Who Or What Are the Powers Behind the Biden Administration?


In the past several days, I have received unsolicited communications regard the alien presence (eg alien or fallen angels). The first communication is from known source with whom I have had multiple communications. He refuses to come on my show, presumably for self-preservation purposes. The second communication is first communication from an unknown origin. I cannot vouch for the authenticity as I can the first source. However, there are enough accurate references in the second communication to take it seriously. 

My purpose for publishing these anonymous accounts is get the public to realize that we are in a spiritual battle. Our enemies are not solely the products of flesh and blood. 

First Communication From a Known Source

Dave, I have known some at a very high level. Here is the info I was given and I believe it to be accurate.

Top security level is Q37 for the USA. GHWB was one that had this, but Jimmy Carter, and Bill Klinton and Bush2 did not.

There are special programs for all these deep, dark secrets:

Special Access, completely deniable, no accounting or written records and

highly compartmented--buried deeply in privatized defense contractors for deniability and info protected from "freedom of information laws".

The most secret programs such as the Secret Space War Program is privatized staffed by US military and CIA which are sheep-dipped and hidden in plain sight in these aerospace corporations.

Security in the DUMBs and secret space war programs are done by shape-shifting Alien ETs (or Fallen Angels--take your pick). Up until two years ago they were murdering or trying to murder leakers, but have now stopped because our weapons systems have reached parity. I know this sounds like bs, but it is true and I know first hand with a witness present.

What I have told you here is accurate, sad to say and I wish it wasn't so.


Special access, compartmented programs (SCI)


Beyond Black




Above top secret


Top Secret


The USN and USAF have been involved in a secret rivalry over money and power and space war supremacy for years. The USN "greybeards" are where the big power has always resided.

It takes a lot to tick them off, but when they are mad watch out. They are believed to be quite mad right now.

For NATO, it is "Cosmic Level" with a number after it which I don't know. 

Keep up the great work. We are likely now moving into the Tribulation.

God Bless You,

Second communication from an unknown source

Dear Dave

...After reading your material for years I am pleased that you are finally giving the so-called ET issue some serious coverage. I have associates that will send you subsequent parts of what I intend to communicate to you. If you handle each subsequent revelation in the spirit that reflects the intention of the communication, you will then receive another communication a few days to two weeks after the previous communication. Others like you will be receiving some of this information in order to discourage any action being taken against you.  There are others that will also be receiving full communications. Some of what you will read is the most highly protected information on the planet. Therefore, any communications on this topic must deal with the inevitable pushback.

Before launching into why I am writing to you, I just wanted to let you know that what you are publishing about FM 39.4 and what is correctly labeled as FM 39.33, is absolutely correct.

I will not come on your show, nor will you ever be able to speak with me. Assassinations are commonplace with anything related to real disclosure. The forces that control this alien disclosure issue are steadfast in their desire to control the population. If you choose to publish the more revealing details of this disclosure, your life will change and it will not be for the better. Please consider this your one and only warning!

For personal security reasons, I cannot identify the branch or unit I have been associated with. Occasionally, my sources are unrelated to my specific duty assignment and I can be more forthcoming.  Thank you for understanding. These entities will not only assassinate whistleblowers, but they will also deal with the families. I have been told by those who have first-hand contact with these entities that they will first kill, or disappear the family of the whistleblower, and they promise a torturous death in which the end is a welcomed event. There have been live demonstrations of the types of torture that can be applied to a man.  No amount of spec ops training can help a man endure what they can do to a person.

So why have I chosen you to release this information? I have listened as you and Steve Quayle as the two of you have discussed this issue. Although I disagree with some of the details associated with disclosure, you do have the big picture framed correctly.

Aliens have been here for a long time. In my opinion we are dealing with the outcome ofGenesis 6 which we have found to be accurate and it also represents the core of what we are dealing with. What most don’t realize is that these beings walk amongst us. They are actually a distinct bloodline. They work next to us. They occupy key administrative positions within our government and corporations. They dominate the international banking cartel. They do not assimilate except for reasons related to work and continued breeding.

Originally, these beings that I am identifying were hybrids as described in the Bible. They were the result of alien-human breeding. If you are a Christian, one would likely believe that this is the “Great Deception”  Like you, I have come to believe that these are the so-called fallen angels. Whether they are or they are not, they are not human and they are controlling many of the agendas that threaten mankind. Many of us who are aware of this issue are fully cognizant of the fact that these beings are here to keep humanity from reaching their potential. There is much debate about the true nature of their final objectives. No human can be certain.  We are told by “them” that they are here to usher in a new age and with it will come new and improved humans. This is the result of the transhumanism movement. They cannot capture the soul which was originally their objective. Since they were unsuccessful in achieving this goal, their main purpose is to destroy humanity. Who do you think is running President Dementia? The mere presence has unhinged the present VP. The word has it that Harris wants out because she is frightened beyond her ability to cope. Do you see the signs of extreme stress? The office of the VP has gone into a state of damage control. Like Biden, everything Harris does is now orchestrated by these powers.

You have identified as the main henchmen behind the takeover of the United States as the Chinese. The Chinese are no more than useful idiots that are doing the bidding of this group fallen angels as you would call them.

Their goal is the complete destruction of humanity except for the preservation of a small and dumbed down servant class..

I am convinced that both parties are discussing the great deception. I not have formed conclusion at this point. However, I can say that enough was said in these communciations that I believe they are, on the surface, authentic.