America is on the verge of losing its conscience, morality and even its soul. I feel compelled to say the following before presenting some bombshell developments in the Maricopa County election audit.

There is only one truth in the world and that is the salvation offered to all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible promises that in the end days, that the sins of the leaders will be revealed. There is no question that is happening as I write these words as for all that have ears to hear and eyes to see, that the blatant servitude to Satan by many in our government are on full display.

God grants freedom to all. Humanity is free to reject, or accept Christ, or to serve Satan. Mark my words, America, there is no middle ground. You either serve the Lord, or you serve Satan and this once spiritual conflict has clearly manifested in our daily lives.

The Constitution of the United States is man’s manifestation of the freedom bestowed upon us by our Creator. And let me ask you a question, AmeriKa, do you think it is a coincidence that the American Communist Party (ie Democrats) have taken “God” out of their party platform? This party, and most Republicans pursue avarice, greed and hedonism and the spiritual, moral and physical welfare of our citizens be damned. It is in the spirit of this ultimate Good vs Evil conflict that I report the breaking news that the media is choosing to ignore related to dramatic happenings within the Maricopa County election audit.


Again, I feel compelled to explain why a person in Indiana, or Maine, should care about the Maricopa County election audit.

Yesterday, I spoke to someone from Fulton County, GA, where they are looking into the same voter fraud antics that have been discovered in Maricopa County. I asked the person how things were going and he said “We are waiting on Maricopa County and it appears that your audit is being sabotaged from within. Key evidence is being ignored and there does not appear to be an urgency to reveal the truth. Dave, you need to press harder to bring out the truth. The nation is watching Maricopa County and if the audit reveals earth-shattering details of election fraud, this domino will sweep the nation and I believe Americans will take to the streets and the liberal controlled courts may acquiesce or they will face the wrath of nation-wide civil unrest. But it all starts in Maricopa County.”

I offer this statement from this official as a rallying cry for Americans to step up and help me force the truth out in the open so the public can react. If we say nothing, we will get nothing by the Warren Commission Report (Part 2)! 

If America does not have free and accurate elections, there is no America, there is only Amerika. If we allow these criminals to get away with this, the next phase of totalitarianism, which is already manifesting within vaccine compliance, will surface and America will look like the trilogy movies, “The Purge.” This election audit is America’s Last Stand. Will it be like Custer’s last stand, or will it be the genesis of a movement that sweep these communists from power.

At the end of the day, the truth may set us free, but we could still lose our nation. The only thing you can count on is the fact that if you are a believer in Christ, he will not depart from you. In the meantime, I am going to perform my Christian duty and report the truth regarding the most important event in the country.

“Though the Heavens May Fall, Let the Truth Be Told”

Recently, I have reported that I attended a Maricopa County election audit update by Liz Harris. I was graciously allowed to speak my peace and I asked pointed question. However, Ms. Harris stole the show when at the end of the night, she clearly and forcefully admonished the attending crowd to call Arizona State President Karen Fann and put pressure on her to apply a full court press on the audit. We learned, from the Harris presentation, that a new subpoena for critical evidence was going to be issued for critical evidence that had already been court-ordered for the criminal Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to surrender. However, Harris revealed that Fann’s weak approach to the critical subpoena was allowing critical evidence to be ignored. In fact, Harris stated that, according to the experts she spoke with, 20 items should be on that subpoena and Fann was only going to include four items.  Clearly, Fann intends on letting the County officials escape detailed scrutiny for their alleged malfeasance of office. I turned to my friend and said “there is a huge division within the audit team.” In the following paragraphs, I am going to reveal monumental splits in the audit team that should send shockwaves throughout the country.

State Senator Wendy Rogers

State Senator, on July 15th, decided that she had experienced enough. She has called for the recall of the electors and a new election. She has renewed her claims this week. For her trouble, the Arizona Republic labeled Wendy Rogers a “white supremacist” for daring to challenge the election.

Among many revelations, the audit hearing revealed that the Maricopa County election system was “compromised” during the 2020 election, following testimony from audit witness and Tech contractor Ben Cotton, who explained that an “element of the election system was actually compromised or breached during the course of the November 2020 election…The registration server that was public facing did have unauthorized access to that. In cybersecurity terms, it was breached…The county issued a letter,” as National File reported.

Wendy Rogers sees that the fix is in and nefarious forces led by Karen Fann’s, either negligence, or purposeful obfuscation of the truth, is attempting to preserve Biden’s illegal victory. Fann has repeated stated that she will not work to overturn the election. In other words, America, this public servant is saying that she can steal jewels from my home, get caught, and be allowed to keep the jewels and benefit from her hypothetical crime!  Well, I am not going to let Fann get away with obfuscating the truth and allow her to continue to disenfranchise the voters of Arizona. There is clear evidence of voter fraud and everything that I have written, since May, is proving to be accurate. Help me America bring justice to this event. The cost of inaction is the loss of country.


Audit Spokesperson and Key Leader Ken Bennett


Former Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, has been a very prominent leader in the revealing the truth about the audit. He has frequently been a spokesperson for the truth in the media.


Ken Bennett has been kicked off the audit team and banned from the event. Why was he banned? He is accused of leaking audit findings to “outside sources.” Why would he do that? Obviously, Bennett sees the same obstruction of justice behavior from Fann and colleagues to know the fix is in and he is trying to expose the truth. Last night, I was told that Bennett is attempting to return to his position on the audit team.



The actions and statements of Harris, Rogers and Bennett should be setting off shockwaves. However, the media is silent in these developments.

America, our country depends on the truth coming out and then have America react at the grassroots level.