Were the First Shots of World War III Just Fired In Kitma, BC, Canada?

canadian explosion

Were the first shots of World War III fired in Canada? I recently interviewed Kevin Annette, a Canadian journalist, who broke the story as to the extent of the CHICOM military buildup in British Colombia. Specifically, the buildup is concentrated on Native land in Northern Canada.

An earthquake was recorded and reported on 9/6 near Kitmat, BC, Canada. This very near where the Chinese have a significant buildup of heavy military equipment including bombers and fighter planes (see Kevin Annette, below).

Did a rogue part of the US military, not under the control of the Biden administration just attack these CHICOM forces near Kitmat?

To fully understand the ramifications, it is necessary to take the current temperature of the United States and the Brits.

Biden Is Dividing Two Nations

The American people are a divided nation. The American military reflects this division. As reported for the past several months, the CSS has reported, based on the observations of present and former intelligence and military sources, that the Biden administration does not have complete control over the US military. Biden does not have control over the nuclear football, despite pretending that he does. Biden does not control the submarine fleet. Biden does not control the Space Force, the Marines and segments of the Army and Air Force. Even the Pentagon is hopelessly divided.

The young American adults, previously divided over Biden, have made Biden the source of their angry and profane rants. Young adult college fans attending college football games at four of the nation’s largest stadiums joined in spontaneously chanting, “F… Joe Biden,” during the opening weekend of the college football season. These stadiums covered four packed, large crowd stadiums from liberal Virginia, to North Carolina to Texas. This is what happens when a “selected” President abandons American citizens behind enemy lines. America’s young adults hate the traitor, Joe Biden!

Navy is acting on this profane, but heartfelt rant. Large segments of the US and British Navy are giving the Biden administration the big middle finger. It is apparent that Biden does not control American naval forces in the area in and around the South China Sea and Taiwan. They are holding the CHICOMS in check. Biden, as has been documented by many, is an agent of the CHICOMS and is being blackmailed by them. Why else would he purposely arm, the newest ally of the CHICOM government, the Taliban, to the tune of $90 billion of America’s finest military equipment?  

Further, it is now apparent that Biden also does not control naval vessels off the coast of India that sit in support of 250,000 Indian troops on their border with China.

Biden and his Great Reset friends, the Rothschild banking cartel along with the World Economic Forum, have also alienated the Brits and specifically, the Queen. The Queen and the Brit leadership have been informed that their financial holdings will not be a primary participant in the Great Reset. Hence, the 180 degree reversal in British alliances toward the Great Reset.

Increasingly, our closest allies are giving the Biden administration the middle finger as well, as leaders are opening condemning Biden and his ineptitude/treason in Afghanistan where he has built an army for the Taliban. In fact, Biden has been so much help to these Chinese supported terrorists, they should rename Afghanistan to Bidenstan and erect a statue of an evil, decrepit old man at the Kabul Airport.

Also, the divided nation, the UK, may as well be chanting the same as everyone from the Queen to the Prime Minister to the equivalent of the Sec Def to the former British commander of Afghan forces. They are all calling for, not the impeachment of Biden, but the COURT MARTIAL of Taliban Joe. These sentiments have even aired on America’s controlled opposition channel, Fox News! Of course, the target for British wrath, Biden, again, is an agent of the CHICOMS and subsequently the Rothschilds.

The Queen has had her private stash, in the infamous City of London, threatened by the great reset. She has been told that her enormous wealth, as well as the national wealth of her nation, is secondary to the coming “Great Reset.” Subsequently, in the last three months, the Brits have gone from antagonizing Putin with the HMS carrier, Queen Elizabeth, to supporting India’s military efforts against China.

A Game Changer

I have been contacted about the following so-called earthquake in BC, Canada. Sam Honnold and Paul Preston both contacted me on the following event, the earthquake that never was. Hal Turner also reported on this event as well. Hal Turner deserves credit for establishing a timeline and subsequent covering up of the following event. 

 From Hal Turner:

There has been a major "incident" in British Columbia, Canada which initially registered as a Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake.  That Earthquake report generated ALERTS thru the US Geological Survey automated system - which now reports "Incident deleted."  

How does a 6.5 "earthquake" get "deleted" unless . . . it isn't an earthquake?   

What if it was . . . . an explosion?

Did the USA nuke Chinese troops massing in British Columbia?


The initial ALERT transmitted by the automated US Geological Survey (USGS) earthquake alert system indicated a Magnitude 6.5 Quake took place at 21:17 on 09/06  (UTC)  at a depth of 15km, 164.7 km SSE of Kitimat, Canada

The ALERT hit my cellular phone eight minutes later at :25 after the hour.  That ALERT included a link to the USGS incident on their web site:

go.usa.gov/xMYNq 8def3

That shortened link to me to a regular URL which is:


Clicking that gets you to the report page for a 6.5 quake, with all details ERASED!

Although, I am not going to cover the following story in this specific article, however, it is becoming clear that a strong division in the UK exists and the Queen’s life, as well as that of the Prime Minister may be in jeopardy and this story is the central dividing theme. I am printing this here, just in case something does happen, the legitimacy of the rebellion against Biden and his globalist handlers has been established in print.

In discussions with Sam Honnold, in which we have already posted the story in an interview on The Common Sense Show.TV, along with a discussion with Paul Preston, combined with the Hal Turner announcement, the only question remains….were the Chinese soldiers in and near Kitma his with a tactical nuke or with a MOAB? I believe that we may be seeing the first shots of World War III. It is clear that segments of the Amerian military are not committing suicide by acquiescing to Chinese intentions!

Clearly, this event was not an earthquake. This is a “let’s shake the trees and see what falls out” article. This is only the first pass on this most serious event.