Two Insiders Claim That the Vaccine Contains Latent Weaponized Anthrax Which Will Manifest As Ebola


We all know that something big is coming. We know that there is a second kill shot in the works.Many think it is Ebola and it will come out of China.This brief article will take a quick look at this notion.

The walls are closing in on the Biden administration. Audits and the intention to audit are breaking out everywhere. The Biden administration needs a solution to the growing populism. Not to worry, the intention is obvous.

Crisis Actors

An advertisement for crisis actors, faking a pandemic was taken out for a Medical Center at the Gold Coast. Why? Isn't covid subsiding? Is this a second "scamdemic?" Another curious event took place in Mohave County, AZ. Governor Ducey sent $40 million in pandemic mitigation aid to the county. Again, we have to ask why since Arizona has lifted all of its restrictions and everything is back to full capacity.

Back to crisis acting, the powers that be wouldn't need crisis actors if a new crisis was noton the way. The promotion of fear for Killshot #2 is underway. This is how they get people
to line up and take the vaccines. The have to greatly exaggerate the scope of the pandemic. Emergency
Room are made to look like they are filled to capacity. CNN and the lap dog media covers the event as the latest and greatest threat. The fake role playing is what everyone will see on television.

Look at the accompanying link. If this was the real Covid,  the cameraman would be social
distancing and of course he would be wearing a facemask.

Some will look at the event's dates and say this was about covid. Look again, when this happened, covid was already underway andlockdowns initiated. Not to worry, When the event has exhausted the coverage, the crisis actors receive their $18 per hour payment and the hospital in questions returns to normal. 

What is coming? How bad will it get? There may be an answer to that question with regard to the nature and severity of what lies ahead.

An Insider Reveals Frightening Details About What Is Coming

Three days ago, I received the following email from a person with an extensive medical background who was recently connected to two researcher who both committed "suicide".

I received a letter from self-identified person with a medical background that relayed some very interesting and concerning material:

...I was good friends with Dr Gordon Woods (World recognized Mule Cloning expert and professor at CSU). We spent the entire day together at the Belmont the year Big Brown was running. He shared all his work with me and vise versa. 8 months later he's dead. They reported "suicide" ( from a shot to the back of the head ) Not believing it!

A few days later I called the mystery medical professional, who we will refer to as M&M. I anticipated the conversation would focus on cloning and the potential closing of human beings. That ended up not being the case. M&M revealed to me that the late Dr. Woods discovered that most horses do not contract internal organ cancer. He believed the effect had to do with the chemical composition of the horse. When he was suicided, hewas working on the notion that this could lead to treatments for human cancer and before you knew it, Dr. Woods was dead. 

Our subsequent discussion went down another path. Based on a number of factors to be revealed at a later date, M&M told me that a second kill shot is indeed underway. M&M believes it is in the spike protein that will lead to a latency effect and mutate into an attack on the respiratory system. Eventually, this attack, will look like Ebola as the person bleed out of every cavity in their body. M&M believes that the responsible agent is anthrax and it has been weaponized to mimic Ebola in delayed response in the vaccine.

This medical professional was in a serious car accident. The mystery driver's insurance company sent her to a neurologist who she claims hypnotized her, presumably to see what she knew about this plot. As it turned out, she claims the neurologist and family is connected to a defense contractor that can find anyone and "hear any conversation, anywhere" as that was contained in their prospectus. I am withholding the name of the company which we plan to reveal when I interview this person in the near future.


I have a second person with a very similar story that approached me in January of 2020.  I didnot believe the story until now.

This person told me that weaponized anthrax would be the weapon of choice and that nobody should take the vaccine. 

This person is afraid for their life and they were a federal health employee, who had access to the inforation that led this doctor to this conclusion.  KILLSHOT #2 IS IN THE VACCINE AND THE EFFECT IS LATENT. THE DEATH WILL LOOK LIKE EBOLA AND THAT WILL CAUSE PEOPLE TO PANIC AND WILL EASY FOR THE BIDEN  ADMINISTRATION TO MANAGE. 

The second source said other know about this and I could expect to hear about this.  Six months later, I am hearing about this and something very true is contained in these similiar stories. 

The administration is in a state of panic.They are going to stop the Arizona audit. Biden fell apart at the G7 conference. People are waking up largely due to Critical Race Theory being taught to their children. 

The Deep State needs a dramatic false flag and I believe they many just instituted with the injection of 40% of the population.