Why New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the UK Building Concentration Camps?

fema camp

In the past, I have dedicated much time and effort to investigating the subject of concentration camps (ie FEMA camps). From REX 84 to FM 39.4, there is no official shortage of available information on the legitimacy behind the phenomenon we call "FEMA Camps". Some, maybe most may label the notion of concentration camps in West as a conspiracy theory. However, upon closer examination, it is indeed a conspiracy, but it is not conspiracy theory. The conspiracy is against you. 

In Part II of this series, the CSS will review the legitimacy of the claim that concentration camps await America dissenters. A recently published DHS document, prominently displayed on the CSS, clearly shows that the present administration absolutely criminalizes basic First Amendment dissent. Although the document does not prescribe specific penalities for being pro-life or accusing the government of unconstitutional overreach, it makes it clear that if one engages in such activities, then one is to be considered a "Violent Domestic Extremist", or a domestic terrorist in layman's language. Don't worry, if you missed the document in our previous publication, we will publish it again as part of Part II of this series. 

Under the cover of covid isolation, we are seeing covid isolation camps (ie easily convertible into concentration camps inside the UK, New Zealand, Australia and now in Canada. The CSS has previously reported on these illicit government camps in New Zealand, as the CSS covered this on our TV show.

Tucker Carlson has made it easy to turn this topic from a conspiracy theory to a conspiracy against average citizens. Get your popcorn, get your drink (and you better make it strong), sit back and watch the revelation of the future home for millions of Canadians and Americans. Yes, Americans! If the Canadians were developing their concentration camps for their population solely, they would want to keep it out of the public eye by placing the facilities in remote regions of the country. Since the facilities are close to the US-Canadian border, then one has to legitimately wonder if this is a joint use facility for both Canadians and American dissenters deemed to be domestic terrorists. By the way, the CHICOM military is running some of the Canadian camps. 

The following Tucker Carlson segment is the closest reference to a FEMA Camp (ie concentration camp) that one will ever hear in the mainstream media. 

You heard it for yourself, Trudeau likens the new Canadian policies to the great reset whose founders represent decided depopulation views. Please note that Carlson says the philosophy behind the Canadian camps are Canadian imitations of expressed American ideology. I am shocked that this piece was ever allowed to air.

Before you champion Fox News as the king of the conservative press, please note this "conservative network" still has not uttered a descriptive word about the criminal election audit findings in both Georgia and Arizona. This Tucker Carlson piece should considered to be nothing more than predictive programming. You have been served notice that FEMA camps are in your future. Wait! Canada is not alone in building concentration camps. In the UK, they are doing so and they also including crematoriums as a bonus feature to the concentration camp on display. Can anyone legitimize the practice building a crematorium on the site of a medical quarantine site? Well, here is another conspiracy theory, but this conspiracy theory has pictures and actually displays the crematorium courtesty of Google Earth!


Here is something interesting coming out of the U.K. published on TELEGRAM. REX 84 in full motion in the U.K.
I realize since I have covered American medical martial law, which is exactly what the Canadians are doing, I have acquired many new readers who are in the early stages of discovery related to the dangers posed by so-called global elite.Therefore, remediation lessons are in order and after the future installments of this series are complete, many will wonder if they should not head for the proverbial hills.