un tanks

In Yesterday’s article, I painstakingly detailed one of the biggest betrayals of the American people with the unconstitutional signing of the Kigali Principles which allowed for the UN, based on their own say-so, could forcefully enter with foreign troops any country that the UN determined was in distress. The signing was initiated by John Kerry, on behalf of Obama in December of 2016. Hillary had already lost the election and Obama was seemingly unable to pass on the torch of treason. However, the Kigali Principles were the failsafe to the lost election and subsequent coronation for Hillary. Obama was quite confident that Trump would not serve a second term and he set the stage to hand off the country to the United Nations in whomever would take Trump’s place.

Not only will the United Nations be entering our country in the near future, but their CHICOM-blue-helmeted allies be entering the US as well.

I always knew this day would come, I just hadn’t targeted the correct trigger event. I would have placed my bet on the sabotage of the Oroville Dam whose destruction would have set off the greatest catastrophe in American history, and surely, UN intervention would have been excused. However, I now believe that there is a clearly emerging trigger event to the enforcement of the Kigali Principles and it is the coming massive race riots which have already started and will rise to a crescendo event this summer.

Federal LEO’s are secretly preparing for massive riots in primarily blue cities. Many of the agents believe that a murder conviction for Chauvin is unlikely. And anything short of a murder conviction will be met with widespread, violent riots. Of course, any police-involved shooting will be met with George Soros-inspired violent riots.

Soros and Biden have combined forces to ensure that the UN will deploy troops on American soil. The rioters are in place and Biden has invoked the services of a racist stooge.

The racist stooge is Linda Thomas-Greenfield and she is undeniably fanning the flames of racism. Thomas-Greenfield is a stooge for the invocation of anti-American sentiment, particularly aimed at white Americans.

Thomas-Greenfield, the newly appointed ambassador to the United Nations made some of the most egregious, racist and anti-American statements ever made by an administration officials. Thomas-Greenfield stated that embedded in America is white supremacy. The police murders of non-whites are inspired by white-supremacy. She then stated that the United States should not be admitted to UN Human Rights Commission because of the country’s white supremacy. These are comments that Thomas-Greenfield had previously made while in Alaska the month before.

It is a moot point, but the FBI statistics don’t even support these highly suspect remarks. In fact, the White House Press Secretary said that she and Biden believe that she is correct and Biden has no intention of replacing her. Certainly, someone in the Biden administration must be aware of the term, anachronism which is where the historical events of one period are used to mischaracterize present time frame. However, being historically accurate is not the goal. Setting the stage for UN military intervention on America soil is being put into play as I write these words.

As I write these words, the case is being made at the United Nations to eventually invoke the Kigali Principals to save America from the preplanned race riots commence in totality this summer. And as I have detailed, many times, the CHICOMS will be coming to do the bidding of the Deep State. And as a final reminder, the last three CHICOM Defense Ministers have sworn genocide against America. And where are these CHICOM soldiers today? There at least 2 million on both borders and inside of the United States. Steve Quayle and myself have warned about this for years.