Many have asked me why I have written fewer articles in the recent past. Why have I not returned phone calls?All that will become obvious as I unveil what I have been working on.

This article will reveal that the so-called “Big Steal” will be exposed. However, no legal entity will touch the results of any audit. The Maricopa County audit is already sabotaged by leadership. However, something new and devastating is under way. The biggest power shift in this country’s history is happening as I write these words. The Democrats are going through a fake political purge in order to maintain the ability to fix elections, but to keep challenge of rigging elections at a doable level. The unpopularity of Biden and Harris is too much to overcome and major change actions are underway.

This is the biggest "cloak and dagger" in the history of the planet. There are multiple plots at work right now as these words are being written. I have had many of these moving parts for 5-6 months and my faithful readers will recognize some these themes in past articles I have written.

The ultimate prize is the control of this country. If the 2022/2024 election were to be held today and there was no massive cheating by the Democratic Party, anyone except a Democrat would win in a land slide.

The Big Steal-Short Version

Even cheating has limitations in terms of the numbers needed to overturn and delegitimize a fair election. In fact, a series of deep-cover inside sources have provided me with the algorithms that insiders say helped to steal the election. The latest came in the past 24 hours. Along with myself, others have the algorithms that flipped the Maricopa County vote as well as other elections sites around the country.

My sources, and some related colleagues as well as others in possession of this data, will all be releasing these numbers when audit head, State Senate President Karen Fann, releases the final and fake results of the Arizona audit. However, do not hold your breath… The fix is in and Fann has already announced that no matter what the results are, that there will be no overturn of the 2020 election. Then why have an audit and spend nearly $9 million? When the extremely watered-down and bastardized results of the audit are released, there are those around the country, several people, who are poised to release the true results and how the algorithm was flipped to give Biden the win. We have the formulas and we know how it was done. And this is only one dimension of the theft. We have enough data from the phony, fake ballots to overturn the election as well. In fact, there was a breach of the Maricopa County voter registration files, before the election and the County Recorder at the time, Adrian Fontes, did not even publicly report the breach. This failure to report allowed the election thieves to take inactive voters off of the hacked list and placed on replacement ballots in sufficient numbers to steal the election just by this method, alone. Further, these so-called duplicate ballots did not have the state-law-required original permanently attached. Trump wins as a result of these disallowed ballots, alone!

Gotcha Adrian Fontes and Karen Fann. You cannot and will not be allowed to cover this up. And even if I end up six feet under like Don Bolles, whose car was blown up investigating corrupt Arizona politicians in various insider land deals in the 1970’s, these election thieves and cover-up artists, will not stop the avalanche of evidence that is coming from multiple sources. It is my hope that Fann et al will realize the futility of any further coverups.

I was first tipped off to this inevitability internal audit sabotage when I attended a Tea Party meeting on July 21st, in Phoenix. Liz Harris, the presenter, said there was much frustration among audit personnel because while the second subpoena was being prepared to be delivered to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for the election codes, the routers, etc, was being “low-balled” by Fann. The audience was told that at least 20 items should appear on this second subpoena and that only 4 items were listed as of July 21st. Fann was listed as the primary reason for the shortfall of demands that should be on the second subpoena. In fact, Harris even admonished the crowd to call Fann with the obvious intent of placing extreme pressure on her to do the right thing. It should be noted that the #2 man in the audit, the so-called liason, was fired for leaking info to various sources in violation of his non-disclosure agreement. Why would the #2 man in the audit leak information if the audit was on the up and up? 

Just to prove that I know what I am talking about, here is a small excerpt , which contains partial elements of the algorithm that was used to steal the election. This will demonstrate to the thieves that I know what I am speaking about which came to me from source #3:

A receipt, print out, ticket or a batch report with results of Biden 1,040,774  Trump 995,665 is what was certified by the county recorder, Adrian Fontes. 


Biden's 800,595 votes in Maricopa County consisted of at least 186k fake counterfeit ballots.. The Algorithm was increased in 2020, and so was Biden's total compared to Hillary 702k in 2016. Biden needed at least 800k votes & +130 Algorithm & Trump votes counted at -142 (.70). to win Maricopa County.


Biden does not even have 800k legal votes in Maricopa County. 


To the average person, the numbers and correlative references (eg .70) mean nothing. However, to the thieves and their co-conspirators, they will clearly know that this partial demonstration will send chills up and down their collective spines. They will know that myself, and several others have the database, and we know how the election was stolen. For the third time, I have been sent this information as these numbers are the  same numbers and they do not change by more than a fraction of a percent from the numbers that I have previously published.

In May, I published the fact that Trump won Maricopa County, Arizona by 1.1 million votes. This third source’s numbers say that Trump won by 1,087,574 votes.

It is easy to prove that the election was stolen, however, the fix is still in and there will never be a legal remedy to a stolen election.

The Futility of the Audit

Even if Fann was not preventing justice from being carried out and would seek remedy, there is still the problem with Judge Pamela Gates who has gerrymandered any legal remedy the audit may present.

Arizona Judge Christopher Coury, who was overseeing the audit, recused himself when it was brought to his attention that someone who was previously employed in his office was working on behalf of the GOP. The questions over the past few days have been: who will replace him, and what will their stance be on the audit? 

The individual responsible for naming the replacement for Judge Coury (R) was Judge Pamela Gates (D), the wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates (not to be confused with the software developer and vaccine financier). So, if the audit seeks legal remedy, it will be in front of a Democratic Judge.

Bill Gates and his office have been adamant in their opposition to the Audit, trying multiple times to get it delayed, suspended, or cancelled. He has steadfastly refused to respond to demands for evidence to be used in the audit by a court-ordered subpoena, not once, but twice. If the presence of a former employee on one side of the issue is grounds for recusal, Judge Gates must immediately recuse herself since her husband is a public official who has been publicly opposed to the audit that his wife now presides over. 

