Although the Coronavirus Is Deadly, the People Must Not Allow Government to Eliminate Civil Liberties

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There are some in the alt media that are saying that as more dramatic quarantine policies are put into place, that civil liberties will erode. That is a correct statement. Some of these same pundits also profess that “sacrificing liberty for security”, as Ben Franklin warned Americans not to do is very dangerous territory. Again, I agree with the expressed concerns. However, some of these same people are creating a cavalier attitude which strongly implies to their followers that it is ok to engage in any activity that ones deem appropriate, or entertaining. This is a completely irresponsible example of poor journalism.

The videos and tweets out of China and Italy are not faked. These people are dying from something. We can debate the transmission rate, the death rate, the composition of who is really vulnerable to succumbing to the virus and we can definitely debate whether this is a bioweapon or not (it is), however, it is irresponsible and these sources do their followers a disservice to minimize the seriousness of what we are dealing with. If everyone adopts the same cavalier attitude as some of these so-called experts, and people abandon all sense of social distancing, we run the distinct risk of becoming our own worst enemy! We could turn a moderate spread of the coronavirus into a pandemic by our own recklessness. Until this virus is fully contained, we should be following the mandates for good hygiene and practicing effective social distancing.

The Dangers of Martial Law and Quarantine Centers

Having admonished alt media sources for being irresponsible, there is merit to the expressed concerns that the final and biggest casualty of this bioweapons attack upon America will be the Constitution and the America we knew in 2019 is the not the new Amerika of 2020.

There are some long-standing truths about the nature of government:

  1. The first goal of government is to procure power in as many areas as the people will let them without a major pushback.
  2. The longer a government is in power, the more power it seeks to obtain and individual rights of all citizens eventually becomes a target of a government.
  3. Eventually, a tyrannical regime will come to power at some point in time. This usually happens in the midst of an upheaval. False flag events normally accompany the negative circumstances that is consuming a country. This is when tyrants, such as Mao, Hitler and Stalin come to power. This is when great genocides take place and this is when gun confiscation precedes every single genocide. That is not my judgment, this is the unmistakable verdict rendered by history.
  4. When “continuity of government” is in jeopardy, the government will entirely abandon serving the will and welfare of the people and will eventually forsake all public safety and move into self-preservation mode.

From personal observation and from information fathered from trusted insider sources, the government has seized and will continue to seize unwarranted power over the people. The founding fathers understood these dangers and this is why they tried the system of federalism and the separation of powers. However, history shows that in times of emergency, the power to abuse citizens usually resides in what Americans calls the Executive Branch.

Managing the Present Crisis

From a federal law enforcement agent, I have learned that the ATF is preparing to deny all requests for gun registration background checks. This will paralyze new gun purchases. This is a complete violation of the Second Amendment. Why would the government mind if the citizens are preparing to defend their homes and families from rioters seeking resources at any cost? The only reason is that the erasure of civil liberties is in place in these instances is because the government does not plan and giving civil liberties back to the people when the crisis is abated.

It is common knowlege that the government is preparing to control all food and food distribution. This activity should be privatized through a public-private-partnership, at worst because when government gains control of the food supply, they use it as a weapon to force citizen compliance to a new level of tyranny. History is quite clear on this point. 

John Moore has published  a copy a "permission to travel"  paper which enables the holder to avoid all checkpoints. What checkpoints you may ask? From multiple sources, the government is moving to a "papers please" society and will restrict travel between states without the proper clearance. Additionally, it is becoming known that the new vaccines contain a biometric marker that can be scanned by vaccine compliance at key checkpoints. Many, including myself, belive that the Coronavirus vaccine, effective or not, will be mandated under penalty of law. 

An Amerikan future could easily contain, no Constitution, no civil liberties, forced vaccination, limited travel, a collapsed economy and a form of serfdom servitude. This must be resisted by all American and it will be at some point. America is ready to enter a phase of civil war if the Coronavirus does not completely collapse our govdernment and economy. What will our society look like at that point? That will be the topic of Part Two of this series.