America and Her Allies Are Preparing to Attack China Without Biden's Approval

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Pastor Samuel Honnold and myself have been collaborating for over a week on American-led alliance that is prepared to strike at China for their ultra-agressive moves. 

The most striking feature of this alliance is that it has been put together exclusive of Joint Chiefs Commander, Millie, as well as the Biden Administration, who is sitting on the outside looking in. On January 22, 2021, I published the following report in which I reported that Biden was refused admittance to the Pentagon. The Pentagon's JCS is split. Millie, a marxist, stands with Biden. However, much of the military command refuses to cooperate with Biden.   

Here is an excerpt from a report that I filed on May 15, 2021 on the CSS:

  1. Within 10 days, BOTH  the French military and 124 Retired American Generals and Admirals are commanding the American people to take action against their government. The Americans identified, in a public letter, fascism and Marxism that has invaded our country. Biden’s cognitive condition was singled out. This is a call to action. The American military knows it is too soon to initiate a counter-coup. However, they are painting the target. The French military was blatantly honest as they said unsavory immigration is leading to civil war in France which would result in the overthrow of globalist leader, French President Macron. These events are not unrelated. Both the American military and the French Military are organizing against the globalists. This is stage one which is to identify who the enemy is.
  2. Australia, Japan, France and the US just concluded joint military drills in preparation to fight China. This was done with NATO oversight (France and the US), and Biden had no command actions or oversight in this important drill. This represents part of the breakaway of France and the US, who’s governmental leadership is decidedly pro-CHICOM. When we combine items #2 and #3 on this list, the coincidence factor fades and it is clear that the French military and the American military have the same goal.
  3. Some of my colleagues in the alt media have this information. Russia and China have been skirmishing on China’s northern border. Putin, has had enough. He has released India from its pledge to Russia to not attack China without Russian approval. India is in the mood to do so as India has been hit by a Chinese bioweapon that has paralyzed the country. This is not Covid-19!  I expect to see India becoming much more aggressive against in the coming days.
  4. Putin has not attacked Ukraine. Russia needs a “pass-through” Ukraine to get their natural gas to Europe at a cheap price. Despite this important need, Putin now has dry fields and can roll in his tanks, has chosen not to act. Why? As I reported a month ago, Putin and Trump met and Netanyahu is onboard with any plan that will remove Macron and Biden and his handlers. This is a dangerous move for Putin, because if his invasion of Ukraine is not completed by Septembers, his mechanized forces will be caught in potentially wet fields and could be defeated!

The Queen of England, who now is in control of the Navy, along with American military commanders ordered a withdrawal of allied forces (UK, US, Netherlans) from the Black Sea in which Putin said he was ready to strike because this action interfered with his Ukrainian plans. Putin, at this point does not want war with the United States. In fact, Putin has told India that Russia will not interfere should they decide to attack their main enemy, India. Plans have been set into motion which illustrates that Biden is not involved in various nations aliging against China. This Pacific-based alliance consists of the following nations:

1. United States without Biden oversight.

2. UK with the Queen in charge.

3. Australia

4. India

5. Japan

6. Taiwan

7. Philippines (used as a staging area)

8. Soon to be South Korea as their troubled relationship with Japan must be worked out.

No doubt people are wondering about how the Biden administration has been marginalized from the military. This is really old news! Here is the report I filed as far back as January 22, 2021 which exposed the fact that Biden is being ignored by much of the military. 

Both Sam Honnold and Hal Turner have said the same thing.

The three main forces converging are the #CSG21 Carrier Strike Group in the Indian Ocean, the #PacificIron Air Force exercise amassing aircraft in Guam & Tainan, and the #TalismanSabre2021 exercises underway in Australia. Japan, India, the Phillipines, South Korea, and Taiwan are all involved, sending ships to these buildups and ready to do their part for a free and open Indo-Pacific.  


Here is a map depiction on the 3 forces converging on China. 


