Americans Who Wish to Survive This New Era, Have a New Prime Directive


The existing regime in this country cannot allow any semblance of a free election to occur next year. Some of the election experts I speak to are expressing serious doubts as to the Democrats ability to rig another election like they did in 2020 because their popularity is so low. At the nation's top rivalry football games on Saturday, the chants of "F.. Joe Biden", or the substitute cheer "Let's go Brandon" dominated each contest. I was at a music concert and the same thing happened. The public opinion polls, run by the MSM, which always cheat on the numbers, even have Biden's approval ratings as low as 36%! 

In every crowd I address, I ask the question, "What won't the Democrats do to not lose the power they have illegitimately stolen?" The answer is that there is nothing they will not do. In part, this article explores that mentality that will stop at nothing to prevent a conservative takeover of this country. Of course there is an antidote to the encroaching tyranny and that will be covered as well. 

Before we go in that direction, we must first realize that the Left's takeover of America is not yet complete. It only started with the stealing of an election. The continued bribery of local and state officials continues with the help of Soros and the Communist Chinese Party and these groups are undermining America from the bottom up. The Antifa and BLM riots and subsequent violence is a means to that end as is the release of hardened and dangerous criminals as well defunding the police. Lockdowns, planned shortages and the undermining of all of education is also on the Left's menu. And of course serious Chinese money is undermining America from the top down as well. Joe Biden must be considered to an agent of the CCP! 

America is undergoing a combined Bolshevik takeover, a Maoist Cultural Revolution along with Nazi enforcement strategies (eg no jab, no job). The protections contained in the Constitution are undermined in favor of mob rule. Right now, the Second Amendment stands in the way of a total takeover of America. However, as America continues to degenerate, I predict there will be a number of false flag events, combined with more Red Flag laws that will move the country into a direction of citizens being disarmed by the government. At that point, the country will be decimated by false flag attacks and this begs the question, when will America cry uncle and give up all of their rights?

The Left has a multitude of options they can employ to bring the country to their knees:

1. Continuned false flag led BLM and Antifa terrorism. There is evience to suggest that is coming and is expanding and this expansion is in process right now given the Legion of Doom meetings in DC.

2. A new virus(es) must be introduced to justify the election theft practices involving the ballots just like what happened in 2020. Omacron appears to be the new candidate for the "most deadly" virus. Also, it is likely that we will se a full menu of viruses to unleash. As we have already covered here on the CSS, Hemmoragic Smallpox is at the top of our list as well. 

3. As Biden continues to destroy America, especially in the financial sector, shortages will continue to grow in scope and severity. This will add to the lawlessness and the breakdown of American society.

4. If I wanted to get the guns out of American hands so that New Zealand and Australia's concentration camps can be introduced here, I would import extreme terrorism through our totally unguarded souther border. There is no question that America is headed for some dramatic terrorism, which will be blamed on White, Christian, Conservative, Trump supporters. That's when the gun confiscation will commence. This will then give license to impose totaly tyranny.

People often ask why do we care about the plight of people in places like New Zealand and Australia? The answer is actually very simple. They are both modern nations that speak English. However, the people lack one firewall that protects America from the abuse that these countries are going through, namely, large numbers of firearms that can be used to resist government tyranny, just like the reign of terror that we see that is going on Australia in the present moment. People from these nations willingly gave up their guns. Now they are the verge of paying for this mistake with their lives. In fact, there is a movement in America to move the country to a condition of state-sanctioned kidnapping and the subsequent removal of individuals from society as they are sent to concentration camps like what we are witnessing in Australia and New Zealand. The New York State Assembly just introduced such a bill. Arizona has emergency procedures in place that will do the same thing as do most states. The Constitution is being put in the rear view mirror. 

Interestingly, recent articles on the World Economic Forum reveals that there is a leadership program for up and coming international politicians. New Zealand and Australia are well represented in this group. How to impose degrading lockdowns is part of the training. Many American politicians are being trained by Klaus Schwab and associates in order to get the people to sacrifice all liberty, all property, all ambition, but as Schwab proclaimed, the people will love it. 

There is one way to neutralize this tyranny in America! The fact remains that as long as we have our guns, most Americans are still safe. Given the mainstream media rhetoric, we have good reason to believe that 80 million disarmed Americans will be targeted. Remember, the lists already exist. The prudent course of action here is a simple "praise the Lord and pass the ammunition" phrase. Never, never, never give up your guns for if the resistance effort will be relegaged to the level of resisters resembling the Viet Cong of old, we will need every AR-15.