Civil Disobedience Needs to be Enacted Against the Criminal and Treasonous Biden Administration

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It took nearly 250 years, but Benedict Arnold has assumed control of the White House. The modern-day version of Benedict Arnold, “Sippy cup” Joe Biden, is on a single mission, as the stolen-Presidency-Communist-In-Chief, and that mission is to destroy America on behalf of the Chinese who are blackmailing the Biden crime family. Ultimately, he is serving the globalist interest by destroying the last bastion of freedom.

A state of treason exists between the illegal occupier of the White House and the American people. Biden and his administration have declared war on the American people, the American military and the Constitution of the United States. Biden's corporate minions are forcing you to take dangerous vaccines, unproven vaccines, while suppressing any other type of alternativemedical treatment because it doesn't benefit big pharma. Meanwhile, he's allowing over 100,000 illegal immigrants into the country who are COVID positive and distributing them around the country so they can spread the virus. This is a direct act of war against the American people. This is an impeachable offense. Unfortunately, the Republican Party is missing in action.

Recently, 18 Republican senators betrayed the American people by voting for a budget busting, hyperinflation bill that will be causing collapse of the dollar by voting for the $3.5 trillion pork laden new Green Deal another related payoffs to democratic donors. Even Biden’s $200 billion payoff to the National Education Association is an act of treason. Why? Because it's promoting violence and civil unrest through its Hitler Youth style of education through Critical Race Theory and the discredited 1619 project. The National Education Association is controlled by the United Nations. Specifically, the National Education Association is controlled by UNESCO and our children are the targets of this Marxist communist nation-dividing philosophy. This is unto itself, is an act of treason by Joe Biden. Even the soccer moms who voted against Trump, are waking up to the tyranny of this administration because they recognize that their children are at risk. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Below I am offering a small sample of the treason that is being promulgated by the Biden administration. I am calling on all Americans to do the following:

  1. Remove their children from all public schools that promote Critical Race Theory and the 1619 project. Either home school America’s children or enroll them in charter schools that honor American and her traditions.
  2. Any business, corporation of other private entity that promotes vaccine passports be boycotted. Refuse to do business with these businesses (eg Walmart, Ticketmaster, etc).
  3. Americans need to recognize that China is an enemy of the American people. In a now famous speech to the CCP, Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe, promoted genocide of every American and the occupation of the United States. Chinese generals have threated to nuke the United States on several occasions. They have threatened to sink US naval vessels traveling through international waters in the South China Sea. China has actively supported our enemies, the Taliban, in Afghanistan. China is our enemy and anyone doing business with China, who holds an elected office, is a traitor to this country. George Soros and his many subversive and communist organizations are an ally of Communist China against the United States. Soros is buying off key politicians in an effort to subvert American elections. For example, it is well-known that Soros supports Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, and Maricopa County Sheriff, Paul Penzone. In effect, Soros is an agent of China that is working against the interest of the people. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Jack Sellers, who refuses to surrender court-ordered election materials for the audit investigation, has deep business ties to Communist China. Arizona’s Governor, Doug Ducey has deep ties and commitments to Communist China and that was in evidence when he refused to allow the Arizona State Senate to meet in special session to investigate the 2020 stolen election. This microcosm of treason, corruption and blatant betrayal of the public trust, is in evidence in every county in America. People in every county need to FOIA the campaign contributors for their local officials. Every city and county has a Doug Ducey, Jack Sellers and Paul Penzone. Many our local officials are being bought off by the thousands. For example, what is true in Maricopa County is also true in Fulton County Georgia, the entire state of California, the entire state of Wisconsin, etc. In addition to examining campaign contributions and every community must look at election officials “financial disclosures” which are online. They will reveal business dealings with Chinese shell corporations and Soros proxy organizations. We already know, for example, that many school board members are being offered “golden parachutes” to betray their community and introduce Hitler Youth curriculum to our school children. America has been betrayed by, not a few elected officials, but by thousands of officials. If you do not want your children to live under the worst of Bolshevik communism, you must act. When we turn America upside-down, America will be absolutely shocked at how far the treason has permeated this country.
  4. Do not allow yourself to be removed to isolation camps. I choose death in my driveway as opposed to the fate that would await me in the camps as discussed in CDC, HHS and UN documents. Many of my colleagues are in the process of exposing the property-seizing and medical martial law policies printed on the CDC website. What is not being covered in the alt media is that elderly people, particularly those with chronic health conditions, will be removed from their homes and placed in so-called isolation camps. Further, related UN documents state that when treatment for these elderly citizens exceeds the capacity of resources, these people will be transitioned out and provided with comfort care. Can you say this is a fancy way of saying, “genocide”? In Arizona, I have discovered 3 counties that are moving in this direction of causing medical service shortfalls and this will be covered in a future article.  In fact, in a recent radio interview, a supervisor in Federal LEO said he would not comment on the so-called FEMA camps. When I pressed him, he mentioned medical martial law. This brings into play HHS’ ESF#8-14. Both Celeste Solom and myself have covered the ESF documents in detail. I will be reviewing these documents in a future article. These are medical martial law camps without one participating medical organization. One can only conclude that these are genocidal factories. And one day, more than the elderly will be dealt with. By any means possible, do not allow yourself to be relocated.
  5. To all landlords who have had your property illegally seized by the CDC, turn the utilities off to your home. This includes trash pickup or any other maintenance service to the property. Refuse to make the payments. Your tenants have had 18 months to adjust, adapt and find employment. You have suffered enough. If you think this is harsh, please note that there are more jobs available than there are unemployed people.
  6. I am calling for total civil disobedience against the Biden administration. When lockdown 2.0 is initiated, and it will be kept in place until all are vaccinated, refuse to shut down your business. All people need to continue to patronize businesses ordered to be shut down. Please let me remind you that, as I pointed out in April and May of 2020, the PCR test never received third party validation. That means that there was never a test. In fact, two weeks ago, the FDA declared the test to be null and void because it was identifying all viruses as covid, in the system. Now we have the infamous and so-called Delta variant that will be used as the excuse for the coming lockdowns. By what test is the Delta variant being measured? There is no test. The PCR test was the only diagnostic test that was in use. It was never validated and there is no test today to measure this phenomenon. This is all a fraud. Take off your masks, take your children out of the schools that insist on health-destroying policies. Most of all, refuse to obey the unconstitutional orders of the Biden administration.

We are just getting started.  The assault upon America is all encompassing as evidenced by the following events which speaks to treason from the Biden administration and indifference to the welfare of the American people.

Look at the following summary of the DHS declaration what constitutes being labeled as a domestic terrorist. This incorporates and estimated 180-200 million Americans who are now declared to be enemies of the state. This is treason of the highest order against the Republic.


Here is another example of why Biden abandoned our Afghan allies. He betrayed America and her allies on behalf of CHICOM profiteering.



Not only did Biden betray our allies in Afghanistan, he is leaving Americans behind in the withdrawal. It does not take must imagination to guess what is going to happen to Americans who are being left behind in Kabul.   

Finally, I will not submit. Americans, from all backgrounds, need to lock arms and resist this Bolshevik takeover and the accompanying treason with absolute defiance. Unelect every incubment, save a precious few and go about the business of working towards the incarceration of the Biden Crime Family and all of their allies.