From Sam Honnold:

The three main forces converging are the #CSG21 Carrier Strike Group in the Indian Ocean, the #PacificIron Air Force exercise amassing aircraft in Guam & Tainan, and the #TalismanSabre2021 exercises underway in Australia. Japan, India, the Phillipines, South Korea, and Taiwan are all involved, sending ships to these buildups and ready to do their part for a free and open Indo-Pacific.  These alliances, as the military buildup, did not happen overnight and this article will only be a summary with a vast number of links to prove what the conservative president of El Salvador tweeted of the pandemic in March 2020 "Some people might not have realized that World War III has already begun."
These force buildups are above and beyond the normal US carrier group patrol deployments and force rotations, and aside from the simmering border conflict between China and nuclear-armed India.  This is one likely ignition point for global conflict with China, and both sides are amassing troops and materiél in the contested Himalayan highlands.  India is doing even more to prepare, reaching out to the US for F-18 carrier-capable fighter planes and rushing the completion of a more modern second aircraft carrier to take the fight to China (Articles 12, 13, 14 & 18).  Japan has been threatened with a nuclear first strike (Article 2) because of joining the "Quad" and increasing military cooperation with the US and Taiwan, and sending ships to both #CSG21 and #TalismanSabre2021.  Japan is also a carrier power, with both her Izuma-class flat-tops probably F-35 capable, as promised publicly by Donald Trump himself.  Taiwan is the nation that knows she is fighting for her very existence, and has been furiously building coastal patrol ships bristling with new missiles.  Taiwan received a visit by a US aircraft Friday,  only adding to China's ire over previous visits.  South Korea began entry into the mini carrier arms race the moment Trump took office, talking of buying 20 F-35s and planning to fly AV-8B Sea Harriers off their flat deck ships (the US and Britain have many retired Sea Harriers on hand) in the interim.  The Phillipines are severing ties with China and had a mysterious crash of a military aircraft July 3 after stating that intention.  This great nation is strategically vital in any battle for the Pacific, aside from its own ability to project military power, for manpower, resources, and port facilities such as Subic Bay where extensive repairs can be made to warships in addition to rearming and resupply.  Even in the Americas, nations are preparing for global conflict and defense of the continent with projected sea power.  Brazil, after years without an operational carrier, repurposed their flat top NAe Atlantico as an aircraft carrier, raising the eyebrows of journalists everywhere.  What aircraft would she carry?  Was there a verbal arrangement between Trump and Bolsonaro to provide F-35s?  What about the mothballed CATOBAR capable NAe São Paulo and the F4 airwing that had flown from her?  What would be the future of Brazil's domestic production of the Saab Gripen fighter (of which there is a carrier variant)?  All this is aside from the three main prongs if "exercises" that China is upset about...

