Afghanistan Has Fallen As China Is Moving to Threaten US Middle East Oil Supplies and the Liar-In-Chief Continues to Deny the Truth


I was preparing for publishing another article on the CDC’s planned implementation of concentration camps under the guise of Covid mitigation, when I received confirmation of a story from an American GI that Afghanistan, despite assurances from the lying Biden administration, has fallen. Not only has Afghanistan fallen, Communist Chinese troops are everywhere in Afghanistan. In fact, Chinese troops engaged American forces, alongside their Taliban alies as a base was in the process of being abandoned. 

It is a case of “shades of Saigon” as elements of the North Vietnamese advanced on Saigon and helicopters had to land on the roof in order to rescue Embassy personnel. America is not far from seeing history repeat itself nearly 50 years later.  

If one doubts how much and how long Biden has been lying about events in Afghanistan, watch these 2 videos from the marxist stream media. 



The Daily Beast reported that Kabul authorities have become much more deeply engaged with Chinese leaders as the two work toward a deal to invest in Afghanistan’s infrastructure through China’s international Belt and Road Initiative.” This was apparently the Biden plan all along. But wait, it is much worse than what is reported above. From the NY Post

Taliban fighters entered Kabul on Sunday and sought the surrender of the central government, officials said, as both Afghans and foreign nationals attempted to flee the country, signaling the end of a 20-year Western experiment aimed at remaking Afghanistan…

Taliban negotiators went to the presidential palace Sunday to discuss the transfer, according to an Afghan official who spoke on condition of anonymity. It’s unclear when that potential transfer could take place.

The negotiators on the government side included former President Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah, the head of the Afghan National Reconciliation Council, an official said. Abdullah has long been a vocal critic of President Ashraf Ghani, who long refused giving up power to get a deal with the Taliban.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss details of the closed-doors negotiations, characterized them as “tense.”


One has to ask, why Americans are not viewing/hearing/reading this shocking development in Afghanistan? Afghanistan has fallen and the Taliban, to avoid an extreme air campaign from the United States, is not so patiently waiting for the US to withdraw its Embassy personnel before all of Kabul is overrun. Embassy personnel run the risk of being overrun by thousands of Kabul citizens who know that they will be murdered by the thousands when the Taliban fully takes over, could bum rush the planes on the runways as the escaping planes attempt to withdraw. 

When Biden said that we were in control of Afghanistan last week and there would be no helicopters on the roof of the Embassy, was massively lying to the people. He knew the country, for all intents and purposes had already fallen. The American people have been massively lied to. For all intents and purposes, unless the US is willing to fully invade Afghanistan, the war has been lost and the Embassy and its personnel are in dire danger. 

Now that we have established the fact that the Biden administration lies about everything, hell, they even lie about their lies.

This past week, I was contacted by someone who regularly follows my various platforms. He told me that his brother was part of a team that was overseeing the destruction of various weapons and weapons systems, both during and after the abandonment of unidentified base. He asked if I would like to speak to his brother, but I had to agree to maintain confidentiality. This means I will not identify the specific base, nor his branch of the military.

Immediately after the draw down was announced, the withdrawal of American forces accelerated. The remaining skeletal crew came under increasing fire from Taliban forces. The threat became so ominous that additional troops were helicoptered back to the base to protect the last of the withdrawal. Many weapons and weapons systems were not destroyed because of the imminent threat which led to a hasty withdraw that was not originally anticipated. During one particular firefight at the base in question, a canvassing of the dead enemy bodies, in order to gather intel, was conducted. Some of the enemy dead were Chinese nationals, although they were not in Chinese military uniforms and were dressed in traditional Taliban garb. However, the recovered weapons obtained from the couple of dozen enemy forces were a combination of American weapons and Chinese weapons. Clearly the Chinese have been involved in Afghanistan. As soon as embassy personnel are withdrawn from Kabul, the Chinese will be occupying the country in ultimate force.

One may ask why this matters? Afghanistan is adjacent to Iran. The Iranians and the Chinese have been aligned in the BRICS nations alignment of bypassing the Petrodollar in favor of purchasing Iranian oil in gold. The BRICS nations included Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

It does not take much insight to realize that the Chinese military will link up with the Iranian military and the threat to Middle East oil supplies will be immediate. Because of Biden’s poorly planned withdrawal from Afghanistan, the entire region is now destabilized. However, the real threat to America focuses on the potential lack of available oil. When Biden came into office, he immediately turned America froman energy independent nation to a dependent nation, dependent upon the Middle East. When WW III breaks out, America’s mobility and their ability to resupply and extend the battlefield has been purposely compromised by this Benedict Arnold of a President. Everything that this President has done has been to harm America and Americans.

In the course of my conversation with this anonymous insider source, he revealed that he had a buddy that was directly involved in removing Embassy personnel THE DAY AFTER,  the announced withdrawal from Afghanistan by Biden. Again, more lies were told to the American people. 

This is an impeachable offense. Biden is committing treason against the welfare of the American military. His actions, both domestically and in Afghanistan have indeed jeopardized American lives and the welfare of the country. Biden has been, and continues to be a tool of the CCP. Where is the military? Where are the Republicans? It is time to arrest this criminal President.