An Examination of Our College Campuses Revelas That America Has Already Lost World War III


Yesterday, prosecutors in Illinois refused to prosecute the participants in a Chicago gun battle whose antics resulted in one death and the send of two others to the hospital and all of this took place as the cops arrived on the scene and witnessed what was happening. The reason given for the refusal to Most state-run college campuses have become the worst example, possible, for covid, thought control, racial-harrassment Marxist-Communist fascism present in America. The spirits of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao are running free across college campuses across America like a stage four cancer. AND ON OUR COLLEGE CAMPUSES, OUR STUDENTS ARE BEING CONDITIONED TO ACCEPT THE EXISTENCE OF A DICTATORIAL AND LAWLESS NATION!

The end-product of these four year indoctrination factories are producing the future generation of leaders who will be governing America and they are being taught that the ends justifies the means. These social justice warriors are being trained that there are no limits placed upon their lawlessness. 

The Marxist, unconstitutional views being promulgated on college campuses, such as Arizona State University serve to intimidate all who do not fall into line with the correct viewpoints of the extreme Left. This Maoist cultural revolution  

How did we get here? Well, as is typically the case, young people were exploited to usher in and normalize the agenda. Students both young and old have it the worst right now, as they are being forced to suffocate behind a face covering for eight hours a day after rolling up their sleeves for the “required” injections.

Students are also being encouraged to snitch on their classmates who defy the orders of the Marxist elite. In the past, the CSS has covered how these social justice snitch warriors are even paid to rat out their classmates for "inappropriate attitudes and radical speech."

There are no limits to the unchecked power of communist warriors. Look at Senator Sinema while taking a bathroom break while teaching at Arizona State University when she is confronted by ILLEGAL ALIENS, who demand she vote the way they deman as they followed her into the bathroom and video-taped her. 


Even a US senator is not safe from the hammer and sickle ideologies which bully eveyone who does not all into line. NOTHING WAS DONE TO THESE SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS FOR ILLEGALLY HARASSING A UNITED STATES SENATOR!

Lawless Joe Biden, puppet of China, thought that the harassment of Sinema was appropirate and that it happens to everyone. 

When you send your children to a state-run college or university, this is what they frequently face....


The female confronting these young adult males was hired by a George Soros 501c3 tax-exempt organization to go on college campuses and they are paid to intimidate students. THAT'S RIGHT AMERICA, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK WITH THE GOAL OF FURTHERING THIS BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. 

By the way, the President of ASU is Michael Crow who is paid a base salary of $515,000 to betray American students, He has failed to act against the perpetrators of these illegal acts. Care to guess who Crow worked for prior to becoming the President of ASU? He was employed by the CIA. What is it about the CIA that would train up a future University president?  I will leave this rhetorical question to your good judgement. 

Does the public believe that these events are confined to Arizona State University? It would be difficult to find a university that is not teaching students that might makes right, the United States is evil and all white people are racist. For example, college campuses even disrespect those that would defend our freedoms and the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs allowed Leftist students to post a flyer on the school's campus that says veterans should be "banned" from all four-year colleges and universities.

As America prepares for war with China as we complete the arming of our allies (eg Australia and the UK with nuclear submarines). However, it is a war that America is destined to lose. Why? Because we have been infiltrated by China and their New World Order benefactors to the point that we cannot even have a fair election. Whether its Governor Doug Ducey promising rare earth minerals to the Chinese military in a National Governor's Association meeting, or it is Georgia Governor Kemp who is up to his eyeballs in facilitating the economic takeover of Georgia's economyand governmental processes including elections, or it's the Maricopa Board of Supervisors whose members are leading army of corporations, universities and suburban governments into one-sided economic agreements with our Chinese enemies as they all continue to help the Chinese subvert our elections, America is doomed! We have already lost the war. 

Today's college campuses are merely reflections of the Marxist-Communist takeover that has already taken over our country. We have abandoned the rule of law, our resources, private wealth and your freedoms have been sacrificed in the name of the greater communist good (please pull up your facemask as you read these words and get your infants vaccinated with Fauci's poison juice). 

Take the jab or starve....That is the mantra of most college campuses. Wear your mask serf, even though the science says they don't work.

Did you know that the Department of Justice have declared parents who protest the teaching of pornography to their children are being declared to be domestic terrorist. We no longer have education. We have indoctrination. When the 50 million people who enter our public schools (K thru postgraduate institutions), they should be handed 3 items. 

1. A Hammer

2. A Sickle

3. The keys to the future neighborhood concentration camps because this is where this is all headed.