America Is Disintegrating In Real Time! Why Won't Americans Fight Back? Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges


The CSS recently interviewed Steve Quayle and we feel compelled to issued these warnings: When you are listening, make sure your children are out of the room. This interview is clearly not for the faint of heart!

The range of topics covered in this interview are stunning and overwhelming and they partially include the purposeful destruction of America's military through woke methods, the proliferation of churches controlled by the government's tax exempt laws, the coming FEMA Camp roundups, persecution of Christians, the left's deliberate provocation of gun owners in order to start a major conflict, the outlawing of homeschool, increased sex trafficking, the deliberate food and water shortages that are descending upon America, the emasculation of males that cannot fight back, the growth of crop destroying weather wars, taking down the power grid, the overwhelming presence of fake pastors who really work for the government, and the stealing of your soul so that you will never experience Heaven. 

We also discussed why America will not fight back....

Stay tuned until the end as a solution is offered. 

The interview with Steve Quayle can be accessed by clicking this link


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