The America We Knew Is Fading In the Rear View Mirror and Very Few Americans Understand the FINAL Fate That Awaits Them- Steve Quayle

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For years, Steve Quayle has been warning America about what was ready to happen in our country. Now it can be accurately said, that what is coming, is no longer coming, it is already here.

I recently interviewed Steve Quayle about the present state of affairs related to the United States. As many of you already know, the health of country is not good and our days as a Constitutional Republic are growing ever dim as we leave freedom in the rear view mirror. However, what most Americans do not realize is how complete the takedown of America has become and that a clear Marxist state has taken its place of what once was the most free nation in the history of the world.

The emerging Marxist State has very bad intentions and if left unchecked will do to its people what other Marxist States have done to their people in the past. The infamous Rules for Radicals has been applied to perpetrate the demise of the once great Constitutional Republic.

The following interview with Steve Quayle is not for the faint of heart. In fact, there will be many that do not possess the courage to hear this entire message. Yet, every word spoken in this interview is verifiable and true. America is being attacked on multiple fronts with devastating results. If most Americans were to understand the country that their children will be inheriting, tens of millions of Americans would have already taken to the streets and there would be nowhere our new Marxist overlords could run and hide. But as Steve Quayle says, we remain "dumb until death."

Please allow this message to be shared from the roof tops and through all places that Americans inhabit. The American ship is taking on water at very dangerous levels, and most people are unware that there  is even so much as leak. 

The vitally important interview with Steve Quayle can be heard by clicking this link. 



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