The Top 10 Reasons That It Does Not Feel Like the 4th of July


These are the times that try men's souls

Are you like me in that you are having a difficult time trying to decide what to for the 4th of July holiday? Do you feel like me and feel that we don't have a lot to celebrate given the present state of affairs?

Because I have a family I will watch the fireworks for their sake and then I will silently say a prayer in which I ask God to bring us a generation of brave Americans who can emulate the deeds of our Founding Fathers instead of the criminals we now have who are destroying the country. However, I must confess that it just does not feel like it is the 4th of July. We have squandered the greatest gift ever bestowed upon a people.

 It Does Not Feel Like the 4th of July When...

1. It does not feel like the 4th of July when I know that the liberalshave proclaimed the legal authority to murder American citizens with drones, GMO's, and 5G.

2. It doesn't feel like the 4th of July when a so-called President can bypass Congress and can take away our rights with no check and balance. He takes away our wealth. He is taking away our guns so we cannot defend ourselves and he has even admitted it with his nuclear weapons and F-15 threat against American gun owners. 

3. It doesn't feel like the 4th of July when our children are taught to hate each other based on skin color under critical race theory. Divide and conquer still works!

4. It doesn't feel like the 4th of July when public schools can bring drag queens to our children's classrooms and sexualize our elementary children with stories and demonstrations of extreme perversion. Worse yet, the majority of parents tolerate it! 

5. It doesn't feel like the 4th of July when we continue to allow our citizens to murder babies as the death toll reaches 70 million and we do nothing. The 501c3 churches say nothing as the carnage continues. 

6. It doesn't feel like the 4th of July when we know that the 2020 election was stolen and we are subsequently forbidden to speak of it in social media. Going forward, any election can be stolen by the Democrats at any time. Our right to vote has been rendered meaningless. Without honest elections, we have no nation. Without borders, we have anarchy and ultimately we belong to the United Nations. Remember, Biden's sole mission is the destruction of the United States.

7. It doesn't feel like the 4th of July when true heroes,  Assange, continues to waste away in prison when he committed no crime and the witness against him is a convicted pedophile who admits bearing false witness against Assange. Are we surprised. We don't listen to the truth-tellers. The Frontline doctors warned us about the scamdemic. They warned us about dangerous vaccines that were untested. The doctors were all fired and banned from social media. And even as their warnings were proven to be true, we did nothing. We never do anything. 

8. It doesn't feel like the 4th of July when the so-called President has dementia and his Vice-President slept her way to the top. Sippy Cup Joe is being blackmailed by Ukraine and China and the world knows it even if most of our citizens do not yet realize this. Harris keeps an enemies list and people wonder why I write about concentration camps.

9. It doesn't feel like the 4th of July when our leaders commit treason and provide aid and comfort to our enemies and everyone knows and nothing happens. These traitors allow our enemies to use their proxies to facilitate child-sex-trafficking and massive drug dealing in our country with absolute impunity. And behind it all stand Bill Gates and George Soros. How are these two enemies of America not in prison?

10. It doesn't feel like the 4th of July when the ruling political party took God out of their party platform and continue to force feed their hedonistic and perverted pleasures upon us. Many of us baby boomers grew up watching the Flintstones. Today we will soon see birth control pills shaped like Fred Flintstone.  

Make no mistake about it, the globalists are coming for the righteous. The infrastructure of complete persecution is being established while we sleep as a nation. It is at times like this I wonder  where is Thomas Paine when we need him? Or at least, we would have a modern day version of Thomas Paine. As I ask myself that question, I realize that there would never have been a Thomas Paine unless many Americans were ready to hear his message. Today, very few see the danger and the message of a modern day Paine would largely fall on deaf ears. .

As the nation we used to call America descends into tyranny, I am mindful of Paine's many astute observations as those of us in the know are trying to plan our individual survival in the midst of the Satanic takeover of our once "One nation under God." I have resigned myself to the inevitable fate that America will soon be embroiled in a civil war followed by a devastating invasion and we will witness genocidal persecution every step of the way. Oh, at some point, our people will fight, but beyond putting food on the table, most will have no idea what they are fighting for. If Thomas Paine were here today, he would call most of our citizens "Sunshine Patriots" who are ignorant to the core, devoid of any spirtual compass and whose existence has been reduced to seeking short-term pleasures. For some Americans, the following quote from Paine will be a rallying cry, but it is a case of too little, too late and too few who are heeding the voices from the past who are trying to warn us! And if you understand the words of the previous sentence, then you understand why we have cancel culture.   

If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace 

Thomas Paine


Thomas Paine stated that it made no sense for an Island (England) to rule over a Continent (America). Along these lines it makes no sense for a small minority of perverts to rule over nation, but it has happened. The people are perishing for a lack of knowlege and the fortitude to act in self defense. 

There are two kinds of victory and defeat in America today. The first victory would be a popular uprising in which we would drive all the globalist perverts and their minions from any position of power. However, that will never happen because the masses have too much in common with the perverts and this is why we tolerate rampant immoral corruption at the highest levels of our government. The second kind of victory is the one in which the individual finds Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. If enough Americans embraced this path to victory, we would also win back our nation. However, given the circumstances and the moral temperature of the country, I strongly recommend that you focus on your relationship with Jesus Christ

Enjoy the fireworks America and realize it won't be long until the real fireworks begin!