My good friend and colleague, Paul Martin, passed away on September 30, 2021. Paul, a former Marine Corp tank commander, was a pioneer in the Patriot movement. Upon leaving the Marines, Paul set his sights on the increasing level of corruption and undue globalist influence over America. For all of his trouble, he tracked and repeatedly followed by the FBI because they couldn't stand having someone exposing the Clinton's criminality. 

He first appeared on the radio in the 1990's on 1360 KHNC Radio in Johnstown, CO. Paul returned to KHNC a few years ago as my cohost. Followers of The Common Sense Show will remember that Paul and I did over 50 interviews together spanning the past several years. His insider knowledge combined with his wit and friendly manner, made Paul a very popular guest on the CSS. 

He was no stranger to controversy, everyone from Russian soldiers to UN troops visited his gun range in La Porte, Co. Paul stood for God, family, truth and America. 

In recent years, Paul had become a good friend and well-liked by my family. Paul was truly one of the good guys in our freedom movement. For the second time in 10 days, I have lost a close friend. This one hits completely close to home because Paul and myself faced many challenges and broke some groundbreaking stories. For example, Paul and myself exposed UN EMP-proof communications trucks in Wyoming. There were so many stories, so much revelation, I almost took it for granted all the things that Paul and I exposed together. 

Paul and did an interview on his feelings, as a former Marine, on Biden's handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The interview ended up being incomplete, however, we had technical issues and that is being worked on we plan to air the interview when it is available. 

The outpouring of emotion as the word of his death spread, has been amazing. Many loved Paul and the Patriot community will never quite be the same. Rest In Peace, my friend!