This individual gerrymandering of the legal proceedings fits into the broader narrative that we have seen employed by leftists in their crusade against election transparency. In the months following the 2020 General Election, every lawsuit from Trump, Sidney Powell, or Lin Wood was assigned to an Obama-appointed judge. In Arizona, Judge Diane Humetewa threw out Sidney Powell’s lawsuit the day after calling them in to present their case.


Anywhere in the country, at this time, there will never be a legal remedy.

However, since we know how the Democrats stole the election, coupled with Biden and Harris’ ineptitude, they will be replaced. However, the replacements will merely guard the Middle Kingdom.

It is common belief that the Democrats can’t steal another election in the numbers that they will need to win, given the present political climate. Therefore, they are trying to memorialize their cheating ways through SB 1 and HR 1 which will prevent an ID requirements, etc. Harvesting ballots is on the approved list for these bills. This is also the reason that the border is wide open. These are future Democrats. Also, the new budget bill provides amnesty to over 1 million illegal aliens and this could be enough to win an election. Please note the move to cancel the Electoral College and rely solely on the desire by Democrats to use the popular vote to determine the winner. Giving amnesty to the illegal aliens will permanently tip the election if only the popular vote is counted.

There have been more stunning developments which may permanently alter the United States government.

Two Regime Change Events Are Coming

The Common Sense Show has received several different reports that when one connects the dots, a clear direction and plan of attack from the Left is on full display.

  1. Two successive regime changes are coming. One will replace Biden (25th Amendment) and the second will take out Harris.
  2. Some have speculated that the replacing Harris part will be part of a false flag event designed to target Harris, but it will be made to look like she was collateral damage. This is the chatter behind the scenes. I have no inside knowledge except the rumors are deafening that both leaders will soon be gone! This is something that I have published before. I know for a fact that in 2018-19, DHS believed that this is how they believed that Trump would be attacked and his death would be blamed on collateral damage from a false flag attack.
  3. Two successive regime changes are coming in US. This is speculative as to the order, but the inevitability of change is not speculative. Conventional thinking has Biden resigning. Biden recently told players in the WNBA, that he would soon need a job as a ball boy. He knows what’s coming as it is a certainty that Susan Rice and Obama have told him. Because of the border, the economy, the vaccine mandates and now the developing holocaust in Afghanistan, Biden must become the sacrificial lamb. Remember, an election can only be fixed so far. Harris, then, assumes the Presidency. She appoints Hillary Clinton to be the Vice-President. Before you shake your head, it is a poorly kept secret that Hillary was in on the recent G7 zoom call regarding our intentions with Afghanistan. Hillary was sold as a participant because of her familiarity with this region of the world, given her former role as Secretary of State. As a first step and to stay competitive in the next election, Biden must go. However, Harris is only a short-term solution as she has proven she cannot lead and will prove to be very unpopular and not likeable in the polls.  
  4. As it was with JFK, an old assassination plot to kill Castro was brought back and used against Kennedy in Operation Mongoose. The so-called false flag collateral damage plot that was on the books to kill Trump, it would be made to look like Trump was merely collateral damage in a terrorist attack, is what some believe will happen to Harris. Trump supporters, Christians et al will be blamed.  I have been told by many that Harris fears that this is coming.
  5. Under the umbrella of a national tragedy, and the ascension of Hillary to her much-coveted throne, the purge against conservatives begins. Vaccines will become 100% mandatory in lieu of prison sentences. Enforcement teams will be dispatched to gun owner’s homes, already listed in an intelligence data base, as they are listed as a threat, and their their guns will be seized under the guise of vaccination enforcement.
  6. In a state of martial law, HR 1 and SB 1 are passed, illegal aliens are given amnesty and the Democrats will never lose another major election. Some Republicans are in on this threat. One credible source says that he knows that Hillary is only a one-term solution. Obama will return in 2024 and the legislative path will be created with the waving of the two-term limit.
  7. The notion that there will be multiple shake-ups in the Presidency, in order to maintain the Left’s control over the people and the nation’s center of power. Is universal according to divergent intelligence sources.
  8. At this point, a brutal and long-term purge is expected. People who have laughed at and denied the existence of FEMA camps, will weep and many will perish. The military will be the hardest hit. Steve Quayle’s Red List will come prominently into play.
  9. There is a good chance that the G7 knows that this is coming. Any rebellion in a country will be met with extreme force. It is believed that blue-helmeted CHICOMS will play the role as the enforcers.


  1. Parts, and in some cases, all of this plot comes from multiple agencies as they all have a compartmentalized role to play. For 2 years, I have received parts of this plot, but the intensity has greatly increased in the past 6 months. This is why I have been consistent and said that Hillary is not done and that Obama is running the present government behind the scenes. Yet, Biden and Harris’ incompetence is too much of an obstacle to overcome. They must both go.
  2. Food rationing, selective medical service will be part of everyday life!!! I am mindful of the quality of life of Eastern Bloc nations, under Soviet rule, in the 1950’s. Snitching and extreme paranoia will be the order of the day.
  3. Wei Fenghe’s predictive speech related to complete genocide will be realized at some future date, but not in the short-term.
  4. It is expected that private property will be eliminated. Many of those deemed, in the short-term, to be worthy of survival will be supported large part by continued Universal Basic Income.
  5. The long-range effects of CV-19’s vaccines and boosters will continue to depopulate and the mutations (eg Delta, Epsilon) will continue to be used as the cover story for vaccine injury and death.


As it was in Red Square in 1919, America will be devastated. The Deagel projections will be felt to the fullest extent. Is this the part where the Bible has commanded Christians to flee for the hills (Matthew 24:16-20)?