated, the border, under the Biden administration is one big organized crime activity. We also know that many facilities, where federal LEO’s cannot provide protective policing activities.

There is a general awareness that these immigrants will ALL be released. This has fueled speculation that many of these immigrants may become infected and spread pestilence throughout the country.

Also, I was told that there is speculation that soon-to-be empty camps will be home to uncooperative Americans.

When we look at the totality of the border, isn’t it fair to say that the alleged criminal behavior of Joe and Hunter Biden with regard to China is playing out in real time on the border. The Biden administration is one gigantic organized crime cartel.