...he UK Ministry of Defence tweeted April 26th that #CSG21 "will be the largest concentration of maritime and air power to ever leave the UK. Led by HMS Queen Elizabeth..."  That was before transiting the Suez Canal to link up with the US 5th fleet, the 5th fleet itself having been recently and suspiciously bolstered by the USS Ronald Reagan supercarrier.  After converging, the USS Iwo Jima and HMS Queen Elizabeth flat-tops sailed on the flanks of the Reagan, and commanders from both great English-speaking powers couldn't resist posting a gloating pic of those three great ships underway with their escorts.  One more important ally in this strike group is the Netherlands.  Dutch frigate HMNLS Evertsen is on the picket line, just as the Royal Dutch Navy stood by with US forces in the Caribbean in July 2020 during the greatest possibility of a Venezuela intervention.  The royal families of the world are realigning and beginning to retake power from their parliaments before the historical civility of their dominions is lost; two such houses are allied with Uncle Sam and the Japanese in the eastward-sailing super strike group, #CSG21.
In Australia, the ongoing #TalismanSabre2021 exercises are practicing amphibious assaults and include another F-35 capable capital ship, the USS America.  She joins an Austrailian flat-top, HMAS Canberry, which (as her sister ship HMAS Adelaide) was designed to carry fixed wing aircraft and has a ski jump deck to launch them.  Aside from their sea control capability as aircraft platforms, the ability to land troops and hundreds of vehicles presents a problem for China as pertains to Taiwan.  If these ships were to land friendly forces suddenly on Taiwan, a Chinese invasion would be more likely repelled by allied troops, armor, and missile defenses.  "In addition to the U.S. and Australia, this year’s exercise involves participating forces from Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, and the United Kingdom and delegations from India, Indonesia, France, and Germany will observe the exercise." (Article 35)  Canada, New Zealand, and Australia are all former British colonies and are members today of the "Commonwealth".  Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is, at 95 years of age, the head of state for all these nations.  It seems the queen is clawing back power from the British parliament and even the divided civil governments of Commonwealth nations, and is determined to confront China.  British soldiers and sailors all swear an oath to her personally and British ships are Her Majesty's ships.  Australian naval vessels are each christened HMAS--Her Majesty's Australian Ship, and she can command them as their owner and as the sovereign to their respective captains.  Queen Elizabeth is proving herself a dragoness in spirit if not in fact, and is resolute in leading a global rebellion against that Leviathan--China.  Another little secret--there are F/A-18F Super Hornet and  F-22 air superiority fighters from Alaska on the ground down under, in addition to the vast F-22 deployment to Guam.  The Haiwangxing, a  second Chinese spy ship, is steaming to join the customary single observer (Tianwangxing)  already lurking off the Queensland coast to observe Talisman Saber.
The Chinese complaint about "The US Air Force mission" could only refer to #PacificIron, an exercise kept very quiet until a few days ago.  In December, the US Air Force announced that a new base would be constructed on the island of Tinian "in case Guam gets knocked out".  Tinian was militarized in WW2 for B-29 operations against Japan 1500 miles away, and would be used again to build redundancy against the possibility of a nuclear strike to the very small island of Guam.  Evidently Tinian is now a fully operational battle station, as evidenced by the 25 F-22 Raptors on dispersed bases there and on Guam.... 

There is one caveat. #CSG21 is presently stationary and in range of the Chinese-Indian border, where the Indian military has amassed 250,000 troops! The static nature of #CSG21 brings in the need for the direct participation of Japan. Four days ago, Japan publicezed a national security paper in which it stated that they would join a US coalition to defend Taiwan in case of a CHICOM attack.  Japan's role as a deterrent to a Chinese attack on Taiwan allows #CSG21 to stay in immediate support of the 250,000 Indian troops that are preparing to engage China in a ground conflict. Waiting....waiting.... this is what the world is doing. However, according to Sam Honnold, China says they are ready to strike against the US and its allies. China says it is going to strike the 3 forces before they are attacked. 

Other Variables

Why would the US military go against Biden? They know he's a CHICOM operative who is deeply compromised because of the actions of the Biden crime family with Hunter Biden leading the way. However, there is a lot more to this scenario.

A senior level Federal LEO recently stated in an interview on The Common Sense that the Democrats are desperate. They are in a race to 2022. If they do not get the country locked down by 2022, many of them will be tried and executed for treason. This iswhy they are engaged in trying to start a civil war. Biden has already reached out to the UN to come in and evaluate racism in America. This is a prelude to UN intevention on American soil under the Kigali Principles. Further, America is preparing to be locked down again in a defensive move against a military counter-coup against Biden under the cover of world war. Most of America's senior commanders undertsand if the UN (ie the Chinese) get their hooks into America, all of these commanders will be executed. They have nothing to lose. We can also expect to see massive false flags on American soil as Biden will look to foreign help to maintain power.  Other doemsticand foreign policy variables, which impact this WW III scenario will be analyzed in future articles. This is the fight for the ultimate control of America. 


Sam Honnold's good work can be found here. Support his Gospel Gunslingers site.