Joe Biden and Bill Gates Are Posturing to Takeover America's Food Supply! Are You Nervous?


In a previous article, I made the seemingly outrageous claim that the left was preparing to eliminate the 80-100 million Americans that oppose their extreme leftist agenda. I pointed out how the Left is speaking the language of genocide (eg putting people on lists for supporting a candidate or the Constitution in general). 

Before continuing, please remember that the so-called pandemic has greatly contributed to America's food vulnerability. The food supply chain is broken, meat packing plants are still closed and millions of cows had to be slaughtered and we are eating next year's harvest. Even without any accompanying factors, it is important to note that we already in a food crisis that is about to be of Biblical proportions!

Food Vulnerability

Fourteen percent of America goes to bed hungry. Unfortunately, over 20% of Hispanics suffer from food vulnerability. This is unacceptable under any circumstance. Food vulnerability is a problem that needs to be dealt with as the lockdowns have devastated the American economy to the point where people are literally starving.

Although SNAP and other food assistance programs have provided an important safety net for millions of Americans, the program is insufficient with regard to offsetting the surge of job losses and resulting financial stress with the Democratic lockdown policies that have little to do with the spread of a pandemic. Even after the most recent stimulus package boosted SNAP benefits by 15 percent, the average recipient is still approximately $100 short of covering the costs of a month of low-cost groceries. Subsequently, Biden signed an Executive Order which appears to address the problem. Time will tell. However, we need to mindful of the fact that what the government giveth, the government can taketh away. Additionally, there is another trend that is surfacing is the supplanting of family owned farms that are being replaced by corporate farming which is often beholding to the government because of favorable tax breaks. Biden supports this trend and is actually supporting the emerging Corporatocracy that is infesting our food supplies and in reality, Biden is already proving to be an enemy of the people. 

Biden's Tax Plan Will Destroy Family Farms 

At issue is the capital gains tax . As we know, farmers are capital rich (eg farm equipment) and cash poor. Any dramatic change to their taxes could prove catastrophic. 

Wanda Patsche recently detailed how the Biden capital gains tax will impact the average American family farmer.

  • A farmer purchased 160 acres in 1984 for $1500 per acre (total of $240,000).
  • The farm was inherited by family member(s) in 2021 after the farmer passed away. The value of the land at the time of death was $8000 per acre (total of $1,280,000). Normally the step-up basis will change to $8000 per acre at the time of death and if the farm was sold five years later and valued at $8500 per acre, a capital gains tax would be assessed on the additional $500 per acre.
  • Biden’s proposal would eliminate the step-up basis at the time of death and when the property is sold, the capital gains tax would be assessed on the entire amount (difference between $8500-$1500) at a rate of 39.6%. The total amount of tax would be $443,520. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • In addition, Biden has also suggested a provision where the capital gain tax would be assessed at the time of death (and not just at the time of sale) of the farmer. Again, the tax would be $443,520.

When the corporations seize control of the nation's farmland, what will happen to the price and availability of food given the current state of affairs?

Bill Gates Rears His Ugly Head

When Bill Gates is around, bad things happen. And just when you think the problem cannot get any worse, we find out that the largest owner of farm land in America, is none other than Bill Gates. Have you ever noticed that when massive amounts of money is to be made at the expense of the people, Bill Gates is always in the right place at the right time. This is specifically referring to Microsoft computers, vaccines, and not farmland at the beginning of a food crisis. Please remember, where Bill Gates goes, disaster usually follows. 

Food Inflation   

Recently, I filed a report in which I quoted experts who stated that it was likely that food inflation would top 400% from existing levels. 




The framework has been set for the Biden administration to have the ability to control all food. This means food will be used as a political weapon.If these were the only developments on the food front, we should already be gravely concerned. Biden is already proving to be a problem. When it comes to food vulnerability, we ain't seen nothing yet. The part in the series will explore the history of using food as a weapon. Further, the legal infrastructure is in place to allow Biden to use food as a weapon and that will be covered, as well, in the next installment in this series.