War and a big potential false flag are on the agenda today.

In this article, I am going to throw up some dots and see what connects. I just engaged in this activity with Paul Preston, the President of the California 51st State movement, as I appeared on his radio show, Agenda 21 Radio. We compared dots and have a lot in common on his morning show.

America has been waiting for the other shoe to drop and it appears that several shoes are dropping.

Several notables just completed a fantastic presentation on voter fraud in Tulsa. About 10 weeks ago, I had information this conference could be targeted in order to stop the voter fraud presentation. I was also informed that it is was believed that conference participant, Sydney Powell’s life, could be in danger and she would not be attending in person. Powell did deliver a video presentation in absentia as I was told would happen. So why wasn’t this conference on voter fraud attacked? It would appear that the forensic audit of the Maricopa County voting machines has taken center stage and it shifted the emphasis to this event. As a result, Arizona has taken center stage as a potential site for a massive false flag attack! Why, you may ask. After nearly 6 months, ignored State Senate subpoenas, and several ignored court orders by the criminal Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, the Arizona Senate has finally obtained the voting machines in question and has subsequently rented out Veterans Memorial Coliseum to conduct a forensic audit of the voting machines. However, after 6 months, if there was something to find, one would have to seriously wonder about forensic preservation of evidence. If there is believed to be actionable fraud, Phoenix moves to the head of the list for a potential false flag.

We are seeing some ancillary evidence come into play as well. Mad Maxine Waters has taken center stage as she is going from state to state and is calling for rioting to commence if Chauvin is not convicted of murder. This is a distraction! What do you want to bet that this event in Phoenix will get very little if any attention in the MSM. Certainly, race riots are an effective distraction from the boring audit of voting machines. Given Mad Max’s behavior, the left is clearly worried.

Meanwhile, there is imminent war between Ukraine and Russia. Russia is merely waiting for the fields to dry before moving in the tanks. Biden is being blackmailed by Ukraine, and this will lead to a war with Russia. However, the Russians are not lying down. They have nuclear submarines off our East Coast. This is where the story gets interesting.

I am receiving multiple reports that Biden was denied entry to the Pentagon on Friday. I am not hanging my hat on the entire sum and substance of this story. However, here are the so-called facts as reported to me:

  1. Biden and his Secret Service detail was intercepted going into the Pentagon. They were told that they were being denied entry.
  2. Biden demanded to know who gave the order and told that it came directly from Gen. David H. Berger, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps and a ranking member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  3. Allegedly, Biden demanded to speak with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley. Biden was allegedly told that Milley, a Biden supporter was told was no longer in charge. 
  4. I was related a similar version of this story twice. And now we are finding something similar athttps://realrawnews.com/2021/04/biden-denied-entry-to

I am not willing to hang my hat on this account, however, there is clearly something going with the Marines and Biden. It appears to this journalist that Marines are not on board with Biden’s planned war with Russia.

This is also where this story takes on some credibility. Biden was on his way to the Pentagon to brief key personnel on the planned withdrawal from Afghanistan. Apparently, the Pentagon has seen through the fake withdrawal from Afghanistan. Yes, the American troops are being evacuated, presumably, they are headed to Ukraine. However, Biden needs to preserve the heroin fields, therefore, he is privatizing the war. Eighteen thousand mercenaries will be providing heroin field guard services and drug transport out of Afghanistan. This is where this story starts to get some credibility.

One might ask what is going to happen first, false flag in Phoenix or World War III?