Biden May Have Abandoned California School Children In Afghanistan, but He Can "Rescue" 200,000 Terrorists From the Middle East and Bring Them to America


Biden may be leaving school children from El Cajon, CA behind in Afghanistan, however, he is having no trouble importing an estimated 200,000 terrorists from the Middle East.

It is clear from the following evidence trail that the Biden administration is importing large numbers of terrorists from the Middle East who have very bad intentions against the American people.

Almost a week ago, Monkeywerx was tracking flights out of the Middle East. He followed flights leaving from Kabul and landing in Middle East airports and then taking off again. Go to the 9 minute link and play the video from there. 

You can visit Monkeywerx presentation on this by clicking the following link. 

What is the significance of this? Simply stay on this path and all will be revealed as it is clear based on the following evidence that Monkeywerx was tracking the importation of hundreds of thousands of Middle East terrorists. 

Paul Preston contacted me last week with direct information regarding the fact that hundreds of thousands of Middle East terorrists are being flown to Dulles and surrounding airports. They bypass security, customs and placed on outbound flight to various American military bases including, but not limited to Ft Hood, Ft. Bliss, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Lewis et al. 

These arrivees are paperless, cannot be vetted and the majority are not from Afghanistan. See below for details on this latter claim. 

The readers can view the TV interview with Paul Preston by clicking the MP4 link below.   


I have been contacted by two airline employees who work for American civilian airlines. We know that the government commandeered civilian airliners to facilitate the hastening of the evacuation of people at the Kabul airport. I promised these whistleblowers that I would not reveal their airline of midpoint destination. 

Dear Dave,

I work for xxxx airlines. We flew so-called Afghani refugees out of Kabul to a location in the Middle East. The original passengers were deposited shortly after landing. Almost immediately, we took on new passengers from our secondary location. They were all male and they were in their twenties and thirties and there were no children or females. They were rude and crude and almost uncontrollable. We flew these "new" passengers to a prominent East Coast airport. We were cautioned to not speak of any details regarding our flights from the Middle East and what we witnessed. America is being lied to by this government and there is not a word of this in the media.... 



 Please note that we know that Southwest Airlines and American Airlines were pushed into duty under federal emergency statutes. 

I am certain that after watching this Fox News broadcast,Tucker Carlson knows exactly what I have come to learn. Afghanistan refugees are being deposited in various Middle East airports and terrorists are boarding planes headed to America. 


I recently interviewed Sarah Westall and it would strongly appear that Sarah has much of the same information that I have. Middle East terrorists, in great numbers are being flown into the United States. 

The interview with Sarah can be accessed at the following:



Finally, I was speaking to Robert Griswold, who is recuperating from an illness. Robert told me that he had the exact same information that I have presented.

It is clear that the Biden administration is performing the great "switcheroo" and substituting legitimate Afghan refugees with hard core Middle Eastern terrorists who mean us great harm. Griswold says the targets of these terrorists will primarily be infrastructure-related. I wonder if Biden is screening the vaccine passports of these terrorists before admitting them to the United States. 

How long can America survive the blatant treason of the Biden administration? What needs to be done America?