A Simple Experiment Demonstrates How Every Electronic Form of Communication Is Monitored and Weaponized by AI Against Americans



The sooner that most Americans stop denying reality, they will soon realize that we all are being tagged in order that most of us will be bagged. This story is provides examples of how this is the most true statement that you will read today. This article contains proof that all of are like cattle that are put on the scales which will eventually decide whether we live or die and on what day and in what order.

I always try to give credit where credit is due. Therefore, the credit goes to Bob Griswold of Readymaderesources.com In an early morning lengthy conversation with Bob, he told me to type ANY 3 numbers, along with the words, “NEW Cases” into my computer’s search engine. Please note, I chose the search engine that is most friendly to patriots, which is duck-duck-go.

I typed in "777 New Cases", as you can see below. I also typed in 666, 789, and 991 along with the term "New Cases". In each and every case, the  three numbers that I typed came up in the search engine with a variety of states reporting the EXACT number of new coronavirus cases in a variety of states. This dominated the search engine on pages one and two.

Subsequently, I went to Google and did the same and received the exact same results as I did with duck-duck-go. The original source for these so-called anomalies can from an intel source.

I have performed nearly a dozen searches, just to verify and calm my amazement. The search engine results from duck-duck-go are listed below for the numbers "777 New Cases". Following the evidentiary display, below, I have some info to pass along with regard to the spying that is happening to alt media figures like myself. If you are going to duplicate this experiment, do so quickly, because they AI will adapt and change how it presents based on our new awareness of what you will see below. 

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Washington Coronavirus Updates: 777 New Cases


SEATTLE — The Washington State Department of Health's latest update Saturday afternoon added 777 new laboratory-confirmed coronavirus cases, for a total of 97,671 infected since the pandemic began....

Coronavirus: 777 new cases statewide, including 3 in ...


On Sunday Florida added 777 new coronavirus cases, three of which are in Volusia County, according to the state Department of Health. There were 777 new coronavirus cases announced Sunday including...

Latest On Coronavirus: 777 New Cases; Public Life Begins ...


Florida Coronavirus Cases Now Past 45,000 Florida health officials reported Sunday that 45,588 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in the state; an increase of 777 people since Saturday. Eighty-five new cases are in the Tampa Bay area.

777 new coronavirus cases reported in Florida, nearly ...


The Florida Department of Health announced 777 new positive cases of COVID-19 in the state, with more than 29,600 people tested for the virus since Saturday. According to the health department ...

Washington state reports 777 new cases of COVID-19 ...


The Washington State Department of Health on Saturday reported 777 new confirmed cases of COVID-19. The department is no longer reporting deaths on weekends. Pierce County reported 91 new cases and...

What's the implication from this? The simple answer is that everything is controlled and soon as the movies tell us, "resistance is futile".

They Are Listening to Every Word You Are Saying Near Cell Phones, Computers and ANY Electronic Device

We have all had the experience of speaking at the dinner table, with cell phones nearby, about going to a vacation spot this summer (provided you can get fuel this summer). What happens for the next three days, you are bombarded on your electronic devices (multiple) with ads for the exact thing you are talking about. We also know that Alexa and other information guide devices may as well be working for the CIA as they catalogue everything, everyone says, in your household.

Years ago, one of my high-ranking confidential sources told me that were tagged for everything we said, wrote, and every website we visit. He called it a “Threat Matrix Score”.  He said that all Americans have a score and it was his belief from the nature of his work that people would be divided into the following classes which are loosely defined.

  1. No threat
  2. Mild threat but re-educatable
  3. Moderate threat in which those judged to be programmable, would be re-educated, the others, would be eliminated, meaning murdered.
  4. Extreme threat and should be marked for immediate incarceration during an emergency and then subsequently eliminated.

This source told me that the scores were based on 16 categories and each person would receive an aggregate score. The source said that nobody he knew at his NSA post knew the numbers or very much about the characteristics to be used in the judgment. However, he said it was largely believed that any populists-America-First, people have already been criminalized and targeted for elimination and this information was based on information that is repetitively in the mainstream media.


To my fellow Americans I have some questions. Do you think you will escape the unfolding tyranny with your cognitive dissonance in which you self-delude into thinking as long as I don’t say anything, I will be ok. Do you think that this will ever end, at least until the globalists purge every undesirable? And since your air is unfit to breathe and your water is unfit to drink and your food is unfit to eat because of pesticides and GMO’s, please tell me how you will escape. There is no escape from this tyranny because it is on automatic pilot. Even if we could arrest every traitor in government and seize control of the country, there is no guarantee that the automatic pilot systems of AI can be stopped. I believe that this is the globalist fail-safe system. Did you see, yesterday, where the CDC said they were contemplating the use of robot dogs to enforce vaccine compliance? This is an example of how AI and Big Tech can be used against us!

I have a suggestion, America. Prep! You need, at minimum food, water, guns, ammo, gold, alternative communications, natural medicine and tools. The Biden administration is in the business of creating shortages so they can control, and possibly eliminate you based on your threat matrix score.

At the end of the day, it is the AI algorithms that will control whether you live or die. Planning for the demise of this country and humanity as a whole is in the hands of globalist created AI entities. Big Tech is the informational gathering entity. For most of you it is too late to erase your digital history. But it is not too late for your kids. Advise them carefully.

Welcome to the Brave New World!