Are the Leaders of New Zealand, Australia, UK and Canada Handing Over Their Countries to Communist China?


Please take note of the following four nations: Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada. They have a combined Facebook page called CANZUK. There is discussion that the 4 nations would like to become on political system, economic entitiy and combine their militaries for mutual defense. However, the proposal is only being embraced by small party opposition to the dominant political parties which are opposed to this practice. At this time, I think CANZUK is a distraction for coming CHICOM takeover of these 4 nations. Later, under China, this proposed region will be united. Why do I think this is true? The next several articles are going to make the case and very little interpretation will be required.  

All four nations have strong and intimate ties to China. All four nations are engaged in brutalizing their enforcement of the almost impotent virus, Covid-19. All of these dots will be connected. 

This is a story that I wished I could write in one story and it is becoming clear that that there are too many moving parts to do so. 

As my audience is aware, I have been touting the brutal enforcement and unreasonable policies associated with COVID-19, from largely Australia and New Zealand as subsequent enforcement is presenting as very extreme and largely unrelated to virus transmmission. For example in yesterday's article, The Common Sense Show Warned 4 Months Ago Australian & New Zealand Police State Tactics Were Beta Testsed For America and It's Unfolding Now, the article demonstrated that the Australian Victorian police and Melbourne police are quite obviously being trained to inflict as much pain as possible on citizens who are deemed to not be in full compliance. In yesterday's article, alone, the following was demonstrated:

1. A Victorian police care was purposely rammed into a citizen who was walking away from police orders to stop. 

2. Five Victorian police kicked in the head of a man apparently suffering from a bipolar attack, was beaten within an inch of his life in what was the Australian version of George Floyd. 

3. Pregnant woman being pulled out of cars and apartments for engaging in the crime of disagreeing with the government. 

This is only the short list of these transgressions, however, these unreasonable enforcement and policy positions are so wholly unreasonable, that they defy description. And now they have spread to other English speaking nations. 

In New Zealand, I have documented on several occasions, how the communist Prime Minister, who has distinctive eyes of evil, has created the New Zealand version of FEMA camps for COVID positive people along with anyone who is SUSPECTED of having COVID. The locations are unknown.  All of these actions were taken even though New Zealand only had a small amount of cases. 


Also, in New Zealand, I exposed the QR reader program where everyone who enters into a building must scan their identifty into a QR reading code. Anyone who comes into contact in the same 24 hours with a business in which a COVID-19 case has been confirmed, is subject to arrest and transport to NZ's equivalent of secret FEMA camps. Youtube removed the video. 

So we have New Zealand and Australia brutalizing their citizens in law enforcement strategies that have nothing to do with virus transmission. Four months ago, I did state that these countries were beta testing these enforcement strategies for Ameria and I have been correct in that prediction. For example, COVID positives, were transmitted to secret locations in Arkansas. And of course, we know that the Ohio Governor DeWine is being sued for setting up the same system that is present in New Zealand.

What about Canada and the UK? Well, it is funny that this question is being asked. It just so happens that both countries are carrying out arbitrary enforcement as well. Scotland, as part of the UK, has lost all common sense with their so-called covid enforcement. 


Fierce arguments have broken out on Twitter after Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon laid out strict rules on household visits, in an effort to curb a rising coronavirus infection rate.

Under the new rules effective from Friday, Scots cannot visit each other’s homes unless they are from extended households. Other exceptions include couples not living together, those in need of childcare and tradespeople. A maximum of six people from two households are allowed to meet in private gardens and public outdoor spaces.

“So you can go to the pub full of randoms but you can’t visit friends and family in their home,” another angry commenter said.

This, too, makes no sense. There is no consistency in the policies and it is monumental stretch to think that this has anything to do with COVID. 

Also, in the UK, Boris Johnson has gone full desopitic dictator in his approach to enforcement. 

From the Telegraph:

Police forces to step up enforcement of Covid rules as Army are put on standby to help out

Boris Johnson was said to be frustrated that people were continuing to get away with breaching the rules

Fro a virus that is virtually impotent at this point and we are seeing these draconian meausres. 

Like the other 3 countries, it is clear that Canada also has unreasonable enforcement when it comes to Covid. However, Canada has something else. In fact, as I am discovering in my research, all 4 nations have something else.They have all been deeply penetrated by the Communist Chinese. 

Therefore, I had a decision to make about the real truth being uncovered and I had to subsequently ask a few questions:

(1) Are the unreasonable enforcement practices of these 4 nations being beta-tested for introduction into the United States?

(2) Are the unreasonable enforcement practices for locking down their countries prepatory for controlling the public outrage the citizens will exhibit when they realize that they have been betrayed by their leaders and their country, their liberties, their fortunes and possible their very lives are being handed off to the CHICOMS.

(3) Under the CHICOMS will CANZUK become a reality, but it will be part of a coalition to be used against the United States as a subset of the CHICOM government?

These three questions will be explored in more depth in upcoming articles here on the United States. There is a lot groundbreaking material to unpack in this series.